9+ Best Solar Lanterns

Solar Lantern

Lantern was once a lighting appliance invented in ancient times. In modern times, due to the appearance of electric lamps, it is no longer used for lighting purposes, and has since become an ornament.

Lanterns have been used as garden decorations for a long time, and light bulbs are usually installed inside. But as an emerging solar product, solar lanterns solve the trouble of installation and wiring.

It is maintained by a solar lithium battery system, no wiring or electricity bills are required.

The solar lanterns recommended today have very good appearance and structural design, which can save you a lot of time in choosing products, then continue reading for more information.

9+ Best Solar Lanterns

Hollow Iron Solar Lantern Series

The hollowing process is made of iron plate punching and welding. Not only rich in texture, but also durable.

Although it is a modern handicraft, its shape is simple and beautiful, which can definitely meet general aesthetic needs, so this is my first recommend style.

Hollow Iron Solar Lantern SP-Solar-Lantern-Hollow-1

Hollow Iron Solar Lantern Sp Solar Lantern Hollow 1

Hollow Iron Solar Lantern SP-Solar-Lantern-Hollow-2

Solar Lantern

The design of this lamp is exquisite. When the lamp is turned on at night, the light shines on the ground or the wall through the hollow pattern to form exquisite patterns and lighting effects.

The lamp body itself is also available in white, blue, brown, etc.

If your villa courtyard is decorated with it, it will definitely enhance the aesthetics.

It can be placed in the courtyard not only as a decoration, but also as an emergency light.

It is placed on the table and charged by the sun during the day and lights up at night.

Hanging on a tree, the product has a waterproof design and is not afraid of rain washing.

How about its performance?

It uses a 2V 80MA monocrystalline silicon solar panel, a 1.2V 300mah Ni-MH lithium batteries, and a built-in a 1W high-brightness LED straw hat light, which can be light for more than 8 hours.

The size of the product is 190x190x270mm and the weight is 550g, not too big or too small.

Hollow Iron Solar Lantern SP-Solar-Lantern-Hollow-3

Hollow Iron Solar Lantern Sp Solar Lantern Hollow 3

Compared with the previous two lamps, this lamp is shaped like a long drum with auspicious clouds pattern.

The lamp body is made of high-quality iron die-casting, and the surface is sprayed with anti-rust primer and hardware baking paint to effectively prevent oxidation, rust and paint peeling.

Use a 600Mah Ni-MH lithium battery, which is durable.

The lamp body size is 140x140x230mm and the weight is 420g.

Customer Reviews

  1. This metal solar lantern has a nice, elegant appearance that looks good during the day. At night is when this lantern really “shines” though, as the pattern it makes is fantastic. The metal used is cut out with precision so the pattern projection looks very focused and pleasing to the eye. It looks great on a table or the patio floor. I would also recommend it raised about 1-2 feet off the ground for the pattern to spread out and still be focused.

    This lantern’s solar element is a good quality, and the light stays on longer than many of my other solar lights. As with all solar products, it’s just great that there’s nothing to do but watch it come on automatically every night.

  2. These are a very nice size . I have hung them on shepherds hooks I have spaced them to light a seashell walk path in my tropical garden. The blue looks great during the day and the pattern at night that the lanterns create is charming all night . They are well built. I bought a dozen of these , and since my family and I our limiting social contact, it is a pleasure to have these to add to a beautiful garden that we are spending more time in than ever before . It helps staying home a pleasure. If you do go out ,stay safe in small sparsely populated areas, meanwhile enjoy your garden beautifully lit with these “no maintenance” lanterns . Best wishes.

What should you consider?

  1. The product is designed to prevent rain and moisture. Do not soak the product in water for a long time.
  2. The product is designed to prevent rain and moisture. Do not soak the product in water for a long time.
  3. The conversion efficiency of solar panels is affected by the intensity of light, so the continuous lighting time of the lamp is affected by weather conditions, seasonal changes, and geographic location, which is a normal phenomenon.

Candle Solar Lantern Series

The candle lantern is more worthy of the scientific name of the lantern, because the light source of the ancient lantern was the candle.

The solar candle lantern designed by modern technology has a beautiful appearance and can create a romantic life atmosphere for you.

Hollow Candle Solar Lantern SP-Solar-Lantern-Candle-1

Hollow Candle Solar Lantern Sp Solar Lantern Candle 1

The Solar Lantern will provide elegant ambiance to any outdoor setting and is ideal for your patio, deck or garden: made from all-weather poly-plastic with a seeded glass effect, the 15-inch lantern sits on any surface, or can be hung using the integrated hanging loop.

This hollow solar lantern is shaped like a classical palace lantern and is made of PC plastic.

A yellow LED chip is used as the light source inside, which flashes slowly like breathing, as if it burns slowly.

You can put it on an outdoor coffee table or tree branch, which can render the surrounding environment well.

Using a 2V 40ma solar panel and a 1.2V 400mah Ni-MH lithium battery, can provide more than 6 hours of lighting.

The lamp body size is 140x140x345mm and weighs 500g.

If you have a good idea, the light color and appearance can be customized.

Rattan Candle Solar lantern SP-Solar-Lantern-Candle-2

Rattan Candle Solar Lantern Sp Solar Lantern Candle 2

The rattan of the rattan candle solar lantern is not a real rattan, it is made of ABS plastic, which is more durable than real rattan.

The lantern body has a variety of shapes and colors to choose from, and it can also support customization.

It can be used in a wide range of scenarios, you can hang it on the branches of your garden, and it can blend well with the surrounding plants.

If matched with wood art, it can bring out a more distinctive theme.

Customer Reviews

  1. This is a nice and attractive lantern. The candle has a warm realistic golden yellow glow, and two LED lights at it’s ceiling reflects the seeded glass effect (raindrops) which adds to it richness.
    Made of all weather poly (plastic) – has an on/off switch – night run time is said to be up to 8 hrs if fully charged.
    Uses replaceable Ni-MH batteries.
    Is supposed to run two hours for each hour of sun.
    The light works well and lasts for approx 4-5 hours after dark.
    It’s quite light weight as compared to others we’ve had = 1 lb 15 oz.
    We’ve had a mission lantern similar to this we purchased at Costco about 6 yrs ago.
    Love it – had many compliments on it – and it’s still working well.
  2. I bought 7 of these solar lanterns, and was very impressed with the way they look. (They really DO look terrific, hanging on the fence, along our garden wall.) VERY pleased with that. I was also AMAZED(!!!) that they stayed on ALL night, that first night I had them up. (At one point, during the night, I got up out of bed – around 5 am – and these lights were still glowing… and glowing brightly!) The next night? Uh… They DID come on, but all of them went out, about 45 minutes after coming on. That’s how it’s been ever since. Last week, I decided to turn them off (for an entire week), and then turn them back on for the weekend… That helped a bit. They at least stayed on for about 4 hours, before just “turning off.” (These don’t “fade” as the power dies – they literally just “shut down.”) True – the don’t get full sun, all day… BUT… I have 5 other solar lanterns (different brand/model/etc), in a different part of the backyard (but similar in sunlight), and they come on brightly, and stay on longer – and dim as their power wears out… much like a candle winding down… I didn’t return these, figuring, I’ll use them as decoration only, I guess… (and they ARE attractive)… just too bad they don’t work better.

Retro Solar Lantern Series

Give a vintage ambiance to the indoor or outdoor party. Light your celebrations with these vintage lanterns.

Carrying these solar lanterns has never been difficult, light in weight these can be easily hung using the swing arm handle. Looks great on any table setting, shelf or as a hanging piece.

A great companion to carry be it for a trek, camp or as a backup in times of outage.

Vintage Solar Lantern

Vintage Solar Lantern

Made from ABS plastic, this vintage lantern truly revolutionizes lighting, both indoors and outdoors.

Realistic Flickering Flames. Special dancing flame Design, which looks like real flame, making this lantern more attractive; The warm yellow glow creates a welcoming ambience.

Vintage Design. The classic style makes it more unique with aesthetic sense. Made of plastic. Never get rusty no ever rainy or snowy. Lighting soft and fills the area with quiet and elegant ambiance at night.

Portable and Safe, Vintage lantern are powered by 3 aa batteries, not included, which are safer than kerosene lamp. No wiring required. Portable and lightweight for you to carry, such as hiking, camping, picnics.

Easy Installation, Size 6.4, 4.5, 9.7 in with 2 Pack. Equipped with a durable hanging clamp and a hook, this solar lantern can be hung or clip on anywhere you want.

Retro Solar Lantern

Retro Solar Lantern

Solar lanterns is made of metal with bronze color. Warm white LED lights, unique patterns and retro design style bring special effects to your outdoor at night.

solar hanging lanterns illuminate 10-12 hours at night after 8 hours full charged under the sunlight.

solar lanterns waterproof system and metal material resists high temperatures and rain and snow. The anti-rust coating on the metal surface is effective in preventing regenerative erosion.

Customer Reviews

I love these lanterns. They have that old school look to them and finished nicely, but not a fire hazard and they light up similar to a real flame.

Great Deal
There’s two in a pack, so I think it’s a pretty good deal for the price. Hit the flame button to make it look more realistic. They have a finish that makes them look more like old school or vintage style lanterns.

Fairly durable. I mean they aren’t made of the durable metal that the old fashioned ones are, but they do the job and they don’t seem like they’d brake easily. They came package safety sealed and in good shape. What I like best is really that they are safer than old school lanterns, where I have seen some of them get knocked over. One time it happened on a camping trip and we got scared that a fire was going to start up. These are likely LED lighting and there’s no risk whatsoever.

Keep in Mind
You can also use the regular light mode. But, I would definitely suggest the flame mode. It looks more realistic and has the soft, warm light like a flame.

What should you consider?

  1. Press the switch “ON” before use.
  2. Charge fully in direct sunlight for 5 hours before first use and solar panel must receive direct sunlight.

Cylindrical Solar Lantern Series

These Cylindrical solar garden lanterns are ideal for decorating in any season in any places: your table, pathway, lawn, courtyard or Outdoor. Designed with warm white LED, illuminates table and outdoor while showing off the beautiful flower pattern . Simply press the switch to on position, easy installation, No wiring required. Safe for indoor or outdoor use. For brighter, longer lasting light at night, please place in areas that receive full sun during the day to allow for maximum charging time.

Cylindrical Solar Lantern SP-Solar-Lantern-Cylindrial-1

Cylindrical Solar Lantern

GORGEOUS CHRISTMAS GIFT – The outdoor Christmas solar lantern filter though the lampshade and cast beautiful pattern on the ground, giving you unexpected visual effect, Soft light create a romantic atmosphere for your garden or pavilion.

The nice design of hanging garden lantern promotes the desire ambience of any occasions, whether it is for a backyard event, or just the finishing touch on your outdoor masterpiece. It also comes with well designed package, a perfect gift for family or friends.
Put it under the sunshine to absorb the solar energy, then it can be illuminated for up to eight hours at night.

Cylindrical Solar Lantern SP-Solar-Lantern-Cylindrial-2

Cylindrical Solar Lantern 2

The decorative lantern come with 2 shepherd hooks. It’s convenient to hang the lantern in your garden. There are ways to install. You can hang the lantern with the hook. Or, you can install the lantern directly on the pole without hooks.
When the outdoor solar lanterns is fully charged, it can work 6-8 hours at the night. Make sure the light is in the “ON’’ position, then put it in the sun. At night, the lantern will automatically light up.
Made of high-quality metal, this hanging lantern is durable and sturdy outdoor. The 2 shepherd hooks are detachable. It’s easy to store when you don’t use them. In addition, the vintage lantern is 10lumens, enough to use in the garden.
The beautiful pattern on the lantern reflects the beautiful shadow. The surface is painted black. It’s rustproof. It works work well in the rain.
If you need to well decorate your garden at the festival, this hanging solar lantern will be a good choice. Just start decorating your garden!

Owl Solar Lantern SP-Solar-Lantern-Cylindrial-3

Cylindrical Solar Lantern 3

Made of Metal and lid is plastic, the light of solar lanterns is subtle and soft. Warm white LED 20 lumens is super bright. The inside color is golden finishing. The surface is deliberately designed as an ancient effect. It’s attractive hollowed-out OWL pattern on body and bottom with hollow out WOLF reflect pattern and subtle glow lights up your patio in a special way, great visual effects create romantic ambience. Perfect decoration to your patio, courtyard & garden.
Can be hung on porches, trees, pergola with the handle, or place on the table or ground allow the light pattern to reflect.

Powered by solar energy, more energy-efficient. IP44 waterproof rating, corrosion resistant, suitable for any outdoor environments.

No wiring need, you can use outdoor solar lanterns as solar tree lights, outdoor umbrella lights, front porch decoration, deck decoration or rested on a table, ledge. Add elegance and color to your patio, porch or outdoor space with this beautifully crafted outdoor art lanterns decorative.

Customer Reviews

  1. Love these in my garden, loved them so much I’m giving some as Xmas presents.
    They add a nice touch to the patio area. Good quality too.
  2. Purchased for Christmas gifts. We have a few solar lights outside. Love them all.

What should you consider?

  1. To note that the light is designed to work when ambience turns to dark. If there are strong light sources nearby, the LED light may be not work at all.
  2. Although the battery has been charged by the manufacturer, the electric level will have probably dropped when you receive it. Please charge it for a full day to realism maximum performance.
  3. There’s ON/OFF button on the light, make sure you press ON button before charging.
  4. Surface of the solar panel must be kept clean. If it is dusty, it will influence efficiency of charging.
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