Best LED PAR30 Light

Led Par30 Light

Produces a beautiful dimmable glow from the moment you switch it on: Whether you’re setting the mood in the living room or looking for lighting in your kitchen, LED PAR30 bulb has got your covered. With its dimming options, warm white glow and instant targeted brightness, the bulb will create a comfortable environment in every room of your home.

Energy efficient & low maintenance: Par30 Lights offers 25,000 hours of lighting which is far greater when you compare it to any other lighting source. Fewer replacements mean lower maintenance and substantial savings. LED bulbs use 75% less energy than an incandescent bulb and lasts 25 times longer than a traditional bulb.

These Par30 Lamps designed to meet the needs of your home, office or workplace.

The 8 Best LED PAR30 Lights

LED PAR30 Flood Light Bulbs

Led Par30 Light

Classic Style: The elegant and sparkling full glass bulb body has the same size, same shape, same look, and the same feel as the traditional halogen PAR30 bulb’s to match the taste of classic style lighting.

Superior Outdoor Endurance: The fully sealed hard glass body not only has the excellent waterproof nature, but also resists the UV rays under the sun without aging or weathering issues, providing superior weatherproof endurance.

Professional Features: Dimmable, 900 Lumens light output, 60° Medium Beam spread angle, Industry-leading 40,000 hours long rated lifespan.

Long-lasting Energy Savings: Replace 75-watt incandescent/halogen PAR30L, R30, or BR30 bulbs by spending only 10 watts in power consumption and lasting 40 times longer.

Customer Reviews

I absolutely love these lights. First, it is difficult to find a par30 blue flood light. Two years ago I settled for a par38 blue flood and had to add an extension to the socket. I hated how it looked in my family room where we look at the tv.

I called numerous bulb companies and no one carried the par30. I was happy when I found this on Amazon but thought it too good to be true but I took the chance and I’m happy I did!

It has a nice range of dimmer options. I like the deeper shade of blue it gives you at night when watching movies or sports.

It is not overly bright; that was something I did not want for a movie/entertainment room.

PAR30 Short Neck LED, 75W Replacement

Par30 Short Neck Led, 75w Replacement

ENERGY SAVING LED LIGHT: The PAR30 LED is a replacement for 75-Watt light bulbs while using only 12 Watts. Make your home more energy efficient with LED light bulbs.

MONEY SAVING LED LIGHTS: The PAR30 LED light bulbs cost $1.45 per year to operate. The long life and low energy use of PAR30 LEDs will help you save money on energy.

HIGH DEFINITION LED FLOOD LIGHT: The LED light bulbs allow you to see your home in high definition light with exceptional color contrast and boldness. High definition light bulbs are tailored for every room to match the right light to the right space.

WARM, SOFT LIGHT: The Relax LED bulb offers a warm, soft LED light perfect for comfortable moments and cozy spaces. Use Relax HD PAR30 light bulbs in spaces like bedrooms, family rooms and dining rooms.

DIMMABLE PAR30 LED: Install Relax HD LED flood lights in hard-to-reach sockets that are frequently left on and dim them to the perfect brightness.

Customer Reviews

These are very nice lights! The light they put out is not super white and glaring, it is a nice, soft light kind of like a beautiful sunrise! It floods the area nicely! I highly recommend them for around the outside of the house, patio, etc. I will definitely be buying these again!

LED PAR30 Dimmable Long Neck Flood Light Bulb

Led Par30 Dimmable Long Neck Flood Light Bulb

LED PAR 30 11W – Long Neck Dimmable light bulb provides 800 Lumens of output; Bright 3000K Soft White color; Standard E26 Medium Base.

LONG LASTING – Lifespan of 25,000 hours; Uses only 11 Watts replacing the traditional 75W bulb; Shatter resistant; Sleek silver outer shell.

INDOOR/OUTDOOR – Ideal for ceiling lighting in living rooms, kitchens, basements; Recessed, track, accent, and landscape lighting; Hotels, restaurants, and retail shops; Suitable for damp locations

DIMMABLE – Set the mood in the room to your preference; 40° Beam Spread; Instant on; Durable bulb will reduce energy consumption and costs.

Customer Reviews

When I remodeled my home, I cut in recessed lighting in both my kitchen and dining room. After 10 years of little use due to the expense of halogen lighting, I finally upgraded to led lighting. What a refreshing surprise! First, the crisp clear bright (dimmable) light in both rooms by far surpasses the previous quality of lighting in both rooms. My existing Lutron dimmers control all fixtures flawlessly, from a seductive warm glow to a movie set brightness. Second, there’s the knowledge that the expense of having this better quality lighting will be cut by a considerable amount leaving no fear of bankrupting the household budget.

The technology has been time tested and proven. If you’re remotely considering taking the same road I finally did, do not hesitate.

LED PAR30 Short Neck Light Bulb, Dimmable, Energy Star 10 Watt

Led Par30 Short Neck Light Bulb, Dimmable, Energy Star 10 Watt

EMITS A WARM GLOW: With a color temperature of 2700K the par 30 bulb emits a warm white glow, generating a comfortable atmosphere in every room of your home.

INSTANT LIGHTING: This LED PAR30 flood light provides a CRI of 80 and 750 lumens of targeted light which reaches full brightness immediately when powered on.

LOW ENERGY & COST EFFECTIVE: The bulb uses only 10 watts of energy (75 Watt Equivalent), saving a significant amount on your energy bill. The LED bulb costs only 1.20 per year to operate (based on a 3-hour day).

LONG LIFETIME: The LED bulb has an operational lifetime expectation of up to 25,000 hours before needing to be replaced. That’s 22.8 years of use! (based on a 3-hour day)

MEETS HIGHEST SAFETY STANDARDS: Energy-star and ETL listed for dry locations. Dimmable to create different atmospheres as needed.

Customer Reviews

Our home has 35 or so can lights throughout, and a roomful can generate quite a bit of heat. To help with that, as well as get some savings on our electric bill I’ve swapped out the incandescent floods and spotlights with a several brands of Par30 Shorts. This brand has served me well. However, like most LED’s, it’s not great with dimming if you like your lamps to get that amber hue as they dim.

Why Par30 Short? I’ve found these recess much better in a can light application. Longer bulbs or more popular BR 30s can often hang too low in the fixture, creating glare people see as they walk in the vicinity of the light. When the can receptacle is adjusted properly, Par30s can’t be seen directly unless you’re right under them. These Sunlite LED’s are not spotlights that form a very narrow beam, but if you looking for broadly distributed light, you may want a BR-type bulb that hangs lower.

I try to use 2700k bulbs for all my indoor lighting – 3000k max. I’ve read some people like even cooler than that for indoor kitchen/work room applications, but to me its just too harsh. Further, cool light frequencies have been shown to screw up circadian rhythms and can also permanently harm vision. I’m not an expert on color rendering (CRI) but to me these bulbs do a good job replacing the standard incandescents and no one seems the wiser.

I’ve haven’t tried to measure the life of these bulbs, but compared to my experience using Ecosmart bulbs from Home Depot, these last a lot longer. I was disappointed with the Ecosmarts, which seemed to have a few bad ones with limited life in each box of 6.

While I haven’t tried these on a dimmer, I’ve tried other brands of LED’s on a dimmer and didn’t like them because they do not “warm” as they dim. They simply become a dimmer white light. For those applications, like a media room, I used Philips “Warm Glow,” which seem to accurately resemble an incandescent as it dims. I believe this requires multiple colors of LED’s inside the bulb, which activate depending on how much power is applied, thus giving that amber glow as they dim. To be clear, these bulbs probably dim just fine, but it will be a white/cool light as it dims.

PAR30 Short Neck LED Spot Light Bulb

Par30 Short Neck Led Spot Light Bulb

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE: CRI90+, showing an object’s accurate and vibrant color; 40° beam angle, allowing you to better highlight a specific area; E26 medium screw base for most of your lighting fixtures.

COST SAVING: ENERGY STAR certification ensures high energy efficiency, 84% energy and costs saving by replacing traditional 75W PAR30S bulb with our 12W LED bulb, $104/bulb savings throughout its lifespan.

DURABLE: 13.7 years long lifespan, reduce re-lamp frequency and maintenance cost; lower heat than incandescent or halogen bulb, ideal for items that could be sensitive to heat; 3 years satisfaction guarantee.

DIMMABLE: 10%-100% smooth dimming, no flickers or humming. Compatible with most LED dimmers. Always create the right ambience with the right light.

WIDE APPLICABLE: UL-listed ensures reliable quality and safe operation, suitable for wet locations, widely used for track lighting in residential, retail, museums, and art gallery applications.

Customer Reviews

These are great, powerful LED spots. They come on immediately. Bright. A nice, clean brightness. Not clinically white like the 4000k and 5000k bulbs, but not candlelight either. A good, halogen-esque look. I’m using them in a gimbal lens for a six-inch can light and they fit nicely. Some LED PAR30 bulbs are curved all the way to the lens, without a flat surface by the lens for the fixture’s clip to attach to. These will work well in track lighting fixtures and gimbal mounts where a clip holds the bulb in place.

RGB PAR30 RGB Led Flood Lights

Par30 Rgb Led Flood Lights

Multi-Colors & Modes Options. Sets your great mood with different colors and settings, this 100W RGB led bulb is perfect for holiday, showcase, accent lighting. Flash mode for amazing party and stage, smooth mode for a romantic atmosphere, and you can control the speed of color change in dynamic mode via the dimming buttons.

Excellent Regular Lighting. This PAR30 color changing bulb has individual Warm White & Cool White led chips, which gives it excellent lighting performance compared with ordinary RGB led bulbs. Suitable for daily home lighting.

Dimming by Remote. The PAR30 led Bulb has 5 levels of brightness to adjust. No need to install the dimmer, just adjust the brightness by the remote or switch. Whether you use it indoors, it fits perfectly.

Dual Memory. Rated 25,000hrs lifespan, the RGB light bulb is able to remember the color and brightness and stay the same next time you turn it on. No need to readjust it every time you turn it on.

Count Down Function & Night Light. Schedule the light off automatically after one hour and more (≦24h). Used with the night light mode, not only can help you get your kids to go to bed without fearing darkness, but also save $$ on electricity bills.

Customer Reviews

I put these in track lighting and I get so many compliments on them. I made sure they had the warm color and it’s just the right amount of light if you are trying to do simple things such as makeup. I’m waiting for these to come out but with Bluetooth speakers that all sync together and light up to the music.

Dimmable Color Changing Spotlight 28W E26, Par30 LED Light Bulb

Dimmable Color Changing Spotlight 28w E26, Par30 Led Light Bulb

Upgrade brightness & More modes: The 28w par30 is the latest fully upgraded color light bulb with remote control function. The bulb can provide 1700 lumens, equivalent to 85 watt incandescent lamp, saving more than 80% power and environmental friendly. 4 modes (flash, strobe, fade, smooth) suitable for a variety of scenes, whether you have party, or want romantic moment, help you instantly achieve the atmosphere you want.

16 Dimmable Color Choices: The par30 color changing flood light bulb has 16 color lightings, which include individual daylight white 10W (5000k) + RGB 18W led chips. 4 grades of brightness adjustable for each colored light can better cater to your wants. Perfect for indoor/outdoor decoration.

Waterproof & Long lifespan: Ip65 waterproof rating, spotlight 120 degree illumination. Fits standard E26/E27 socket. 100-240V Voltage input is widely used worldwide. The design of the aluminum lamp body make the bulb easier to dissipate and prolong the service life.

Dual Memory Function: Turn off the light by the remote or switch, and the color and brightness would stay the same until the next time you turn on, which like saving you the trouble so no need to readjust it again. Multiple lights change color can be synchronized, a remote control can control multiple lights. The effective range of remote is up to 26ft.

Widely Application: Suit for homes, restaurants, lawn, clubs, hotels, malls, bars, garden plants, wedding, party, museums, galleries, stores, exhibitions etc. We will provide 2 YEAR replacement and refund to ensure risk-free purchase for you.

Customer Reviews

I love this light! True warm white light and cool white light. Great dimmer.

Best feature is the night light setting. Colors are true. Flood light design works well with my overhead fan.

Very happy with my purchase.

Short Neck PAR30 LED Bulb

Short neck PAR30 shape with E26 base,70-Degree,high brightness warm white led light source,12W PAR30 LED bulb flood light equal 60W-100W traditional bulb(halogen or incandescent),cut down the electricity bill by up to 90%.

PAR30 LED warm white/soft white light 2700k,CRI80.input voltage 85-265V(120V).

Full glass body, IP65 waterproof design for both indoor and outdoor use, and can survive bad weather, such as hot weather, heavy rain, cold snow, long exposure to the sun is not easy to deformation and cracking.

Not dimmable, do not use with dimmer.

Customer Reviews

I took long enough trying to find a good set of par30 shortneck led bulbs for my kitchen. I didn’t want to go to homedepot and pay an arm and leg for philipps led bulbs plus it doesn’t look like they have the correct type anyway. They only carry par38 and there have been lots of reviews where people complain about the dimmability of the units. These however, are absolutely 100% identical in color as the incandescent ones until you go under 10% brightness, these LED ones kept a more pleasant illumination where the incandescent really struggle to stay dimly lit. I totally recommend these for someone replacing potlights for their kitchen. 2700k is perfect, and its very natural.

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