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A LED work light can help you work indoors and outdoor construction at night. Using AC powered work lights can provide enough brightness, but if there is no AC power supply, you need a rechargeable LED work light. Today we introduce a variety of rechargeable work lights for your reference.

These rechargeable LED work lights are powered by lithium batteries, portable, and beautifully designed to meet different usage scenarios.

These rechargeable work lights have a beautiful design while also adding many practical functions. They will definitely become a trend product in 2021.

Whether you are buying for personal use or you are a retailer or wholesaler, try to pay attention to these series of products. And read the entire article, you will gain a lot.

I’m Frank from China, if you have relevant product requirements or need to obtain product information, you can contact me.

11+ Best Rechargeable LED Work Light

Portable Rechargeable LED Work Light Series

A portable rechargeable work light should be a necessity for every family, because it can provide higher brightness than traditional flashlights, especially the additional functions are also particularly practical.

Portable Rechargeable LED Flood Work Light SP-Work-Portable-1

Portable Rechargeable Led Flood Work Light Sp Work Portable 1

This rechargeable floodlight has a wide range of uses and can meet most of your needs. This is also the product I recommend first. It provides 25w, 40w, 60w, 120w, 200w to adapt to different venues, whether you are construction site, picnic camping, outdoor sports, power outage emergency or car repair, you can all meet your needs.

In terms of function, it provides two luminous modes: strong light and low light. What is more worthy of surprise is that it also has the function of red and blue flashing. The red and blue flashing function is very beneficial. When the vehicle breaks down at night, it can be used as a warning light to avoid secondary accidents.

Portable Rechargeable Led Flood Work Light Sp Work Portable 2

Moreover, you can not only adjust the working mode through the built-in buttons on the lamp body, but also can be equipped with a remote control for remote control. So even if it is rainy, you don’t have to go out and turn on the lights, which is very convenient.

So your home or car should be equipped with such a rechargeable floodlight, in case it is needed from time to time.

The rechargeable floodlight has the appearance of an ordinary floodlight, and the handle and base are added to make it more convenient and practical. The angle can be easily adjusted up, down, left and right.

In terms of material, the use of tempered glass panel, high strength, wear resistant. The lamp body is made of die-cast aluminum and adopts air convection design, which has better heat dissipation effect. Effectively extend the life of the LED chip.

The use of SMD 5730 LED chips , with a silver-plated reflector, the brightness can reach 90LM/W.

Using a 32650 lithium battery pack, once charge can ensure that the light is on for more than 8 hours, and the red and blue flashes can be light all night.

In terms of lamp structure, the waterproof level of this lamp is as high as IP77, even if it is heavy rain. The detailed design is also in place, and the disassembly and assembly are also very convenient, which can improve your space utilization.

Portable Rechargeable LED COB Flood Work Light SP-Work-Portable-2

Portable Rechargeable Led Cob Flood Work Light Sp Work Portable 2

Compared with the previous rechargeable flood light, this LED work light uses a COB LED chip. The power is maintained at 30W.

This lamp has three appearances to choose from to meet your needs. The shell adopts the structural design of aluminum alloy and plastic. Make it look very upscale overall.

Moreover, the structural design is also more humane.

First of all, its battery is removable, using two 18650 lithium batteries or four AAA batteries. This will make it convenient for you to make emergency replacements when the battery is low.

Portable Rechargeable Led Cob Flood Work Light Back

Secondly, the lamp body is designed with a USB interface to facilitate you to charge external devices. And the micro-USB charging interface is designed to facilitate you to use the existing charging equipment to charge the lamp.

Finally, a 180-degree rotatable hidden handle is used to meet different use environments. It can be hand-held, hung and placed.

In addition, this lamp has a great advantage in price. Its price is quite affordable. If you are a wholesaler or retailer, please contact me for the price.

Portable Rechargeable Lantern LED Work Light SP-Work-Portable-3

Portable Rechargeable Lantern Led Work Light Sp Work Portable 3

This is a small rechargeable lantern with a diameter of 57mm and a height of only 100mm. Even though it looks small, there are many actual functions.

In addition to the strong-medium-weak light function, it also has a red light flashing function.

Its whole lamp power is only 5W, which can illuminate more than 5 meters.

Powered by a 18650 lithium battery, it can last 8 hours.

The shell is made of ABS plastic and aluminum alloy, and the bottom is equipped with a strong magnet, which can be adsorbed on the iron.

It is also very convenient to use, your USB charger can charge it, no additional charger is required. Whether you are camping in the wild, home emergency, etc., you can bring it, and its mass is only 122g, which is very convenient to carry.

This Portable Rechargeable Lantern LED Work Light is also very cost-effective and the price is very affordable.

Customer Reviews

I’m happy with the light. Light weight, unit seems well made. I plan on ordering another one. I have the old double halogen light on the stand and it’s just to hot for smaller areas, clunky to move around and always in the way. The price of a replacement bulb for the beast makes no sense when these LED lights put out better, more pleasant, cooler light. If you are buying get. That way you can place the lights so you have no shadows.

What should you consider?

  1. Lithium battery characteristics: Lithium batteries and mobile phone batteries have completely different charging methods; lithium batteries have no memory and can be charged at any time, but do not overcharge or discharge.

  2. The first charging time is 6-8 hours, and then the green light on the charger will be on. Don’t overcharge. Charge the battery when the light dims to faint, otherwise over-discharge of the battery can easily cause irreparable damage.

  3. If the battery is not used for a long time, it should be fully charged and stored. Normally, it should be charged and discharged again in about three months.

Solar Powered Rechargeable LED Work Light Series

Due to the rise of solar lamps in recent years, solar lamps have also developed in various categories of lamps. Portable solar lights have also become a new trend in 2021 and have a wide range of application requirements.

Integrated Solar Powered Rechargeable LED Work Light SP-Work-Solar-1

Integrated Solar Powered Rechargeable Led Work Light Sp Work Solar 1

This solar floodlight integrates solar panels so that it can be charged as long as there is light during the day.

In addition to the white light and red and blue flashing in the function, the panel adds a power indicator, so that you can clearly know the remaining power.

Besides being able to emit light, it is also equipped with mosquito repellent lights and Bluetooth speakers.

Integrating so many useful functions, how about the work performance?

First, let’s talk about the materials used in the main parts of the lamp.

The light source part uses SMD5730 LED chips, which is a fairly mature process.

The solar lithium battery system uses 18650 lithium batteries and monocrystalline silicon solar panels.

Secondly, in terms of function, it can work for more than 10 hours under full power, which is already a very high configuration. And in order to meet different needs, the power is 50w, 100w, 150w, 200w optional.

In fact, you can also use a DC charger to charge it, which greatly meets your actual usage scenarios. Whether it is courtyard lighting or home emergency, it is a good choice.

Integrated Solar Powered Rechargeable COB LED Work Light SP-Work-Solar-2

Led Work Light

This rechargeable lamp is small, light and simple in appearance. Use COB chip as light source, 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W optional.

The shell is made of sheet metal structure, with a metal handle, which is strong and durable. The handle can be rotated 90% for easy placement.

A 5V 2A USB charging port is attached, which can quickly charge external devices and can also be used as an emergency charging port for mobile phones.

Modular Solar Powered Rechargeable LED Work Light SP-Work-Solar-3

Modular Solar Powered Rechargeable Led Work Light Sp Work Solar 3

This lamp adopts a structure in which the solar panel and the lamp body are separated, which can increase the power of the solar panel and achieve a better charging effect.

The power of the solar panel is 5V 32W, and the capacity of the lithium battery is 3.2V 30AH.

The built-in high-efficiency 5W light source is equivalent to the brightness of an ordinary LED 12W. Brightness supports two-stage adjustment. In a fully charged state, it can work for 24 hours under strong light and 48 hours under low light conditions.

The lamp body adopts an integrated structural design, which is simple and generous. Suitable for your high-end needs.

Customer Reviews

This is a must have item for your outdoor activity especially something like camping… Use it as power bank to charge your phones or use it as a light source at night … There are 4 modes of light as per the need. One of these light modes is really bright making it perfect for setting up the camps in night … and most of all it comes with solar panel in the back allowing to charge it with day light. So, you are camping without electricity? No issue, you can manage for days with this solar powered power-bank+light. In addition, it comes with 2 powerful magnets in the handle making it perfect for the garage needs. Stick/hang it on any metal surface and light up your work space as you like… I often go out for camping into the wilds so, I am planning to get one more of this item.

What should you consider?

  1. Please charge the solar panel towards the sun. Before using it for the first time, fully charge it.
  2. Solar outdoor products have light control functions, so solar panels should not be directly exposed to other light sources when used at night, otherwise the controller will automatically recognize it as daytime and not light up.
  3. If the sunlight is not strong, the charging time will be extended. It can also be charged in rainy days, but the charging current is extremely small.
  4. If the sunlight is bad within a month, the battery will lose power and you must use a charger to recharge it.

Handheld Rechargeable LED Work Light Series

Hand-held work lights have a long history, but the two products introduced today are more powerful and can meet your emergency needs in all scenarios.

Handheld Rechargeable LED Work Light SP-Work-Hand-1

Handheld Rechargeable Led Work Light Sp Work Handheld 1

This lamp can not only be used as a glare flashlight, but also as a COB floodlight. Equipped with four-stage dimming function, as well as the functions of burst flash and red flash.

Built-in 18650 lithium battery, can work continuously for 480 minutes.

Equipped with a USB interface to charge external devices.

Handheld Rechargeable Led Work Light Structure

The back has a strong magnetic adsorption function, so that it can be easily attached to the car body. At the same time, it is also equipped with a telescopic magnet, so that you can find the screws that fall into the bottom of the car when you repair the car.

The hook is also very practical. It can be easily hung on a tree branch so that you can provide enough light for your surroundings. The hook can be easily put away when not in use.

Handheld Rechargeable LED Work Light SP-Work-Hand-2

Handheld Rechargeable Led Work Light Sp Work Handheld 2

This handheld LED work light has a long strip shape and uses a bright COB chip as the light source.

It is worth noting that it does not use segmented dimming, but uses stepless dimming, so that you can adjust the brightness you want at will, and can provide up to 700 lumens.

The bottom of the lamp body is equipped with a strong magnet, which can be easily attached to the car body or the hull. At the same time, the top is equipped with a hook, which can also be easily hung.

And the base is equipped with a universal joint, which can freely adjust the angle of 360 degrees.

Adjustable Rechargeable LED Work Light SP-Work-Adjustable-1

Adjustable Rechargeable Led Work Light Sp Work Adjustable 1

Adjustable Rechargeable LED Work Light SP-Work-Adjustable-2

Adjustable Rechargeable Led Work Light Sp Work Adjustable 2

Different from the hand-held work lights, these two lights are equipped with foldable, so that they can be placed on the ground or on the table for use, a bit similar to desk lamps.

Customer Reviews

  1. Great for the home and for work or for any situation you need a quick and convenient light. My husband love this swiveling rechargeable work light. Magnetic base literally sticks to anything metal. Nice and strong as well. I have been searching for a good and bright LED work light. I have read other listing reviews and the screws seem to come out of quite a few of them. People seem to say not so many positives about other work lights. Saw this rechargeable LED work light at a great price, and snapped it up while I had the chance. Super good one!! Very impressed.

  2. I have a 500 watt halogen work light that I used for car repair at night. Lots of light but very hot and had to be set so shadows would not intrude on the work. This light is fantastic. Adjustable brightness and can be used close up to the work without worrying about burns. Charge lasts several hours – plenty of time to complete my normal repairs. I really like the rechargeable feature and the magnet is very strong and useful. I’ve also accidentally beat it up a few times but it didn’t care – tough light. I liked it so much, for Christmas I got one for my auto mechanic friend who now uses it at his shop and is very happy with it. This can be used in any situation where you need good light so you won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

Head-Mounted Rechargeable LED Work Light Series

Head-Mounted Rechargeable LED Work Light Series

Head-mounted work lights are also widely used in life, especially for people engaged in catching or night fishing.

Head-Mounted Rechargeable LED Work Light SP-Work-Head-1

Head Mounted Rechargeable Led Work Light Sp Work Head 1

This head-mounted work light has two light sources, one is a glare flashlight and the other is a floodlight. And equipped with an adjusting knob, which can be adjusted up and down 90 degrees.

Head Mounted Rechargeable Led Work Light Sp Work Head 1 Spare Part 1

On the left is the switch button and charging hole, and on the right is a strong magnet. Very convenient to use.

Head Mounted Rechargeable Led Work Light Sp Work Head 1 Spare Part 2

In fact, it is not only equipped with a headband, but also a wristband, so you can wear it according to the actual situation.

Head-Mounted Rechargeable LED Work Light SP-Work-Head-2

Head Mounted Rechargeable Led Work Light Sp Work Head 2

This is a multi-function bright flashlight. The light source part can be rotated by 45 degrees and can be installed on the headband.

Degree.pnghead Mounted Rechargeable Led Work Light Sp Work Head 2 Adjustment 45

It can not only dimming in three stages, but also stepless dimming. It also has a flashing function. And when you use it next time, it has a memory function.

Head Mounted Rechargeable Led Work Light Sp Work Head 2 Structure

The lamp body has a stainless steel clip, which can be clipped to the pocket for use. The tail is equipped with a strong magnet, which can be attached to metal.

Customer Reviews

    1. Wow! First, l was lucky enough (and very stupid) to experience the brightness immediately after pressing the button well I had it pointed at my Trust me when I tell you it is definitely bright enough!

      My son likes to go for runs in the dark and was carrying a flashlight until I bought this for him. He said it was absolutely perfect and the tilt feature was convenient so he didn’t have to tip his head down to see where he was going. He said he didn’t even need it on the brightest setting and could view the entire road without fear of stumbling over anything.

    2. Honestly, I was super skeptical about these when I opened them up. They are light weight, a little suspiciously flimsy, and the hinges are a bit weak BUT this thing is fantastically bright! I live in a rural area and walk the dogs at night. It is creepy to not see goI’d on the trail. The settings allow me to see up ahead on and around me. The direct beam goes way up ahead. I also use them around my property to take care of animals at night, check water, etc. they are great. My husband loves his and was glad it came with two. And I Love the fact I can recharge them, no batteries!! For the price, it’s worth it. I’ll be buying another set.

    3. I like this flashlight, its small enough to fit in your breast pocket and turn the head 45 degrees for hands free use. The magnet at the base is fantastic.

What should you consider?

  1. The brightness of these two lamps is extremely high, please don’t shoot others’ eyes directly
  2. The flashlight will not be used for a long time, please take out the battery.

Use knowledge of Rechargeable LED Work Light

Instructions for use and precautions

  1. When the light is in use, choose according to the voltage and battery requirements of the lamp. Do not use it indiscriminately to prevent the circuit board from burning. Do not use batteries of different models and voltages at the same time.

  2. Turn off the light when the brightness of the flashlight changes significantly to prevent over-discharge of the battery in use.

  3. Heat dissipation skills: during the use of the flashlight, ensure heat dissipation. When the battery is fully charged, it is best to use the second stage first, so that the lamp holder and battery of the LED work light can extend the life of the product!

  4. Do not direct the light of the flashlight into human eyes. It is super bright and dazzling, so as not to affect vision, especially children.


  1. Check the battery: Make sure to install the battery in the correct direction when the battery is powered. Do not use batteries of different brands, and do not mix old and new batteries.
  2. Check the tail cover: make sure that the switch has been tightened and the contact is good, the copper pillar of the tail cover is in good contact with the metal sheet of the tail cover pressing ring, and pay attention to whether the lamp cap is loose.
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