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Solar Garden Light

Nowadays, families pay more and more attention to the quality of life, especially in the interior decoration, they will spend a lot of money to create a higher quality of life. Of course gardening is also an important part of them.

The rise of garden lights has brought an extraordinary experience to garden decoration. The rise of solar lights in recent years has brought new opportunities for gardening. Compared with traditional lamps, solar lamps do not need to dig trenches for wiring, do not require additional electricity, and are completely self-sufficient.

Because of the unique design, their styles are becoming more and more abundant. Today I will introduce five series of solar garden lights for your reference. These styles fully meet your sales or installation needs.

11+ Solar Garden Light

Solar Buried lights Series

Buried lights are used as ground landscape lights. They can be installed against hardened ground, steps and so on, or on the surface of garden lawns. Anyway, its function is to provide lighting for the ground to achieve a decorative effect.

Due to the inconvenience of installation, there are not many styles of such lamps before. Since the emergence of solar ground lights, due to the extremely convenient installation, many styles have been added, such as step lights and colorful lights.

Traditional underground lights are expensive, and both replacement and maintenance are troublesome. Especially for installation, the wires should be embedded before the ground hardening construction, and then the lamps can be installed after the construction is completed. In this way, the installation period is very long, and the material and labor costs are also high. In case of wiring problems, you need to re-ditch the wiring.

Solar lamps do not have these problems. After the ground is hardened, it is directly fixed on the ground with screws and the switch is turned on. And it’s easy to replace.


Sp S Buried 1

This light can be installed on the ground or inserted into the lawn. There are two shapes, round and square, with a diameter of 115mm and a thickness of 23mm. The frame of the lamp is made of stainless steel, in the middle is a PC board that integrates the solar panel and the light source, and is sealed.

The light color of the light can choose various colors, The light color of the lamp can choose various colors, and the brightness is also optional.


Sp S Buried 2

This lamp provides RGB dynamic effects and static effects, with 5 light-emitting modes. The shell is made of ABS plastic with a diameter of 58mm and a thickness of 32.5mm. It can be installed on grass, roads, stairs and walls.


Sp S Buried 3

This lamp is specially designed for stairs and is L-shaped. The shell is made of ABS plastic, white, brown and black are available in three colors. The length is 78mm, the width is 42mm, and the height is 45mm.

In addition to pure white and warm white light color, there are 7 other colors to choose from. it can be easily installed on ladders, and fences.

Customs Reviews

The shape design and structure design of the lamp are good, the installation is very convenient, and the effect is also very good when installed in your own yard, but the lamp is not very bright in rainy days.

What Should You Consider?

Since the buried lights are installed on the ground, avoid installing them in low-lying places and water accumulations places to prevent the lights from being immersed in water for a long time.

When installing on the road, it should be installed on sides of the road to avoid excessive crushing and damage to the lamp.

Solar Garden Decoration Lights Series

Solar garden decoration lights are mainly used to decorate your garden. They have different shapes and are carefully designed.

Outdoor solar lantern SP-S-Decoration -1

Outdoor Solar Lantern Sp S Decoration 1

Outdoor Solar Lighthouse SP-S-Decoration -2

Outdoor Solar Lighthouse Sp S Decoration 2

The first is a retro lantern, which can be hung, inserted into the ground, or installed on a fence. Available in white light and warm white light. The shell is made of ABS plastic and can provide 10 lumens of light.

The second is a lighthouse style. When working, the light source can rotate 360 degrees under the drive of a motor, just like a lighthouse.

These two lights are very creative. They can be installed as decoration on doors, balconies and gardens.

Solar Retro Bulb SP-S-Decoration -3

Solar Retro Bulb Sp S Decoration 3

This lamp is designed with the appearance of traditional bulbs. Multiple bulbs form a string, which can be hung on the branches of the garden or on the fence.

The outer shell of the bulb is not only colored but also transparent, and the light color is also various. It can be used as a common decoration in the garden or as a festive decoration light for Christmas. And this lamp is hot sales.

Solar star lantern SP-S-Decoration -4

Solar Star Lantern Sp S Decoration 4

Solar can light SP-S-Decoration-5

Solar Can Light Sp S Decoration 5

Solar crack bottle light SP-S-Decoration-6

Solar Crack Bottle Light Sp S Decoration 6

These three lights are an extended version of the solar string light, equipped with a beautifully designed lampshade, like glittering stars. Just like DIY making candle lights when we were young, it has a sense of age.

They are beautiful in shape and hung in your garden to create a more refined atmosphere.

Solar ball light SP-S-Decoration-7

Solar Ball Light Sp S Decoration 7

Solar ball light SP-S-Decoration-8

Solar Ball Light Sp S Decoration 8

Solar ball light SP-S-Decoration-9

Solar Ball Light Sp S Decoration 9

These lamps are all designed in the shape of a ball, but they also have their own characteristics.

The first lamp has a pole, you can install it on the fence or in the garden ground, and the solar panel is integrated on the lamp body, the shape is the same as the traditional lamp.

The second model mainly provides various colors, and you can also use it after charging, so that you can use it as a temporary decorative light for festivals. It can also be used with solar panels, so you can use it as a common garden decoration light.

The third shape is a cracked glass cover, which presents a very different beauty when the lamp is working.

Solar Wrought Iron Hollow Light SP-S-Decoration-10

Solar Wrought Iron Hollow Light Sp S Decoration 10

Solar Mosaic Light SP-S-Decoration-11

Solar Mosaic Light Sp S Decoration 11

These two lamps use craft design methods to make them look like works of art. The first one uses the iron hollow method, which is very distinctive. The second model uses a colorful mosaic shape, which is also very creative.

These two lamps have added the designer’s great ideas and rich modeling experience, and can be used in the courtyard of your villa or in your gallery.

To be honest, these lamps are an indispensable part of your dream kingdom. They are not just solar decorative lights, but a part of your building or garden.

Customs Reviews

These lights are really beautiful in design, and the price is very moderate. Even if you use many lights to build your garden, it will not appear crowded, and it doesn’t cost much.

What Should You Consider?

Since the shell of these lamps is either transparent or white, it is easy to be stained by dust, so you should clean it regularly to ensure that your yard is tidy and the lights will not be dimmed by dust.

Solar Garden Lights With Rod Series

These garden lights all have poles and can be inserted into the lawn, so they are also called solar lawn lights.

Stainless Steel Solar Lawn Light SP-S-Lawn-1

Stainless Steel Solar Lawn Light Sp S Lawn 1

Solar Lawn Light SP-S-Lawn-2

Solar Lawn Light Sp S Lawn 2

Solar Lawn Light SP-S-Lawn-3

Solar Garden Light

These three lights can not only decorate the lawn, but also bring lighting to the road. It has the dual purpose of decoration and lighting.

The first shell is made of stainless steel, with a small appearance and a variety of light colors. These lights of different light colors can be formed into light clusters, the cost is very low, the decorative effect is also very good.

The other two types of solar lawn lights are much more exquisite in appearance design, not only can be used as decorative lights, even in the daytime can also be used as garden decoration.

Solar Garden Lights SP-S-Garden-1

Solar Garden Lights Sp S Garden 1 1
Solar Garden Lights Sp S Garden 1 2

Solar Garden Lights SP-S-Garden-2

Solar Garden Lights Sp S Garden 2

These two solar garden lights are very distinctive. The first one provides the double-sided lighting effect and can adjust the angle flexibly. The second model refers to the design of the stage light, which can emit colorful light, and the light source can be rotated by the motor to create a colorful effect.

Solar Garden Lights SP-S-Garden-3

Solar Garden Lights Sp S Garden 3

Solar Garden Lights SP-S-Garden-4

Solar Garden Lights Sp S Garden 4

These two kinds of lights are ornaments in themselves, and they are also a landscape in your garden even when they don’t emit light during the day.

For example, the first model has a minimalist design, with an empty middle, and the outer shell is made of aluminum alloy and sprayed with gray-black paint, which is suitable for large courtyards and lawns.

There is a downlight source in the middle of the shell, and the outer frame is equipped with colored light bars, so that it will be very three-dimensional when it emits light at night. Using this light in your villa will improve your gardening temperament as a whole.

The second lamp is even more amazing. The lamp itself adopts the style of hollow flower, which is a complete landscape in itself. But this is not enough. It is equipped with a flame-like light source, like a phoenix totem.

This lamp is installed in your garden, it shines like a flame, and it is like a group of loyal guards guarding you. You can enjoy your emperor-like life and bring you the sublimation of life.

Two villa decoration lights, one is icy and jade, the other is hot like flames, one is king and one queen, with extraordinary quality.

Customs Reviews

After weeding the lawn, solar lawn lights were installed. The effect was really good. And no need to dig trenches.

What Should You Consider?

When installing lawn lights, please avoid installing them under trees, so as not to be blocked by trees and affect the charging effect of solar panels.

Solar Imitation Animal and Plant Lights Series

These solar lights all adopt bionic shapes. And we know that flowers are indispensable in the garden, so it would be great to use lamps that mimic animals and plants to decorate your garden.

We know that in the autumn and winter season, all plants begin to wither. At this time, there are some flowers and plants in your garden as decorations, and you can feel the breath of spring even in the cold winter.

So let me briefly introduce these solar imitation animals and plants lights.

Solar Tulip Light SP-S-Flower-1

Solar Tulip Light Sp S Flower 1

Solar Christmas Tree SP-S-Plant-1

Solar Christmas Tree Sp S Plant 1

Solar Lily Light SP-S-Flower-2

Solar Lily Light Sp S Flower 2

Solar Sunflower Light SP-S-Flower-3

Solar Sunflower Light Sp S Flower 3

These bionic flowers are all plastic products, and plastic flowers have been very popular in the last century.

Although plastic flowers are easy to manufacture, they usually do not have a light source in outdoor bionic plants. Electricity distribution is a very troublesome thing. For example, if you want to install a plastic flower light, you need to wire it. If you want to arrange a flower cluster, you need to arrange a lot of wires.

However, the emergence of solar lights has greatly improved this situation, because the electricity can be self-sufficient, and there is no need for additional wiring, or even manual switches to control, which greatly facilitates installation and use.

Solar plastic imitation plant lights are developed on these foundations, these lights are in various varieties and colors, and there are dozens of styles to choose from. These types can fully meet your gardening needs. You can insert as many branches as you want, and you can choose any color to match.

And new varieties are still under continuous development, which brings a new spring to the gardening industry.

Solar House Light

Solar House Light

Solar Parrot Light

Solar Parrot Light

Solar Owl Light

Solar Owl Light

These shapes are not difficult to manufacture, and these types of lamps did not appear on the market before the advent of solar lamps. When used as a decorative lamp, it adds a lot of fun to the garden. You can arrange small houses and pagodas in the garden, and put birds and rabbits in the garden. If you have your own ideas or designs, they can all be customized.

These plastic plants and animals are very beautifully designed, which will undoubtedly add a lot of elements to your garden or lawn, and they also add a lot of childishness.

Customs Reviews

I bought these plastic flowers at Christmas. The winter flowers have withered. It is really a good idea to decorate with these plastic flowers.

What Should You Consider?

Since the solar panel is under the flower, a certain interval should be kept during installation, avoiding the solar panel to be blocked

Solar Wall and Fence Lights Series

Modern exterior wall design and wall decoration attach great importance to the application of lighting. Floodlights are a very common wall decoration lamp.

Recently, the more popular ones are solar wall lights and fence lights. These lamps themselves are a kind of decoration, and can illuminate the wall and the surrounding environment at night, not only can provide lighting, but also create good lighting effects. Well-designed lighting can create extraordinary effects for your villa and courtyard.

Solar Motion Wall lights

Solar Motion Wall Lights

This lamp has a good shape design. The shell is made of white or black ABS plastic, 86MM in diameter, 235MM in height, which is very suitable for installation on walls and fences.

This light is equipped with an infrared sensor. When people pass by, the light will be fully brightness. When people leave, the light will work with a very dim, which can save a lot of power and extend the working time.

The waterproof performance of this lamp is excellent, and the waterproof level reaches IP65, even if it rains, there is no need to worry.

Solar Flame Lamp

Solar flame Lamp

The light source of this lamp is designed with flame as the prototype, and it can work like a dynamic flame or a breathing flame. In addition, it can also work in static light mode.

The lampshade is made of PC material, and the light transmittance is as high as 90%, which is comparable to glass. PC board does not become brittle at minus 100 degrees Celsius, and does not soften at 135 degrees Celsius.

The lamp body has a diameter of 65MM and a height of 180MM, which is very suitable for installation in your villa or courtyard.

It suggests that you install it facing south to ensure sufficient light.

Solar Wall Light

Solar Wall Light

The design of the lamp is exquisite and compact, with a long and flat shape, the lamp body is 75mm wide and 120mm high.

The light source is equipped with 10 high-brightness 2835 LED chips, and with the solar lithium battery system can provide you all night lighting.

There is a convenient button switch on the back of the lamp, which can turn on the lamp with one button. Rainproof, lightningproof, and performance is efficiently.

Customs Reviews

The house already has wall lights, and I bought some to install on the fence at the door. It is so convenient that solar lights do not need to be re-wired.

What Should You Consider?

In order to ensure that the solar panels can receive more sunlight, try to install them on the south side and avoid installing them under the eaves.

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