Solar Lawn Light


100W, 150W, 200W can be choosed.


The Component of Solar Lawn Light

All kinds of solar lawn light involved a LED lamp, a solar panel, a battery and the outer covering. 

So, it is much easier to learn solar lawn light in these four aspects.

 The solar panel converts  energy into electricity to charge the battery, and then the LED bulb uses this electricity to operate during the night, pretty simple.

But speaking of LED light source, we have lot of knowledges to present, because there are so many kinds of light sources. 

According to its composition, it has patch, integration and COB, etc., those are different inner shapes of a LED light source. 

The commonly used light colors are warm light, warm white, and white light, there is no best choice but depends on the user’s preferment. 

And the water proof is the higher the better. Solar panel is much easier to learn, monocrystalline solar panel, polysilicon solar panel, and amorphous silicon solar panel are the common types. 

Lead-acid battery, nickel-cadmium battery, nickel-metal hydride battery, lithium iron phosphate battery all can be used for a solar garden light. 

As for the suit, stainless steel is better than plastic.

How Does Sunparadises Make Solar Lawn Light Different?

Sunparadise’s may not the best one, but we are always trying to be better. 

As a supplier, providing the best proposals for customers is our terminal pursuit.

 We can not only provide customers with a best solar lawn light. 

And we also able to collocate the most suitable light according to customers requirement.

We have different brands and parameters of light sources, such as Cree, Bridgelux, Philips, Osram, etc. 

In order to meet customer within different needs, and all our solar garden lights are reached the waterproof for IP65. 

And we only use lithium iron phosphate to ensure the solar lawn light can continuously work for 8 hours. 

What’s more, we collocate monocrystalline solar panel to increase the conversion rate mostly, which is fully convert solar energy into electrical energy. 

And its working life and performance are better than other kinds of solar panels.

At present, we have more than 20 kinds of the appearance of solar lawn light for customers to choose. 

Whether the material is plastic or stainless steel, each light was processed and designed by our professional engineer.

 All installed assemblies are installed in LED tiles, each aluminum base is polished to ensure there is no gap between the chip and the base. Because even a tiny gap of one hair will significantly reduce the efficiency of heat dissipation. 

The internal wiring section must be well handled. Gaps were filled in sealant to improve the waterproof performance. Every lamp has been manually tested.

What to Look for When Buying Solar Lawn Lights

IP Rank: Ingress Protection rank is a measurement of how much protection the light can against liquid such as water. 

Looking for solar lawn lights with IP higher than 64 is pretty much, it’s completely waterproof. 

 course, products from Sunparadises won’t have problems with waterproof.

Auto On/Off To save time and energy, Sunparadise’s solar garden lights with an automatic on/off the sensor, which will turn the light on at dusk and turn it off at dawn.

Illumination: In general, there are 2 types of lighting for solar garden light, functional lighting with high Lumen and decorative lighting low Lumen. 

While the high Lumen provides the needed amount of light for tasks like reading and eating or for security. 

And the decorative lighting is for decorative reasons just to give the place a personal touch. 

Remember that, Sunparadises is always flexible to meet your kinds of requires.


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