Best Solar Post Light

Solar Post Light

Post lights have a long history as garden decoration lights. In the era of kerosene lamps, noble families usually installed two kerosene lamps on the gate posts as lighting.

With the development of the times, solar post lights have replaced traditional post lights due to their environmental protection features.

Because of solar lights do not require wiring and are easy to install, they are more and more popular.

Today we will introduce more than a dozen solar post lights. These solar post lights are exquisite in appearance, powerful in function and reasonable in price. This article can be used as your buying guide.

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The 13 Best Solar Post Light

Modern Minimalist Solar Post Lights Series

It’s very simple. You mount them on posts that you stake into the ground, and during the day the solar panel atop of the lights collects rays from the sun, charging the battery within so that energy can be utilized as light when it gets dark. The lights have an internal light sensor so that they turn on automatically at dusk, and off at dawn.

Whether showcasing your home’s architectural style or increasing the safety of your outdoor space at night, the Modern Minimalist solar post light can enhance the look and feel of your backyard in a snap.

Modern Minimalist Solar Post Lights SP-Solar-MM-1

Modern Minimalist Solar Post Lights Sp Solar Mm 1

Modern Minimalist Solar Post Lights SP-Solar-MM-2

Modern Minimalist Solar Post Lights Sp Solar Mm 2

Modern Minimalist Solar Post Lights SP-Solar-MM-3

Modern Minimalist Solar Post Lights Sp Solar Mm 3

These three solar post lights are suitable for installation on doorposts or porches, and have the following characteristics:

  • 【Two Color Modes】The solar post light has two modes (warm white & cool white). Textured cobblestone glass and firm plastic frame allow them to give beautiful patterns on pillars at night.
  • 【High Quality Pebbled Glass】The 4 LEDs bulb in each cap can stay lit for up to 8-12 hours, and the pebbled glass will retain its color and beauty for years to come. Light easily mounts on top of any standard 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, inch wooden post.
  • 【Solar Powered】This post cap light produced 15 lumens of brightness with a wide beam angle. Also, it turns on and off automatically at sunset and at sunrise, making it a perfect option to light up your patio, porches, fences, decks and more.
  • 【IP44 Waterproof】It also has a durable glass frame which allows it to withstand every kind of weather conditions. Besides, the light has an incredible aesthetics that is environmental-friendly and cost-effective.

Modern Minimalist Solar Post Lights SP-Solar-MM-4

Modern Minimalist Solar Post Lights Sp Solar Mm 4

Modern Minimalist Solar Post Lights SP-Solar-MM-5

Modern Minimalist Solar Post Lights Sp Solar Mm 5

These two solar post lights are hollow in form, combined with die-cast aluminum and PC cover, with a simple and beautiful appearance.

Using high-brightness LED chips as the light source, White light, natural white light, and warm white light are available.

The lamp body is made of die-cast aluminum, strong and durable.

Adopt monocrystalline silicon solar panel, high photoelectric conversion rate, rechargeable in rainy days. Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, can survive 3-5 rainy days.

In addition, it is equipped with a remote control, which can adjust the brightness, color, and timing function of the light.

These two lamps are very suitable for installation in villas, courtyards, communities, parks, etc.

Customer Reviews

  1. I can’t wait to put the post lights on my DIY wood pillars when the package arrived. The lights were intended to be mounted on a short post, which I have cut in half because I didn’t want the post lamp sit far too high above the plants. Turns out it exceeded my expectation when the night comes. Beautiful glow of light cascaded on the lawn….The dark corner in my garden was lit up quite well.
    As far as the pros and cons,the cap light has 2 options of lighting: a warmer amber light and a day white light. I preferred the warm light so this added bonus was not a huge deal to me. The light includes 1 Ni-MH battery with 600maH capacity and that seems a little bit larger than other solar lights I previously bought. How long do they stay illuminated? Well I figure they got about 8-10 hrs of light in them if you put them under direct sunlight for at least 8 hrs. It depends on the location of the lights and the amount of sun they get.
    The light also includes 2 mounting base: 4 x 4″(actual 4.1″) and 5 x 5″(actual 5.1″).I used the 4″ one for my 3.5″ post. It overhung the side a little so I needed to put the screws thru 2 screw holes from the top. The size screw holes is not applicable for my application but it might work for 4″ vinyl post. I recommend these lights and I will post update on the longevity of the lights at a later date.
  2. We decorated the house on a tight budget .My wife didn’t want to spend too much on getting lights/wires ran, and figured we live in sunny Arizona I’d give these solar powered post cap lights a try. So far I’m not disappointed they are mounted on the fence posts outside that gets the most exposure to the sun and seem to work until 5 in the morning. Definitely will be getting some more for the sides and back of the house.

What Should You Consider?

The following environment is not suitable for installation:

  1. The glass room, although there is sunlight, it is blocked, which affects the light intensity.
  2. Under the eaves, the top of the lamp installation cannot be blocked by eaves, vegetation, wires, etc.
  3. The light time is short, and the solar installation area has at least 6 hours of light time.

The Palace Solar Post Light Series

Adds a decorative touch to your backyard or landscape, all while taking advantage of solar energy. Made of metal with glass lens, this traditional light provides a 360-degree display of warm LED lighting.

With no wiring required, installation, long-term energy savings and becoming beautiful has never been easier. solar lights gather energy from the sun during the day, then automatically come on at dusk to provide a pattern of light exactly where you want it. 8 hours at night on a full charge.

Fully weatherproof, durable for years of use, this light is waterproof and heatproof, making it a great choice for any sun-lit location. It costs virtually nothing to operate if you do not install a bulb.

Palace Solar Post Light SP-Solar-PA-1

Palace Solar Post Light Sp Solar Pa 1

Palace Solar Post Light SP-Solar-PA-2

Palace Solar Post Light Sp Solar Pa 2
  • Updated Solar Panel: With 2w solar panel and 3.7v/2200mAh rechargeable lithium battery, can be fully charged under direct sunlight (greater than 8 hours).
  • Two-color Light Source: Cold white and warm white on the same panel,choose freely according to demand.
  • Waterproof & Rust: Made of aluminum and glass, high performance in rain resistant make it perfect for post cap,pillar, column, stigma, etc.
  • Easy Installation: Just install it with attached screws, no wire or cable needed. The built-in light sensor makes the pillar lamp automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn.

Palace Solar Post Light SP-Solar-PA-3

Palace Solar Post Light Sp Solar Pa 3

Palace Solar Post Light SP-Solar-PA-4

Palace Solar Post Light Sp Solar Pa 4
  • HIGHT BRIGHTNESS-Solar LED Lamp Post Light provides quite gentle and warm light for your garden, which makes your front and back yard unique and matchless.
  • EASY INSTALLATION-Quite Easy to Install Post solar lights in just a few minutes as no requirement of electrical wiring, but just place it in a desirable spot with direct sunshine.
  • MONEY SAVING and ENERGY SAVING-Pole fence solar light powered by free solar energy, three pieces high efficiency 2300mAH rechargeable batteries included. Solar post lights will be automatically working at dusk and off at dawn as there is light sensor included.
  • RECOMMENDED USES-The solar garden lamp can make full of garden, pathway, fences, wall, yard, front porch, balcony, walkway, etc.

Customer Reviews

  1. I bought this for my back patio cause sometimes I like to read outside at night and also to give some light to my backyard. Mounting it was a little complicated but I eventually figured a way to stake it into the ground. For my needs the charge was fine but if my backyard was a lot bigger than it is, I would want it to last a little longer. I’d say mine lasted at least 3 and a half hours before it started to dim.
  2. I live in an apartment with no outdoor lighting or outdoor plugs, so I needed something that I wouldn’t have to change out constantly. I ended up finding this awesome cute thing; it’s solar powered and it makes the backyard look like Victorian London. I will say though that pole is little too thin for my taste, but if you bolted down the base you won’t have any problems with it falling over.

What Should You Consider?

  1. Before you install the lantern, please ensure all screws are screwed up.
  2. Pack it with foam when no use, clean the glass frequently it will more bright.

Modern Art Solar Post Lights Series

Modern art Solar Post Lights are created in a minimalist style, making them full of soul. These styles are all artistic re-creation on the basis of minimalism, using simple lines to outline new artistic effects.

These lights are installed in your villa to make it no longer lonely, thus becoming full of vitality and making you happy.

Modern Art Solar Post Lights SP-Solar-MA-1

Solar Post Light

Modern Art Solar Post Lights SP-Solar-MA-2

Modern Art Solar Post Lights Sp Solar Ma 2
  • These solar post lights uses the style of oriental landscape paintings and recreates modern art. It gives your courtyard an oriental beauty and makes your building more warm.

    The lamps are made of high-quality hardware and acrylic, waterproof and rust-proof.

    Using LED as the light source, it has two light colors, pure white and warm white, to illuminate your building at night and make it more vivid.

Modern Art Solar Post Lights SP-Solar-MA-3

Modern Art Solar Post Lights Sp Solar Ma 3

This light uses flexible lines to show the agility of water. Place it next to your pool. With the cooperation of the light, the water becomes agile, as if it has life.

Customer Reviews

We installed a wooden fence a few years ago and used wooden fencepost caps. What a mistake! Many have split and become worn, but with a never-ending array of home projects to tend to, replacing them had been low priority. However, we recently had some sand delivered for a project and the driver pulled his truck up to our fence and then dumped the load, completely breaking one of our fencepost caps in the process. Because there was now a broken fencepost cap to deal with, along with the others that were well deteriorated, we decided to investigate alternatives and discovered these solar cap lights. We had admired other people’s fences in our community topped with solar lights, so we thought we would give these a try. The solar lights arrived very nicely packaged. They were individually wrapped in a sturdy box. Each light was intact with no damage and appeared to be well constructed.

We immediately added the lights to our fence post but did not secure them with the included screw because we wanted to test them out for a week or two first. We had purchased solar string lights before that did not work properly or stopped working quickly, so we thought we would see how these do first.

Although the lights arrived late in the day and only had a few hours to charge—not the 6 to 8 hours outlined on the instruction sheet–they worked beautifully and have continued to work well since. They provide quite a bit of light. The product specs indicate that each cap casts 400 lumens, which is the equivalent of about 30 incandescent watts. Looking at the lights, this appears to be accurate.

The light is a soft white and lasts the whole night through. I am not sure if the same will be true in the winter when there is less sunlight, but even with minimal charging time, they worked well so we are optimistic. It is nice to have this extra light in out yard, especially since we have small dogs and sometimes must go out into the yard with them late at night or in the wee morning hours. Prior to buying these lights, our backyard had been a bit of a dark void, so it could feel a little spooky at times.

These lights enable us to see the dogs much better and even provide a bit of a magical feeling with their soft glow. Because these are motion-sensing lights, the lights brighten a bit when people get close to the round sensor on the cap, which is another nice feature. The only issue we have is that our posts are 3.5 x 3.5 inch, and these are 4 x 4 inch, so they are a bit large for our fenceposts; however, they are fine secured with the screw and do not look odd.

We debated building out the top of the post with some wood strips to make for a better fit, but we ultimately did not bother because we just do not have the time and read that a too tight fit is also not good for preserving the actual fenceposts.

Basically, we are looking to get a few more years out of our fence, and while it is not pretty to look at, these new caps help elevate our fence a bit. The posts came in a pack of 4 and we will likely be ordering more soon to replace some of our other really worn fencepost caps. We like that these are super easy to install—just press the button below the cap, pop the cap on the post, and secure with a single screw—making them manageable for people like us who are limited on time and not the most handy.

What Should You Consider?

  1. Install the site and fix it with screws.
  2. Turn on the switch, you only need to turn on the switch once, it will automatically turn on at dark, and turn off automatically at dawn.
  3. Test whether it can work normally, cover the solar panel, and see if the light can turn on.
  4. Install the lamp housing and fix it with stainless steel screws.

Classic Spherical Solar Post Lights Series

Light your way in style with the contemporary Westinghouse Lighting One-Light Post-Top Exterior Lantern. 

The white acrylic globe with sleek black polycarbonate base provides soft yet substantial lighting Install this lantern near your front or back entryway for convenient lighting. You can also use it as a modern accent for your front walkway, yard, or patio. Wherever you place it, you will enjoy the lantern’s inviting light and contemporary look. 

The lantern is 13 by 12-Inch (H by D). It uses one medium-base soft A19 light bulb, 100-watt maximum (not included). Post sold separately. This Westinghouse Lighting exterior light fixture is Underwriters Laboratories listed for safety. It is covered by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. What’s in the Box-One-light Post-Top Exterior Lantern.

Spherical Solar Post Lights

Classic Spherical Solar Post Lights
  • UPDATED SOLAR PANEL: With 1.2w solar panel and 3.7v/1300mAh rechargeable lithium battery, can be fully charged under direct sunlight (greater than 8 hours).
  • DOUBLE COLOR LIGHT SOURCE: Cold white and warm white on the same panel,choose freely according to demand.
  • INTELLIGENT HIDDEN SWITCH: Considering durability and safety of the item, the switch is designed to hide the shade inside. Just turn on before installment.
  • WATERPROOF&RUST: Made of acrylic and stainless steel, high performance in rain resistant make it perfect for post cap, pillar, column, stigma, etc.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Just install it with attached 3 screws, no wire or cable needed. The built-in light sensor makes the pillar lamp automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn.

Customer Reviews

The Globe and 3 inch pole mount assembled OK , the instructions’ could be a little better regarding assembly and how to tighten the mounting screws, to the globe and also to the pole.
Assembly may be obvious to some but not for others!
After assembly I installed a 60Watt LED bulb, which draws only 9Watts lighting the globe nicely.

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