Best LED Panel Downlight

Led Panel Downlights

If you are troubled by small ceiling spaces or high energy costs, then this cool white led panel downlight is the one for you.

Slim Design

If you have ceilings too small for normal LED flush light panels then this light is your solution. Only needing 2 inches of clearance and no housing needed, this ultra-thin downlight supports retrofit, remodel, and new construction installations.

With die-cast Aluminum process. super thin panel light, Simply style double Color perfect match with different style of the decoration.

Save both energy and money: Save 90% energy compared to incandescent and halogen bulbs,save your money to pay for the electric bills of lighting if you do replace your bulbs with LED lights.

Environment-friendly: No mercury and no UV and IR radiation contains,they will not fade fabrics or furnishing.

This post will introduce 5 types of LED panel downlights, It can be used as your buying guide, please read it carefully or bookmark it.

The 5 Best LED Panel Downlight

10.5W 4 Inch Slim LED Panel Downlight

Energy Saver: This ETL & Energy Star certified light only needs 10.5W to match the output of a 50W incandescent light, saving you up to $1042.8 per set over its long 40,000hrs lifespan. It also has a scratch-resistant frosted lens that prevents glare

Ultra-Thin Lighting: This LED ultra-thin downlight only needs 2 inches of ceiling space, perfect for ceilings that can’t fit a housing can. The metal springs clips firmly hold the light for easier install and lasting service

Reliable Design: The unique waterproof male and female connectors make it great for wet locations. The IC rating lets this light be in contact with insulation so you don’t need to worry about it overheating and causing a fire

Widely Used: With smooth 100%-10% dimming and compatible with most dimmers on the market, you can easily set the mood as you like. The 110⁰ beam angle and CRI80+ let this light be used in garages, kitchens, and even bathrooms

Customer Reviews

Using these very thin fixtures we cut the hole (just over 6 inches) exactly where the needed to go without worrying about rafters. The lights are so thin the thickness of the wall board was more than the light. All you need is room to insert the spring loaded holder, the power connector just rest up in the rafters.

Led Ceiling Lights Round Double Color

Led Panel Downlights

New design double color: White+ Blue color change, keep turn on/off with 3 modes as below:1).lighting synchronous;2).lighting subsection;3).lighting Both.

Ultra thin led ceiling light: Only 0.4in thin, outer diameter: 4.1in, hole size: 2.7in . Great panel light for kitchen room, living room, closet and bathroom(dry place) and like this.

Easy to Install: Cut out a 2.7in diameter hole, connect driver wire with the power wire, wrapped insulating tape around, and the springs hold it in place. Just use your home electricity switch to control the color.

What You Get: 2 pieces Round (3+2)W downlight with 2 LED drivers , 4.1-Inch AC85-265V last 50000 hours.

Customer Reviews

It’s really beautiful downlight. There is a three mode to choose by on/off your regular switch which is nice. Fast shipping. For price it’s very reasonable comparing with other products in the market. The seller very responsible he/she answer my question quickly. Very satisfied and highly recommended.

Square LED Panel Downlight

Square Led Panel Downlight

Extremely Bright Dimmable LED Panel Lights: These square panel lights use 12 watts to provide 900 lumens with an 80+ CRI! Dims down to 10% and compatible with 120VAC dimmers.

Easy and Safe Installation: Our innovative, slim design allows for easy retrofit, remodel or new construction installation from below the ceiling.

Suitable for Multiple Locations: Our square wafer lights are perfectly suited for use in hospitals, commercial locations, around the house, bathrooms, and many more. The product is suitable for use in damp locations due to being vapor proof.

Ultra Thin LED Recessed Downlight: With our new ultra slim design only a 6.1 inches ceiling hole and 2 inches of ceiling space are needed to fit our LED can less light.

Save Money and Energy: High light output with minimal power usage and will last 50,000 hours or +22 years when on every day for 6 hours/day. Save yourself the hassle of constantly having to change lights, and save on your electrical bill!

Customer Reviews

These are a great replacement for 40w halogen can lights. The color and brightness are much cleaner looking. Although isn’t stated anywhere CRI seems to be over 80+.

I do have an issue with buzzing sound from the power supplies. In my application. The junction boxes are sitting high on a shelf out of view. I can plainly hear them. They are on a dimmer switch. I have 1 of the 4 lights hooked up on my work bench for testing. Its not on a dimmer. It emits no sound I Might try a different dimmer or just put in a standard on/off. They do dim nicely without flickering though.

6 Inch Square LED Recessed Ceiling Light

6 Inch Square Led Recessed Ceiling Light

3-in-1 COLOR CHANGING: The 3-in-1 CCT Options allow you to toggle between 3000K, 4000K and 5000K with an ample 950 Lumens per light and rated at 50,000 hours of life.

INSTALL IN A SNAP: This low-profile downlight comes with an electrical junction box and clips for easy installation. This ceiling light can be used with new construction mounting plates and is ideal for any retrofit job.

CERTIFIED: These LED recessed lights are proudly ETL, Energy Star and JA-8 certified for top quality standards and safe operation. This device has IC rated housing and is approved to be installed into ceilings with insulated roof space, and can safely be in direct contact with insulation. Also, it is suitable for damp locations. Our fixtures with a 5-year limited warranty.

DIMMABLE: This light is compatible with the majority of LED dimmers on the market and can smoothly dim from 10% to 100%, allowing it to fit a wide range of lighting applications such as in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

MULTI USE APPLICATIONS: Ideal for residential lighting. Recommended for indoor using. Also can be used as commercial or hospitality lighting. You can apply these canless LED Recessed panel with J-box at any room such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, closet, entryway or another. Also can be used at offices, hotels, hallways, meeting rooms, restaurants, metro stations and other commercial place. Our slim profile panels is suitable for damp locations.

Customer Reviews

Wow, these are so bright and so easy to install, I’m already scanning my ceilings for places to add more. The springs are sturdy and snug the bezel tightly to the ceiling. The light connects to the junction box with a detachable cable, turn off the power when connecting/disconnecting the cable, mine arced once but there was no damage.

4 Inch Ultra Thin LED Panel Downlight

4 Inch Ultra Thin Led Panel Downlight

5 COLOR OPTIONS – Not sure what color temperature you are looking for in your home when using LED recessed lights? Each 4 inch square LED ceiling light has a simple to use switch connected to the junction box that can change your lights to 2700K warm white, 3000K soft white, 3500K natural white, 4000K cool white, or 5000K bright white. Your home wafer lights will be adjustable through 5 color temperatures until you find the perfect light to select for your space.

SLIM CANLESS DESIGN – Built with an easy to handle and light design that only needs 2 inches of clearance space to fit into narrow, shallow ceilings. Each low profile LED ceiling light is the perfect solution that comes with a j box for easy wiring, spring loaded clips and modern square trim for a flush to ceiling finish, rounded back for new or existing cut outs, and does not require any can housing.

DIMMABLE – Control the brightness of your 4″ LED retrofit kit with it’s smooth dimming feature that can be reduced from 100% to 10% lighting output. Be in control of your downlights that will dim down to your preferred setting without flickering or issues. With a wet location and IC insulation safe rating, these ultra thin LED recessed lights are ideal for new and old construction, remodel, soffit, eaves, shower, and any indoor and outdoor location.

CONTINUOUS LIGHT – Built with an astounding 50,000 hours of lifetime which means no replacement will be needed for the next 45 years. Each recessed lighting fixture lasts 10x longer than traditional incandescent recess light bulbs which means less time worrying about changing your lights. Use in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, garage, basement, patio, porch, and more.

RELIABLE LIGHTING – Zero flickering light, zero delay, and zero worries with a 4″ LED recessed light that provides high quality indoor and outdoor lighting with a 5 cct color temperature adjustable switch attached to each jbox. Every wafer light trim is quick to install, wet location rated for reliability, comes with a foam gasket for better sealing, IC air tight insulation contact safe and ETL listed.

Customer Reviews

Great product! Easy to install, light fits in low profile spaces. Installation directions are a bit thin, as they appear to be written by someone in China. However, anyone with any electro mechanical smarts should find the installation easy.

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