Best Patio Umbrella Lights

Patio Umbrella Lights

How many times have you found yourself sitting around the patio table in the evening, reading your favorite books and shielded by the umbrella, only to call it a night when the sun goes down ?Or having a dinner and talk with your families or friends in the yard. Patio umbrella lights is suitable for camping, BBQ, playing cards, or lying on your leisure chair in the evening with your families or friends.

Umbrella light is a unique and innovative product that came to light that night on the beach, on your balcony, in your pool, you will continue your dinner, read your book, talk to your friends, play with your family when you no longer have sunlight or a fixed light spot.

The 5 Best Patio Umbrella Lights

Patio Umbrella Light with 3 Brightness Modes

Patio Umbrella Light With 3 Brightness Modes

3 brightness Mode–press once for 4 LED lights(Dim),press twice for 24 LED lights(Bright), or press three times for 28 LED lights(Super Bright).Suit your need for different brightness on different occasions.

Convenient–No need for extra tools, easy to clamp to your umbrella with the built-in auto adjustable strong clamp, also can be hung anywhere using the two hooks, pole mounted, fit pole size from 0.86 inch to 1.81 inch in diameter.

Energy-saving and Bright–With 28 energy-saving LED bulbs, led energy saving and environmental friendly.

Multiple functions–Suitable for camping, BBQ, playing CARDS, or lying on your leisure chair in the evening with your families or friends.

Available electrical source–Requires 4*AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED),which can be easily purchased in common shops. Easy to carry and prepare for batteries backup.

3 Lighting Modes

  • Press once for inter 4 LED lights(Dim).
  • Press twice for outer 24 LED lights(Bright).
  • Press three times for outer 28 LED lights(Super Bright).
  • Suit your need for different brightness on different occasions. Playing games outside where a brighter light is needed. Or just having conversation where maybe a more quiet light is needed.

Easy to install:

  • No need for extra tools, wires and electrical source, easy to clamp to your umbrella with the built-in auto adjustable strong clamp, also can be hung anywhere using the two hooks, pole mounted.
  • Mounted face down for direct lighting or face up for indirect lighting.

Customer Reviews

  1. This light is very bright if you face the LEDs toward the table. And it gently illuminates the underside of a patio umbrella if the LEDs are faced up and at its highest power. Holds well to a wooden umbrella pole and is very easy to operate the latch that allows you to remove or install the light onto the pole. Batteries last a good long time in this light. Highly recommended.
  2. Each time you push the on/off button the setting changes – it rotates through 4 settings- OFF, 4 LEDs on, 24 LEDs on or 28 LEDs on. The light is a bright white, which is exactly what I wanted..

    To attach the device to the umbrella pole, you have to open the device. There are no written instructions for opening the device and it is not intuitively obvious. Actually, it was counter intuitive to me. There is a latch which looks like a sliding button, but it does not slide. You have to pull it out and that will open the device so it can be attached to the umbrella pole. It is easy to operate once you know to pull rather than slide.

    You can leave the device on the pole when you crack down the umbrella. When I crank the umbrella down, the umbrella “runner” pushes the light down the pole. I have no problem leaving the light on the pole and tying the umbrella canopy down. When I open the umbrella, I do have to push the light back up the pole.

    Some reviews said that the light was always on. The “on/off” button on one of the two devices I bought was broken and did not contact at all, so when the batteries were installed, the lights were on. Removing 1 battery turned the light off. I contacted the Seller and they are sending a replacement for the broken device. The other light worked as designed.

    The plastic switches may be the weak link in the device. I noticed many reviews complaining about not being able to turn the lights off and based on my experience presume it may be the button. The seller was quite willing to replace the faulty device.

    I expect to buy more of these lights when I buy more umbrellas. I may even use them elsewhere in the yard – they work even without an umbrella pole! I will recommend these to friends as well.

Patio Umbrella Cordless Fairy String Lights

Patio Umbrella Lights

The impeccable perfect fit of innovative design and price, multi-mode lighting effect, remote control, long life-span, replaceable battery, simple installation, and low maintenance cost. We’ve solved all your problems for you, and it’s your best bet to click on “BUY NOW” immediately.

  • PERFECT DECORATION: If you want to add a touch of warm light and atmosphere to your next outdoor party, this patio umbrella string lights is a perfect solution for you. It has built-in 8 lighting modes and brightness adjustment, suitable for various scenes.
  • CREATIVE DESIGN: 8X13LED, each branch light length is 130CM. In addition, each LED light bead is in parallel, so it can be cut at will according to the size of the umbrella so it suitable for patio umbrellas from 6ft to 10ft. You can complete the installation by simply wrapping the lamp strips around the umbrella rib, which is suitable for the general style and cantilever type of umbrella.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: In order to control the light more conveniently, we have equipped with wireless remote control. The remote control has a variety of practical functions, such as light effect switching, brightness adjustment, circulation switch, and etc., to further optimize your user experience.
  • WATERPROOF: We have waterproof the battery box and light strips, and the waterproof level of the battery box reaches IP65. In daily use, there will be no water enter into the battery box and thus no maintenance cost.

Customer Reviews

Works as advertised. Installation instructions are negligible. I opened the umbrella halfway, slipped the canvas off the frame, opened the umbrella the rest of the way, flipped it over & set the frame on the floor. I laid out the light string from the battery box with the heavier wire to the 8 individual light strings, leaving them bundled up. Then I worked backwards, installing the 8th light string 1st. Unbundling & gently stretching out the copper wire along the frame rib from the center out to the end, using 3 of the provided zip ties per rib. Finally I routed the heavier silver wire back down the last rib to the hinged support rib and down that rib to next to the point where it supports the collar that slides along the main pole when the umbrella is cranked up or down. I connected the control box to that rib with a zip tie through the loop in the box. There was some excess wire, so I looped it together & zip tied it loosely to the top of the support rib where it hinges to the main rib. Then I turned the umbrella upright, cranked it down enough, to reinstall the cover over the frame and cranked it open completely. After installing batteries and closing the case. I pushed the on/off button on the box & the lights came on. Then I pulled the plastic tab out of the remote to activate it & pushed the red “off” button. The lights turned off. Then I cycled thru all the functions of the remote & everything worked as advertised. Great value for the price. I recommend this product.

Outdoor Umbrella LED Lights

Outdoor Umbrella Led Lights

The perfect light for patio umbrella table sets. Easy to attach and simple to use. Nice soft and functional lighting, can easily be moved up or down on the umbrella pole to achieve proper illumination distance.

Item color is fashionable and is compatible with most umbrella poles.

Bright Warm White Lights:

Warm White light atmosphere perfect for restaurant, market umbrella, garden, yard, café, coffee shop, beach, and other outdoor places. Meet your activity like BBQ, Playing cards, Camping, lying on your leisure chair in the evening with your families.

  • Remote Controller: Get rid of operating the light manually, just press the remote control, easy to turn on/off the led umbrella light, Timer can set 6 hours on, 18 hours off.
  • Energy-Saving & Bright: Designed with 12 G40 LED glass bulbs, each bulb includes 3 energy-saving warm white LEDs(total 36 LEDs), warm cozy and environmentally friendly.
  • Cordless & Easy to Install: No tools, wires or electrical source required. Convenient for you to carry and use; built-in clamp structure will easily fit on to your umbrella pole.
  • Dimension: Supporting umbrella pole dia. 1.125 – 1.75 inches. Suitable for most patio umbrellas.
  • Made of Durable ABS Material & Batteries Operated; Requires 4xAA(1.5V) Batteries (Not Included), LED light life span is more than 50,000 hours.

Customer Reviews

I bought two of these lights for our outside umbrellas. What i like the most is you can turn them so lighting is up or down. They have 3 settings which is great. They are very bright and most of all for the price they can’t be beat! I have them stored without batteries in them and then when we need them just place the batteries in and put it on the umbrella . Pretty simple. They say they are NOT waterproof and from looking at how they are made I would agree. The only downside that I can see is the clip that holds the 2 halves together. I would strongly suggest that you take your time when clipping and unclipping the latch as it is plastic and not sure how strong it is.

Rechargeable Patio Umbrella Lights

Rechargeable Patio Umbrella Lights

Built-in 2* 2000mAh Rechargeable Batteries: Newly upgraded patio umbrella lights built-in 3.7V 4000mah large capacity batteries. After 7 hours of charging, the umbrella lights can long bright 24 hours. The detachable battery case is convenient to charge and carry (Just insert the USB cable to charge). It is safe and efficient, no need to waste money to replace AAA batteries frequently. (Note: Please reinstall the batteries if not work)

LED Umbrella Lights with Creative Design: 104 high brightness LEDs on 8 strings, 13 LED per string, Each string 4.26ft (130cm), Made from IP67 cooper wire (easy to hide) perfect for decorating patio umbrella or tents with 8 ribs. In addition, Each LED light bead is in parallel, so it can be cut at will according to the size of the umbrella. (Note: Please do not cut the mainline)

Remote Control /Timer/Memory Function: The remote control has a variety of practical functions, such as 8 modes switching,10 brightness adjustment, set a timer. Timer: 6 Hours on /18 hours off. Just press “Timer” key on remote to set. Memory function: These Outdoor Umbrella Pole Light will save your last modes setting and no need to reset mode every day.

8 Modes & Waterproof Umbrella Lights: IP67 waterproof design, the patio umbrella string will survive even the harshest of weather situations. The battery box is IP44 waterproof, please protect it for outdoor use. 8 Modes with 10 brightness : combination/in wave/sequential/Slo Glo/chasing/slow fade/twinkle/steady on. Suit your need for different modes and brightness on different occasions. No cord or electrical wires attach, portable easy to carry around when you have a trip or camping.

Easy to Use & Widely Use: Just use the attached cable ties and Velcro to fix each string to the 8 umbrella ribs to complete the installation. This patio umbrella lights battery operated are not only suitable for backyard beach patio umbrella use but also perfect for camping tent, window, fence, Christmas tree, coffee shops or other outdoor places. Create a nice atmosphere for your activity like playing cards, BBQ, camping, enjoying a meal, or just have a friendly chat with friends.

Customer Reviews

I don’t have lights in my backyard except the flood light, so I gave this umbrella light a try.

It actually better than I expected. The light bulbs are small but they are pretty bright and lite up quiet some space in my backyard. It didn’t take me very long to roll the sting lights around the umbrella either.

I also like the remote control which I can turn the light after I get in my house so I don’t have to walk back in the dark. It’s pretty convenient.

Now I ‘m happy that can hangout in my backyard at night more often.

Rechargeable Cordless Umbrella Pole Light

Rechargeable Cordless Umbrella Pole Light

New Version Patio Umbrella Light with Bright 28 LED Beads, Built-in Rechargeable Batteries, Much Environmental-friendly and Energy – Efficient than Other Old Version.

With a charging port which is universal for AC Adapter, Computer, Power Bank and so on multiple charging way.

  • Upgraded patio umbrella light with 28 LEDs ,Brighter enough 400Lumens Max, matched USB cable, more convenient to charge though power bank, computer or wall charger.
  • 2 Levels Brightness (28LED/8LED): Turn on dim light with 8 Led, or full light with 28 LED to set brightness for nightly outdoor activities.
  • Built-in 2pcs premium environmental-friendly rechargeable batteries (3.7V, 4400mAh) and the light will be on 18-54 hours after fully charged in 8 hours.
  • Simply Installation, Cordless design with built-in flexible auto adjustable clamp, no tools required, just need to clamp to your sunshade, Pole mounted fit pole size from (0.78in to 2.04in) in diameter, suitable for most patio umbrellas.
  • The light with top thick black ABS shell, portable and convenient ,you can charged on power bank or notebook power adapter,perfect for outdoor use, camping tent,nightly leisure time and more!

Customer Reviews

I waited a month to review this product, though I liked it from the day it arrived, wanted to test it. Well, I just ordered another one today, I think for the price, they are a bargain. The charge will last about 4 or 5 days , being on 4 to 6 hours. They put out enough light to eat by or to play games. I’m spending a lot more time on my patio this summer already.I don’t know how many seasons they will last, but for the price, I’ll buy a couple every year if need be. Keep in mind this is a gadget & probably not something that will become a family heirloom, LOL. Give it a try.

Update: I did a minor test & here are my findings. I let both lights charge for about 48 hours & ran them for 4 hours a night for 8 nights. I also set them on low 1 night & high the next. I left them on the poles 5 of the 8 days & I’m in Texas, so they passed the hot weather test. We also had a hard rain one day & my umbrellas apparently aren’t water-proof, so they got pretty wet. Still worked, so I say they are water resistant.

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