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Rechargeable Spotlights

A rechargeable spotlight is very practical, whether it is used at night or in a car repair, or in a garage, you have to back up a rechargeable spotlight.

These practical rechargeable spotlight all use new large-capacity lithium batteries as energy storage, which greatly extends the lighting time, and is smaller in size and longer in life.

Using LED chips as light sources is very energy-efficient. And the lamps are designed with many practical functions, such as flashing, remote control and so on.

This article has selected 5 types of rechargeable spotlight that can be used as your buying guide, please read them carefully or collect them. If you are a distributor or retailer, please contact us for detailed parameters and quotations.

The 5 Best Rechargeable Spotlights

Rechargeable 2200 Lumens Lithium Ion Ultra Bright LED Spotlight

Rechargeable 2200 Lumen Lithium Ion Ultra Bright Led Spotlight

Delivers up to 2,200 lumens with a 10W ultra-bright LED.

Lithium Ion battery stays charged for up to 12 months; Provides a runtime of up to 7 hours on low setting.

Collapsible pivoting stand and convenient trigger lock provide hands-free operation.

AC and DC charging adaptors are included, allowing you to recharge the spotlight at home or inside a vehicle.

Ideal for emergencies, power outages, outdoor activities, and long camping trips.

Customer Reviews

A great spotlight that sends a beam out as far as the eye can see. I point it at the side of our house from 100 yards away and it lights up the entire side of the house. I use the Stanley mostly as a spotlight when I take out the 2 small Maltipoos at night. Definitely bright enough to spot the Owls at 100 yards away in the tree. Here’s a picture of an owl spotted at 30 yards away.

Rechargeable Spotlight 6000 Lumens Super Bright Flashlight

Rechargeable Spotlight 6000 Lumens Super Bright Flashlight

Super Bright Large Flashlight Spotlight Main light& High lumens Flood work light side light with Red& blue light warning function: 6000 lumens Powerful CREE XHP-70.2 LED Beads with 3 brightness modes: strong, weak, SOS makes it a long-life spotlight flashlight high lumens. Multifunctional side light allows you to use it as a camping light& warning light in fog and haze weather.

New Design Switch& Aerospace Aluminum Alloy Shell: Bigger size and softer material makes our new switch easier to press and gives us a comfortable hand feeling. New pilot circuit shortened the reaction time and increased the service life of the switch. Made with Solid but light metal, our handheld tactical flashlight is perfect for your long-term use in various outdoor scenes without tiredness. Compared with other Rechargeable Searchlights, our large flashlight is not easy to break and crack.

Life-Time Guarantee &24-Hrs online after-sale service: Our BUYSIGHT rechargeable searchlights are tested to be up to the standard of 1000 cycles Battery life& 100,000 hours bead life. We have managed to reduce the rate of faulty items considerably, but not yet completely. We feel very bad about it and are actively working on solutions. If you receive a defective product, contact us and we will immediately send you a replacement unit for free.

Outdoor Camping Flood Working Light Mode (With bracket);Straps Mode; Hand-held Mode: When you go camping and barbecue, our camping flashlight can perfectly set your hands free. When you walk a dog, our shoulder trap can prevent rechargeable spotlight from falling.

Large Capacity Rechargeable batteries& Emergency Portable power supply: Battery capacity up to 9000mAh can give you a long outdoor working time . Smart multiple protection (overcharge/ over discharge protection) can keep it safe and steady when you use it as a mobile power to charge your smart devices.

Customer Reviews

I live on a large property along a river in the wilds of Montana. Fields, woodlands, and a stream shallow enough for moose, grizzlies, or cougars to cross, not to mention that they could be in my fields. My former flashlight was like–well, I couldn’t pick up the glint of eyes, let alone see beyond my pond. Heck, I couldn’t even clearly see the pond, which is probably about fifty feet from my front door. So I read the reviews, and I ordered this light despite the fact that no other reviews clearly stated about how far the light could reach. Okay, everyone, this is a pretty expensive flashlight, and that’s basically all it is, a handheld flashlight. BUT NOT JUST YOUR EVERYDAY FLASHLIGHT! Oh, no. With the beam on high, I can see for a very long way. At a certain distance, I can only see eyes, but I can see enough about the animal that I can tell what it is. This light enables me to check a large expanse of land around me, even as far as the woods in our riparian area where our horses are and way far away at the neighboring rancher’s gate. Great light! I do not regret my purchase. I rated this light with three for battery life and water resistance, because I haven’t had the light long enough to rank its performance in those ways. If problems with the light occur or I am blown away by how great it is, I will be back with an update, but for now, I would recommend this to a friend.

Update: I have now had the light for quite a while and use it nightly. And I love it without any reservations now. At first, I worried about battery life and kept it on charge during the day. Then I forgot one day and still had a strong light. As I write this tonight after using said light to walk my dogs, I noticed that the beam was getting a little dimmer. It still served its purpose, but after a week and a half of nightly use, I think the battery life on this lamp is actually phenomenal for the price. I go out with my dogs nightly, so my usage averages at least ten to fifteen minutes each night. This light eases my mind and gives me the assurance I need not feel threatened by some predator out there that I cannot see. We also have resident skunks, so this light helps me be certain that no skunk is wandering around on my property. I don’t have it out for skunks, but I definitely don’t like the aftermath of a dog/skunk encounter. TRYING TO RID THEM OF “SKUNK” IS A HUGE AMOUNT OF WORK FOR ME, BECAUSE MY DOGS ARE HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS. I think there are better lights out there for more specific uses and for much more money, but as a general usage light for predators and safety–say if you are out hiking and get caught in a wilderness area after dark–it is, in my opinion, the BOMB. I haven’t used the space light yet, but it is very bright for working on something without holding it in your hands. I can see someone doing emergency car repairs using this light if it is sitting on a fender. Great illumination. As I stated before, I can see a long way at night. So far that if I were hunting in daylight, I would hesitate to shoot something at that distance without a high-power scope. (I’m inserting that for the guys so they can figure out the beam power. With your naked eye, you can see so far at night that you’d not be able to place your bullet during the day for a quick and humane kill. It shines way too far at night and picks up eyes too far away for daylight shooting accuracy without a scope.) I’m just guessing, but at night I think it picks up eyes at at least a half-mile away. Granted, I may not be able to tell, at that distance, what kind of animal I’m seeing. I only know it’s something wild, and normally I can tell by the height of the eyes what the wild animal probably is. We have a lot of deer and a huge coyote problem here, and this light works well for seeing the coyotes at night in our fields so we can keep our dogs safe. I would not only recommend this light to my friends, but I have let them go out with it at night to try it out, and the response is always variations of, “Oh, WOW! Great light.” I do not regret this purchase. I have come to depend on this light at night. With it in my hand, I feel relaxed as I wander over our land when it is pitch dark. My advice is, JUST BUY IT. It’s a great light and you will find lots of uses for it. I am thinking about ordering it for a friend whose dogs have gotten sprayed twice by skunks over the last six months. Nasty! This light will help her prevent chance encounters, because she goes to work before daylight. I’ll also add that we have a two-lane highway adjacent to our land. The highway is quite a distance from my home, but the beam is actually bright enough that I’m careful about directing the beam toward the road for fear of blinding drivers. I’m guessing that the highway is a quarter-mile from my deck. Love this light!

12V DC Spotlight

12v Dc Spotlight

Easy access on/off sliding switch.

Tempered glass lens.

Heavy gauge – 8 feet coiled cord.

Features a powerful halogen bulb for maximum brightness.

12 Volts DC plug with LED indicator light.

Customer Reviews

My husband uses this spotlight when making nightly rounds to patrol the grounds of a small ranch. The beam gives clear view of at least a quarter of a mile or more. It is easy to connect and turn off and on as needed. Caution: the housing can get very, very hot which used for prolonged periods of time. Do not put the hot light onto truck/car seats as they can burn a hole in those surfaces.

Rechargeable Accent Light | Wireless Spotlights with Remote

Rechargeable Accent Light Wireless Spotlights With Remote

RECHARGEABLE SPOTLIGHTS WITH TIMER: Included rechargeable batteries 2200mAh, 100 Lumens, 4000K warm white and micro-USB charging cable(included). 3-4 hours full charge can support lighting up to 20 hours. Recharged by any USB ports, power banks, laptop and computer charger (not included).

ROTATABLE LIGHT HEAD: The light head can only be pivoted 160° up and down (Fig 1) or turned 330° left or right (Fig 2).

OPTIONAL AUTO-OFF TIMER: The timer button on the remote can set the puck lights to turn OFF automatically in 1, 2, 3 or 4hours. Good for energy saving and prolong battery life. The remote can control the spotlight at 20 feet distance max.

ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: – Press the “+” or “-” button to adjust the brightness level of the artwork light as you wish.

EASY TO INSTALL & MULTI PURPOSE: Easy to mount with provided hook and loop tapes or screws, can stick on any clean and smooth surface like wall or ceiling to highlight your closet, bookcase, decorations, Christmas wreath, art, painting, picture, sculpture, wall photograph, artwork, statue, model, dartboard, etc.

Customer Reviews

Had several other variations of these go anywhere battery operated lites. This particular light is unique in that it is more of a “soft flood light” rather that a “spot” light. When you use the other types and switch the colors the focus on an object shifts to the side taking the light somewhat off of the object you are lighting. This unit does not do that the range (side to side/up-down) of light stays in the same locations. This is a soft lite as compared to more of a bullet lite…..depending on your needs. I like the soft flood personally. Try one and compare for yourself to most all other lites and you will see the difference.

Spotlight Boat Spotlight

Rechargeable Spotlights

4000 LUMEN LED SPOTLIGHT: This 50 watt led hand held spotlight owns 4000 lumen brightness and has a 1312 feet of beam distance. This is an ideal item for anyone who spends time at night, outdoors.

RECHARGEABLE & PORTABLE: This 4000 lumen hand held spot lights comes with the 100V-240V home adapter with 1.2m(9.93ft) USB cord, 12-24V car charger with heavy-gauge 3m(10ft) coil cord. So so you can charge this on the go.

IP66 WATERPROOF: It’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it in the rain and water. It weights only 1.27lb, a ideal choice for hunting, searching, fishing, hiking, camping, fishing marine, etc.

ADJUSTABLE CLAMP: This rechargeable spotlight comes with a decent adjustable clamp. Clamp and point to where you need it. Perfect for those time when working in a cramped attic, or a car engine in dim light, or whatever else.

LIGHT UP THE NIGHT: This 4000 lumen spotlight is good for checking things out in the yard at night. When you face critical situations (such as an actual search and rescue when an accident happens), you’ll be glad you have this powerful beast of a light.

Customer Reviews

Customer service is awesome. Jodie Went out of his way to make sure an item was returned to me. These are extraordinary individuals to work for this company, not to mention the product held up an awesome alligator hunt.

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