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Lighting designers can choose the right LED driver and LED to achieve low cost, and the high-efficiency, dimmable LED PAR38 spotlight can help you achieve this goal.

They are best used in recessed ceiling and track lighting applications for a medium diffused lighting effect, ideal for general lighting purposes to illuminate areas that need wide and even light coverage.

The 7 Best LED PAR38 Lights

Top Rated Dimmable PAR38 LED Bulbs

Top Rated Dimmable Par38 Led Bulbs

DIMMABLE: Seamless dimming capabilities (10%-100%) that fit any mood or decor. Our PAR38 LED flood light bulbs are instant on with the latest in LED flicker free technology for maximum eye comfort.

WATERPROOF: The weatherproof rating ensures our LED PAR20 spot light bulbs can stand up to the elements. Durable dust-tight construction provides reliable outdoor security light in any weather. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications such as driveways, basements, porches, decks or garages.

UL CERTIFIED & ENERGY STAR LISTED: We uphold the highest standards for all our products by testing each product for optimal performance and safety. Our PAR38 LED bulbs are the sustainable choice offering a longer lifetime than traditional bulbs (halogen, incandescent, fluorescent) and reduced relamping costs.

Customer Reviews

This bulb fits perfectly in our 15 year old bathroom ceiling light socket which was dark, dull and inefficient. Gave our bathroom a more modern ambiance without having to replace the entire light system! We purchased the 3000k bulb which puts out a brighter warm-white glow which complimented well with are brown and white bathroom colors. Will be getting another 2-pack as a replacement.

120W Equivalent Classic Full Glass LED PAR38 Flood Light Bulbs

Led Par38 Spotlight

Classic Styling: The sparkling full glass bulb body has the same look and feel of traditional halogen PAR38 bulbs to match the taste of classic style lighting.

Superior Outdoor Endurance: The full hard-glass shell not only excels in waterproofing but also resists UV rays under the sun without any ageing or weathering issues, featuring superior weatherproof endurance.

Professional Features: Dimmable, 1300 Lumens of light output, 90° Medium Beam spread angle, Industry-leading 40,000 hours long rated lifespan.

Long-lasting Energy Savings: Replace 120-watt incandescent/halogen BR38/PAR38 bulbs by spending merely 14 watts of electricity consumption and lasting 40 times longer.

Customer Reviews

These lights were a perfect fit for my fountain lights. So I had purchased another set of PAR38 leds and well the casing was plastic-y and very hallow. If I was going to put leds into the fountain lights I knew that those wouldn’t cut it and water could possibly slip in. I ended up finding these and they fit perfectly snug in the fixtures because of the fact that they look and feel as if they were standard bulbs. The casing is that glass type of material so yeah they worked out perfectly for me and I would recommend them for fountain usage.

RGB LED PAR38 Spotlight 30W

Remote control: The RGBW 30W par38 bulb can adjust 4 levels dimming , change 16 different color, set 4 modes (flash, strobe, fade, smooth).

Super Bright & Saving Energy: The multi-color bulb include Ultra-high brightness 3000K warm white daily lighting. 120 degree illumination, 1800 lumens, equivalent to 90W incandescent lamp, saving more than 80% power and environmental protection.

Waterproof & Memory: IP65 rating, the par38 bulb be widely used outdoor or indoor. The led bulb will remember your last setting without cutting off the power. For example, if you turn off your light on blue color, It will be blue color again when you turn it on.

Easy Installation & Long Lifespan: Fits standard E27 socket. 100-240V Voltage input is widely used worldwide. 50000 hours long lifespan is prefect.

Widely Application: Used for homes, restaurants, lawn, clubs, hotels, malls, bars, garden plants, wedding, party, museums, galleries, stores, exhibitions etc. We will provide 2 YEAR replacement and refund to ensure risk-free purchase for you.

Customer Reviews

I’ve spent a bundle on vintage color wheels [2] and a new one [1] for an aluminum tree. The vintage wheels are really noisy and the new one, cheesy as heck, and also noisy, rotated inconsistently. So I bought him a floor lamp and this remote controlled light bulb. Useless instructions but intuitive button pushing gets you along. I knew the bluetooth versions of this type of bulb would irritate/frustrate him so the remote was definitely the way to go – once I told him to remove the plastic battery shield, he was happy and it works great. Colors phase throughout a great spectrum and you can vary the speed of change a bit. Could be brighter and have a wider angle but it’s a creative use so no complaints. Nice product.

Cree PAR38 Weatherproof Outdoor Flood Equivalent LED Bulb

Cree Par38 Weatherproof Outdoor Flood Equivalent Led Bulb

Weatherproof for outdoor use.

Exceptional light quality – 90+ high CRI light makes colors appear vibrant, rich & natural.

Long life – 22+ year rated lifetime (lasts over 25, 000 hours).


Backed by 10 year, 100% Satisfaction.

Customer Reviews

I bought the 120w equivalent par38 spotlight. I find the color accurate, and I use this at my desk which is on a south facing wall so I know what all these items look like by sunlight. No buzzing in on off use, not excess heat good spot focus, just doing the job in all facets. Just so you know I have a LEED AP credential so energy efficiency is my business. Cree has a great reputation on jobs where you are putting in 1000 lights in a huge hospital building, and I often use them in my home. I also do use Ecosmart because it’s low cost, but when I need quality, or to use a dimmer, it’s Cree every time.

Equivalent 55 Watt Non-Dimmable High Lumen PAR38 LED Light Bulb

Cree Par38 Weatherproof Outdoor Flood Equivalent Led Bulb

LED BULB PAR38 REFLECTOR: The PAR denotes the light bulb has a parabolic aluminized reflector on its inside directing light out A parabolic aluminized reflector lamp (or simply PAR) is a type of electric lamp that is widely used in commercial residential and transportation illumination You can conserve energy and save money with the latest LED technology and only use electricity when you need it!

FEATURES: Weatherproof LED PAR38 design provides the look of halogen light bulbs with high lumens and energy-efficiency PAR38 LED flood /spot bulb which is suitable for wet environments indoors or outside provides for landscape or security lighting Use PAR bulbs to put a focused beam of light on an object indoor used in a directional accent lighting in track or recessed lighting fixtures.

LED BULB DAYLIGHT: This light temperature stimulates full spectrum light! It is recommended for high illumination lighting requirements This light is used where you desire a vibrant bright light to see all the details needed The light has a color temperature of 5000K focusing on a very white light This light will greatly illuminate your outdoors or landscape or the room around you when used in recessed lighting.

LED TECHNOLOGY: The latest energy efficient LED technology uses only 55W while delivering 5000 Lumens equivalent to a 325W equivalent incandescent light Rated to provide up to 15000 hours of reliable light the bulbs last for over 13 years without needing to be replaced Get instant on to full brightness even in sub-zero temperatures with relatively cool running performance.

Customer Reviews

A blinding light. Instantaneous. That’s what these beasts are for sure. I wanted the biggest, baddest, brightest light for my backyard. I have a two bulb fixture. I started with those 250 watt bulbs, with 3000 lumens. More of a yellow light color. These are 5000 lumens giving off a white light. Bright? Try looking directly at one. Better yet, don’t. They are PAR38, yet are actually bigger in size that your typical PAR38. Heavy? They feel like they are made out of lead. If you want 50 megaton LED lights for outdoors, waterproof, these are the ones. Beware, my fixture is the open type, with no shroud surrounding the bulb. Like I said, they are bigger in diameter than your normal PAR38, so they may not fit in a shrouded fixture.

PAR38 LED Indoor/Outdoor Warm White Light Bulb

Par38 Led Indoor Outdoor Warm White Light Bulb

1,275 Lumens – 100 Watt Equivalent PAR38 Light Bulb, Uses only 15 Watts Energy.

Suitable for Use Both Indoor and Outdoor in all Weather.

40 Degree Beam spread Flood Light – E26 Standard Base.

3000K Warm White – 90 CRI – Dimmable – Will save over $250 in energy and bulb replacement costs.

Customer Reviews

Most LED lights out there have a very white light to them. These are more on the warm yellow side which I was needing. I am using them outdoors on dusk to dawn fixtures. These bulbs have more of a focused light rather than a flood. Just a point to consider before you buy. I would highly recommend this product and at $6 a bulb, cannot find 100 Watt cheaper anywhere.

LED PAR38 Flood Light Bulbs Outdoor/Indoor, Dimmable 15W

Led Par38 Flood Light Bulbs Outdoor Ndoor, Dimmable 15w 1600lm, 5000k Daylight

Super Brightness: KENESCALR 15w led par38 flood light bulbs, outdoor/indoor, daylight white(5000K) with about 1600 lumens output, equivalent to 100 watt halogen flood light, energy saving and prefect for recessed lighting, can lighting fixture. (Please use in a waterproof fixture for outdoor lighting).

Excellent dimming- the par38 led flood light bulbs can be dimmed from 10%-100%, compatible with many US dimmer switches.

Long Lasting- lifespan of this par38 led bulbs dimmable is up to 30,000 hours, which enables the perfect lighting solution last for at least 27.4 years (Based on 3 hrs/day).

Safe and Easy to Use: Mercury free and no UR/IR radiation, no flicker or noise, this led par38 outdoor flood light bulbs protect your eyes and safe for family use. Standard par38 flood light shape with E26 base, can be easily screwed in any E26 fittings, just plug and play.

Customer Reviews


I like how bright these are. I wasn’t sure how I’d like these over previous bulbs as these are more spot light than flood light. I use them in many areas of the house in our canned recessed lights. Awesome brightness when needed… as if outside. Price was reasonable but since I have one room with 8 lights, more in the hallway, front entry, etc it adds up to buy enough bulbs to make the lumens and color match. These are 4000K which is cooler Than the typical 2700k but not as hyper white/blue as a 5000k.


They cast some shadows because they are not frosted or diffused light. Dimming can be tough depending on dimmer switches. I use Jasco/GE/Honeywell dimmers but the stepping isn’t very accurate. 1-50% has the most impact. Anything over 50% is hard to see the difference. At 2% power and sitting directly under the light, it can seem over powering in some moods/settings. Other more expensive dimmers can be adjusted or re-flashed to have different stepping. Out of the four, 4-packs I bought there was 1 defective bulb that did not work.

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