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Black light fixture is known to help reduce stress, creating the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom or den. It’s also a great option for use as a nightlight or to keep a hallway lit in case you wake up in the middle of the night. Unlike other purple bulbs on the market, this one features an feature. Modify the brightness at your heart’s content to suit your mood, produce the perfect ambiance or provide the right amount of illumination you need.

Furthermore, LED bulbs are a safer alternative. They are free of harmful mercury and won’t release any hazardous gases, creating a healthy environment for you and your family. Plus, there’s no need to worry if a bulb breaks or about having to recycle it.

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The 8 Best Black Light Fixtures

LED Black Light Strip Kit

Led Black Light Strip Kit

Powerful Black Lights: This 33ft blacklight strip light with premium quality and 600 units LEDs.

Safe to use: UL Approval power adapter with switch(No remote control),12V working voltage with light, very low heat. It is touchable. Wavelength: 385-400nm,harmless to the human body.

Easy installation: Plug and play without wiring. Strong self-adhesive tape holds strip light safely. And the strip lights can be cut to every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks, without damaging the rest strips.

Wide Usage: Works great for body paint and visible fluorescent materials, Perfect for new Year dance, baby room ceiling, Halloween, game room frame, placed on the edge of bed, children hold parties, teen bedroom, children’s room undersea theme glow, bar.

Package Include: Strip Light Kit(2 pack),UL Listed power supply, 11 Fixing Clips and screw sets(Plus fixing clips to make it more solid), 2 years Risk-Free Warranty makes your purchase worry-free. Any issue arises, you can contact us for solution. We are always ready and happy to assist.

Customer Reviews

I chose these because they were relatively inexpensive but still came with a power adapter and plenty of length. I have used one strip so far to make a solarium/UV whitening setup for whitening vintage video game consoles. They removed really bad yellowing on an NES shell after ~48 hours combined with a 40 volume peroxide bath. I taped the strips facing inward so I have not had an opportunity to test the adhesive strips on the back or the other mounting hardware. The power adapter has a splitter that lets you plug in both at one time. The ends of the strips also have a black and red wire sticking out which may allow them to be wired in sequence.

I was skeptical when I opened the box…. but wow. These work great! I got the 33′ lights and they put my old black lights to shame. UV paintings in my room that haven’t had enough blacklight illuminating them have now come back to life. The straps are self adhesive and were easy to install. They came with little screw brackets but I only used them on the ends to support it. The one thing they could improve would be to make the wire longer for people who install near ceiling. Had to get kinda creative with that part.

120W LED Black Flood Lights

1120w Led Black Flood Lights

SUPER BRIGHT BLACK LIGHTS FLOOD LIGHT: With 120W high power and 120 degree wide beam angle, each black light flood light can cover a spacious living room, yard or other indoor or outdoor party spot.

WIDE APPLICATION: The black lights works great for glow parties, clubs, bars, gyms, gigs, Halloween and other holiday decorations. A decoration that is coated with a fluorescent agent on the face, body or clothing will produce a fluorescent effect, making the party more atmospheric and colorful.

DURABLE & ENERGY SAVING: With aluminum housing, the black light can be used anywhere with a power outlet, no need for wiring. Super brightness but energy-saving without a waste of energy

IP66 WATERPROOF: IP66 Waterproof Black light fixture, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Great for party, aquarium, band, club, theatrical performances, Christmas etc.

Customer Reviews

These are fantastic! Very bright for outdoor displays, items 20-30 feet away!

LED UV Black Light Bar Light

Black Light Fixture

This black LED stage wash light produces a beam angle of 120-degrees, and is easy to operate with a simple On/Off switch.

Light up your any parties with 16x16ft area, perfect for body paints and fluorescent poster and other visible fluorescent materials.

This black light bar comes with 3.3ft power cord, lightweight and portable, setup easily. 395-405nm No harm to the human body.

Aluminum alloy casing, the best heat dispersing capability, no need extra cooling fan, glass Panel and Advanced optics provide exceptional black light and high efficiency.

It comes with 360°Adjustable brackets, easily install it at T-bar, on the wall and floor, ideal for stage lights, birthday, wedding party and Halloween celebration. Any places included gym, studio, club, churches, galleries, disco, KTV.

Enjoy the OPPSK Remote Control black lights that has reflectors for extreme high output 27W. With it already being assembled brackets with 9LEDs x 3-Watt UV LEDs its easy ready to be installed.

This 27W UV bar were made to last you through many shows, which is one of the best of its kind, producing immense light for its value. The value of this bulb is unrivaled and will make you stand out.

Customer Reviews

This light is very bright for a black light and looks to be made quite well. It’s small, light weight, and very portable. Despite it’s small size it still puts out a lot of light. The included brackets make it easy to hang the light on a wall or ceiling, but also allow the light to free stand on the ground. I’m very pleased with it.

10w LED Black Flood Light

Excellent lighting effect: The black light has a wavelength of 395-400nm, Neo and fluorescent luminescence, showing a super cool effect on body painting and other visible fluorescent materials. 10w high power efficiency.

Waterproof and moisture-proof: LED black light lamp is made of aluminum shell, with IP 65 waterproof rating, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, rust and corrosion resistance. No matter rain, snow, ultra-high temperature or low temperature, LANFU wall lamp can still maintain a stylish appearance without worrying about aging.

High quality and easy installation: With 150 degrees adjustable bracket, you can easily install the required angle. With a 5-foot standard 110V American power cord (suitable for 85V-265V AC input.), the black light can be used anywhere with a power socket. Linear heat dissipation structure on the back prevents the temperature from becoming too high during use.

Suitable for many occasion: Halloween black light party and holiday decorations, clubs, bar concerts, aquarium lighting, gymnasiums, gymnasiums, it is also an ideal choice for fluorescent paint renderings and stage lights fluorescent effects.

Customer Reviews

Purchased to use in my classroom for black light math. These lights looked amazingly, super bright. I also used similar lights and this set of two was brighter and a better value. Would recommend for anyone in need of black lights.

12W LED UV Black Light

12w Led UV Black Light

Upgraded 12 inch UV Black Light: D-shaped with three-row beads(63leds) of the led black light make a maximum black light output, brighter and more beautiful.

Higher safety: Premium quality black light UV Wavelength is 395-400nm(UV-A Level), safer than 365nm and 385-390nm blacklights, less harmful to the body. And It is 12V, low voltage, safe to use.

Simple to use: There are 2 installation ways you can choose to install the blacklight. Use 3M adhesives or screws to install it. Then light it up by the low voltage dimmer which you can use to adjust its brightness according to your needs.

Wide Application: The best UV black light fixture is great for body paint/poster, UV art, neon paint art, fluorescent paints, glow parties and Halloween party, DJ stage, stain detector, aquarium lighting and material metal iron , authentication currency, room hotel.

Customer Reviews

There are switches, convenient, plug-and-play type, solid packaging, disinfection lamp structure is simple, easy to use stable hanging, lighting connection is very convenient, direct switch control, fine workmanship, material is real, good germicidal effect There are switches, convenient, plug-and-play type, solid packaging, disinfection lamp structure is simple, easy to use stable hanging, lighting connection is very convenient, direct switch control, fine workmanship, material is real, good germicidal effect.

UV Black Lights 6W LED Disco Ball Party Lights

Uv Black Lights 6w Led Disco Ball Party Lights

Multi Function PARTY LIGHTS: 3 Sound Activated Modes + 7 Lighting Modes + Flash + Rotating Speed Control + Flash Speed Control. Feel free in a relaxed atmosphere!

UV LED BLACK LIGHTS: 3W improved to 6W, Creates special lighting effects that make fluorescent body paints and ink, cosmetics, bubbles, balloons, candles, sticks and wall stickers glow in the dark. But human eyes can only see little parts of UV blacklight, so it will appear a little dim when lit. If you want to create the best fluorescent effect, you maybe need to use more than one in a dark enough environment.

Sound Activated DISCO BALL LIGHT: Powerful voice-activated sensor. The disco ball blacklight perfect for birthday party, dance party, dj, bar, karaoke, xmas, wedding, show, club, pub, Christmas, Halloween, house party, home, bedroom and all kinds of event. But if you just want a bright purple lamp, UV may not be your best choice.

Remote Controlled DJ LIGHTS: Comes with a remote controller, you can use it to turn on/off the lights, change sound activated/lighting modes and control the rotating/flash speed. All functions on the remote, very easy to use.

Easy To Use STROBE LIGHTS FOR PARTIES: Just plug it and play. Small and portable, but enough to make a great stage lighting area. With flexible tripod, stage light can be placed directly on table or desk, or it can be fixed on wall and roof.

Customer Reviews

These are exactly what i was looking for plus more!

The video doesn’t do it just because the iPhone can’t capture this exactly color.

This LED comes very very close to that actual fluorescent black light tube.

This machine has three awesome music modes. Mode three is great for faster music, 1 & 2 for slower music. You can control the light show at the tap of a button.

10W 1ft T5 Portable UV LED Black Light Tube

10w 1ft T5 Portable Uv Led Black Light Tube

Premium Quality: Our Mini handle black light bar has passed the strict test criteria including flicker, strobe to ensure running stable and long lasting. Total 10W/24pcs ultraviolet black light led chip with up to 50,000 hours lifespan.

Glow In The Dark: UV-A level/ 380-400nm harmless to the human body but provide special effect for fluorescent posters, body paint, glow party, bedroom decoration, stage lighting, Also the black light could be use for authenticating currency and ID, stain, urine, scorpion detection.

Easy To Use: Plug and play UV black light bar, DC 5V USB interface easy for power supply and 1ft portable design allows you to take the UV led black light anywhere you want.

Safety and Reliability: Small black light has been redesigned for a better experience. Non-conductive PC material prevents the danger of electric shock and enhanced radiator provides better heat dissipation.

Customer Reviews

This black light works perfectly it shines very bright and it sets the mood perfectly as well. I love how easy it was to set up as well and how durable the materials are as well.

Spiral Black Light Bulb

Spiral Black Light Bulb

CFLs BLACK LIGHT (BLB) : The 20 watt blacklight bulb (BLB) emits ultraviolet (UV-A) light at 463nm wavelength perfect for lighting up reactive surfaces while not illuminating the surrounding areas

FESTIVE LIGHTING: Ideal for creating a glow effect with colors like true white and neon hues for parties, clubs, and Halloween decorations.

VERIFY AND DETECT: Also great for verifying security features on ID cards and currency. Use to detect pet stains on carpets or furniture that are not otherwise visible to the naked eye.

LONG LIFE SPAN: Long 8,000 hour life span means up to 7. 3 years of reliable service (based on 3 hours/day use).

UL LISTED: Tested to meet UL’s strict testing standards for safety and reliability.

Customer Reviews

  1. Excellent UV blacklight bulbs. We were having an Outer Space themed glow party in our basement and I originally tried the $3 black light bulbs from a big box store only to find they hardly put out any light and almost nothing glowed. I returned them all and ordered one of these compact fluorescent black light bulbs and was blown away by the difference. I ended up ordering 6 or 7 of them all together and the basement looked AMAZING! I got black plastic tablecloths at the dollar store and painted little dots all over with Glow Paint. We hung about 6 of those around the room and with these bulbs it made those “stars” glow so good it felt like space. Used UV reactive tape to make “asteroids” on the floor and hung led glow balloons for planets, moons, stars, etc. The kids were SO excited when we revealed the room to them and the parents I think were impressed too. I would definitely recommend these bulbs to anyone looking. They fit a standard light socket perfectly, put off great light, and make everything glow!
  2. These are the best cfl style blacklights currently available. I’ve tested blacklight CFLs from sunlite, Feit, Sleeklighting and Slice of the moon. The tested bulbs range from 13w thru 25w. These are the most effective of them all. I don’t like to say bright because a blacklight that looks bright isn’t a good blacklight. A good blacklight makes mostly invisible light with little to no visible light. Unlike high quality tube fluorescents and Mercury HID blacklights of the tested CFLs emit a good deal of visible light. However these are better than the other three tested in that they emit far more UV than visible light. They excite UV reactive objects better better than the other 3 as well. Out of 10 of these SL20bulbs that I used for a month, only one failed. Only the Feit matched the reliability. Though the Feit is not as effective as a blacklight. The Sleeklighting bulbs are much more fragile with a thinner tube. I tested two of those. One broke while screwing it in. The other failed within about 3 weeks. I tested 2 Slice of the moon bulbs. One failed in a ball of fire as soon as I first turned it on. The other failed in 10 days. It’s the most expensive, and largest bulb. It emits a lot of visible light and very little blacklight

    The only negative about these LED black bulbs is that their plastic base is larger than typical CFLs. This limits your options on which fixtures in which it can be used.

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