Best LED MR16 Spotlight Bulbs

Led Mr16 Spotlight Bulbs

This MR16 LED light is a replacement for your halogen mr16 bulb. And 5W energy consumption, generating 500lm high brightness. 50W incandescent equivalent saves 90% on your electricity bill.

MR16 Landscape led bulbs comes with narrow beam angle 40 degree, give you real spot-lighting.

This gu5.3 light bulb works with 12v only which means it need a transformer which transfer 120V to 12V, please use LED type transformer , if worked with halogen type transformer, this bulb will possible flicker or flash. Please confirm that the power supply of your MR16 or GU5.3 lamp holder is 12v when you purchase again.


Connecting to 110v or 220v will burn out the lamp and may switch off and trip.

The lamp is no longer working. After the lamp burns out, it will not work properly when connected to the 12v again.

Wide Applications:

Outdoor/outside landscape flood deck light bulb for Garden, Yard, Patio, Lawn, Pathway, Uplights, Highlighting for house park and trees.

Indoor home kitchen Track Lights/Recessed Lights/Ceiling Lights/Downlights/Accent/Overhead Lighting/Desk/Floor lamps.

The 8 Best LED MR16 Spotlight Bulbs

MR16 LED Light Bulb

Mr16 Led Light Bulb

Focused Lighting: With a 40-degree beam angle, this light bulb can provide you with excellent spotlighting effect.

Sturdy Material: This light bulb is made of aluminum material, which is more durable and brings good heat dissipation.

Energy Saving: This 7W LED bulb is equivalent to a 50W halogen light, saving you a total of $709.5 in electric bills during its 25,000hrs lifespan with the 6-pack set.

Smooth Dimming: This light bulb can smoothly dim from 10% to 100% without flickering and buzzing, it is compatible with most LED dimmers.

Customer Reviews

With a modern city loft, I have a lot of these fixtures. In years past I’ve tried various LED models and always gone back to the halogens. This year I purchased batches of a half dozen models here on Amazon, both less and more expensive, tried them all. Within days I tossed out the others and purchased several more boxes of these.

The almost 500 lumen brightness beats the halogens they replaced, both brighter and a better beam shape. The color is just a shade whiter than most halogens, probably because they’re 3000K versus 2800K, and the color rendering index (CRI) appears dramatically superior to the other models. It’s not GE Reveal blue, it’s still a warm white, just not orange-yellow.

All other models I tried either buzzed or flickered or both. These are dead quiet, suitable for high humidity such as in bathroom ceilings, and dimmable to go well with smart home switches.

Heavy solid construction, cool thanks to excellent heat dissipation, mounts easily in fixtures. You won’t find better MR16 GU5.3 for several times the price.

Aluminum MR16 Led Bulbs 5W Replace 20W 35W Halogen Equivalent

Aluminum Mr16 Led Bulbs 5w Replace 20w 35w Halogen Equivalent

Save electricity bill & Save your money & Much more brightness: Replace MR16 20W 35W 40W traditional halogen bulb by 5W LED, save 90% on electricity bill of lighting, and high lumens bright enough to replace/retrofit/upgrade.

Easy Installation: Standard MR16 shape size(Dia50*Height48mm) with bi-pin GU5.3 base. Can be easily fitted replace ordinary MR16 halogen bulbs (Please notice, this bulb is used to replace 50MM diameter MR16 halogen bulb, not 35MM diameter MR11 lamp, if you need replace smaller MR11, we also have please search for ASIN B074V5WZ13 ).

Reduce costs and trouble of changing lights: MR16 4W- 5W LED bulbs 100% Aluminum reflector good heat sink design & high quality driver inside to ensure bulbs long lifespan over 30,000 hrs, can last very long time, save effort and maintenance costs on changing bulbs frequently, you no need worry quality. If any problems with the products, please feel free to CONTACT US.

Healthy and comfortable lighting, color similar to halogen: High CRI 80Ra, 2700K soft warm white color, NO UV, NO any noise, NO Flickering, No heat, create a health and real warm visual.

Safe & Wide applications: MR16 AC/DC12V low voltage, fit for kitchen track lights, recessed lights/ceiling lights/downlights/accent/overhead lighting for home living room, bedroom, bathroom, hallways, counters, cabinet, art galleries, General Lighting, hotels, museums, offices, restaurants, retail, low voltage outside outdoor landscaping flood light fixtures, uplights, yard/Patio/Lawn/path tree plants lights.

Customer Reviews

Last year I decided to make the switch to LEDs in my landscape lights. Now a days it is easier than ever with direct replacement bulbs vs buying all new fixtures. I read a bunch of reviews on what to look for to have a comparable halogen appearance: a warm white light and around 2700K. I jumped on line, found what I thought I wanted with that description (a different bulb than these) for the absolute cheapest price and purchased them. They were definitely more white than I was used. One is seen in one of the photos above of the tree up close (the one tree in the back has the new Alide bulb as a comparison).

After a year of living with the other LEDs I started to wonder if I needed to spend the $12/bulb that I had seen on a professional landscape page. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much $ so I searched again and came across these MR16s. I decided to give them a try based on the limited reviews but all positive! Plus the fact that I would receive 6 bulbs for the price of 2 from another site was a definite win – that is if they would provide the look I wanted. When they arrived, I decided to replace all 6 lights that night. Most had the other LEDs but a couple still had the old halogens… I now know what they mean by LEDs run cool because you can come close to burning your fingers trying to replace a halogen bulb that has been running for a short time. As soon as I put the first bulb in, I knew it was what I was looking for in color. I used to have 20w halogens and they look very similar to them. They do appear to be a little brighter (maybe closer to a 30w halogen) but I like it even more. After testing them out last week, I placed another order to replace 6 more lights. The only thing I can’t comment on is how long they will last. However at the current price, I’m not too worried at this point.

RGB MR16 LED Spotlights Warm White+15 Colors

Rgb Mr16 Led Spotlights Warm White+15 Colors

Upgraded RGB+ Warm White MR16 Landscape LED Light Bulbs: 16 colors Choices(Warm White+15 RGB Colors).Very easy to use and provide colorful and bright illumination. It creates pleasant directional lighting effect, work with a variety of shades to decorate the yard and garden, creates a romantic and warm atmosphere.

Sturdy Quality: Constant current isolated driver solution, great thermal design with aluminum heat sink, high standard LED chipset.100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 30-Day Money back guarantee and 1 Year Hassle-Free Warranty. If you meet any problem, please feel free to write us an email, we would make it right for you quickly.

4-Level of Brightness and 4 Color Changing Modes: 4 Level of brightness for each color via a 24-key IR remote controller we provided, from super bright to dimness, meets your various decorative lighting needs.4 Lighting Modes. Flash/Strobe/Fade/Smooth, you can set the right ambiance for any moment you wanted.

Memory Function: It has a memory function that means it can memorize the last color or mode setting when you turn it on next time.

Important Notice: These color changing LED bulbs are designed for landscape lighting only. They are not supposed to be used in indoor lighting where they could not work properly. Please check before purchasing.

Customer Reviews

I made the purchase based on the seller’s response to my question and I am happy that I did. For the price, it is a great product and works as described. I like that the bulbs have memory – especially great if you are like me and have particular settings you like and your lights are on a timer. I’ve had these lights for a couple of weeks now and they work great, even with the timer.

I am a little disappointed in the brightness though, but I can’t really complain given the price & features. I only bring this up to help set expectations.

Also, the remote dimming/intensity feature doesn’t seem to do much at all (other than all the way on or all the way off). The remote also has to be pointed directly & nearby the bulb in order for it to receive the signal from the remote.

SMD2835 MR16 LED Bulbs

Smd2835 Mr16 Led Bulbs

SAVING MONEY:LED 5W MR16/ GU5.3 BI PIN base ACDC12V NON-DIMMABLE Light Bulbs, a perfect 50W Halogen bulb replacement. Save over 90% on electricity bill.

EASY INSTALLATION: Standard MR16 shape with GU5.3 BI PIN base, plug and play, simply replace traditional halogen lamps; Please use them with LED compatible transformer, or it may flicker.

EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE:LED bulbs give off 400lm comfortable 6000K daylight; Easily to create comfortable atmosphere and protect your eyes with anti-dazzle and radiationless performance.

Application: Perfect for Landscape, Recessed, Track lighting, Art Galleries, General Lighting, Hotels, Museums, Offices, Meeting Room, Restaurants, Retail and General Lighting etc.

Eco-Friendly: No lead or mercury, No harmful radiation, No UV or IR. CE Approved and RoHS compliant.

Customer Reviews

I was unsure of this purchase at first. The description of this product, and of similar products, seemed inconsistent and dubious. I wanted a low-voltage bulb with high lumens that was also wide-angle. Most bulbs in this class are spot lights and max our with a 40deg beam angle. So I was skeptical of the description stating a 120deg beam angle. Also, from the product picture and the pattern of the LED chips I was concerned that bulb would lack the warmth and consistent light diffusion. I was immediately impressed from the moment I first turned these on. They provide a nice consistent warm light that fills the room! I have no way of knowing if the Beam Angle is a true 120deg, but I can say they are true flood lights (not spots) and that the Beam Angle must be close to the advertised 120. The only thing remaining to learn will be the longevity. Even if they only last a year, though, I’m pleased enough with these bulbs that I would seek them out again.

MR16 3W RGB Color Changing Spotlight

Mr16 3w Rgb Color Changing Spotlight

MR16(GU5.3) 3W RGB light bulb: It owns independent LED RGB lamp beads which can issue a colorful effect and give you a romantic or dynamic atmosphere.

Safer: Standard MR16 base and voltage which works properly 12V.Note, do not use 110v high voltage. Connecting to 110v or 220v will burn out the lamp. The lamp is no longer working. After the lamp burns out, it will not work properly when connected to the 12v again. Please confirm the voltage before purchase.

Color changing: 5 Level of Brightness Adjustable, up/down to dimmable up or down of the Bulb when in colorful mode. The speed of dynamic colors can be adjusted, both softly and strobe, meet all of your demand, Flash/Strobe/Fade/Smooth, you can set the right ambiance for any moment you wanted.

Eco-friendly: No harmful radiate spectrums such as UV or infrared ray included.

Landscape lighting. perfect for Birthday Party/KTV Decoration/Home Use/Bar/Wedding, and other place. Note that it is synthetic white light, there is no pure white light.

Customer Reviews

When I first got these, the color was all muffled and white was a red circle with blue in the middle of it. I originally thought that they were just cheap bulbs that were only good for very few installations. But, when I unscrew the bulb I found it there was a plastic filter that was keeping the light from being its brightest and actual colors. I can’t figure out what they are using this for, whether it be shipping and bulb stability during it or for some sort of filter for the light, whatever it is it’s terrible and will make you want to return the lights right away.

I didn’t see any instructions, so I’m not sure if this is widely known. But the second you remove that filter, white is white again and the colors are nice. These are very bright bulbs even at their brightest, so I wouldn’t get them for any application where you need a lot of light, unless you are going to use the white which seems OK.

Overall, these are nice for accent lighting. I have them blue against brick wall’s and it really looks nice. But it’s not really enough light to light any room, again unless you use white… and even then, it’s limited.

What I buy them again? I’m not sure. I do like that the accent to the brick wall. The issue being that it’s not much light even at its brightest, so I’m not sure if I would look for something that would be even brighter for the times I would want them that way. I have five pointed at the brick wall and it’s just enough light to look cool on its brightest setting. So we’ll see. I have another fire bobs that I’m going to point at a different brick wall and see how it goes. But as it is, I do like how they look. These would be great for the kids room, adding a really nice ambience that keeps their room from being black if they are afraid of that kind of thing.

MR16 G5.3 LED Light Bulbs 3000K Warm White Spotlight

Mr16 G5.3 Led Light Bulbs 3000k Warm White Spotlight

HIGH QUALITY:EBD Lighting LED Light G5.3 Warm White 3000K 450lm, 80RA and 40°view angle. NON-Dimmable, 5W LED Replacement for 50W Halogen Bulbs, preferred by most contractors and electricians. If you need cool white lighting, search for ASIN:B07JYXJMQ8

LONG LIFE AND SAVE ENERGY: Low Power Consumption, typically last 20 to 30 times longer than other halogen bulbs. 5W (50W Halogen Equivalency), SAVE 90% INSTANTLY compared with halogen lamp. This 5W MR16 will last up to 40,000 hours. Based on average use that’s 15 years.

SAFE: MR16 LED light bulb with G5.3 base, reduce re-lamp frequency and craft to meet international safety standards.

EASY TO INSTALL:Size:D50H50mm / 1.971.97 Inches. Standard MR16 shape with GU5.3 Base,5W Consumption 50W Equivalent 120V MR16 GU5.3 Based LED Halogen Replacement Bulb.

WIDELY USE: Use for living, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, restaurant, dining, track light, spotlight, pendant lamp, ceiling fan and kitchen hood lighting.

Customer Reviews

A perfect replacement for Halogen bulbs. Fits in fixture wit ease, and significantly brighter at 3,000k. Now I have better light at a much lower cost by replacing the bulbs in 10 fixtures.

4W MR16 (GU5.3) Low Voltage AC/DC 12V Spotlight Pro

4w Mr16 (gu5.3) Low Voltage Ac Dc 12v Spotlight Pro

3.0 and 2.4G RF: MR16 is connected using ZigBee gateway and RF remote control. Simple, fast and stable connection, Increased the connection distance, and reduce the standby power consumption.

Multi-Colors and White Light: RGB CCT MR16 Spotlight has Multi Colors, 2000~6500K Warm White and Cool White Light, Full coverage of the lighting scene you need.

12V Small Voltage: AC / DC 12V Low voltage design, more convenient and safe. It is necessary to use Constant Voltage Power Supply, not to use electronic transformer, halogen lamp power supply and constant current power supply.

Mesh Function: Each Pro Spotlight can be used as a signal repeater and form a network to mesh with other pro lights to increase the control distance.

Customer Reviews

The overall quality is good.

The brightness of the Warm white is very good. (Better than the old Warm white LEDs I used to have)

The color brightness is good, but I can’t use any of the modes mentioned in the description (Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth), non of them work, it just switch to Red light.

I am very frustrated, this was the main reason I wanted them for.

MR16 LED Light Bulb, 5W(50W Halogen Equivalent), GU5.3 Base

Led Mr16 Spotlight Bulbs

AVE BIG: 5W replace 50W halogen, 90% money saving on electricity bills / 8-10X longer lifespan than halogen lights, save hassle and cost of frequent bulb changes.

ECO-FRIENDLY & RELIABLE: Mercury free, flicker free, no UR/IR radiation, built-in constant current IC driver, safe and reliable.

EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: This bulb provides 500 lumens, much higher than some other brand- 300-400 lumens, much more bright, instant on, with no waiting time to warm up to full brightness.

REAL SPOT-LIGHTING: With a narrow angle lens, this bulb provides a real spot-lighting(36 degree light dispels), ideal for track lighting, accent/ambient lighting in home hospitality retails spaces, and more !

NOTICE: This bulb has GU5.3 bi-pin base, works with AC/DC12V, please avoid higher voltage, must works with a LED transformer which convert 120V to 12V, not dimmable, not waterproof, please keep away from water if for outdoor application.

Customer Reviews

Great LED lights! I replaced a lot of bad LED lights in the house my wife and I recently moved into. The previous owner left a lot of brand new MR16 LED bulbs here, so I replaced the nonoperational bulbs and they kept failing. I thought we had some bad transformers because of this. Before I tore into the ceiling, I bought a set of these. They have been working perfectly!

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