Best LED Recessed Downlight

LED Recessed Downlight are widely used as ceiling lights. They provide you with lighting in the living room and bedroom.

Modern lighting requires long life, adjustable light color, adjustable light-emitting angle, and diverse functions. The series of LED recessed downlights introduced today meet the needs of various scenes. Please read this article carefully or bookmark it.

The 8 Best LED Recessed Downlights

5/6 Inch LED Recessed Retrofit Downlight

5 6 Inch Led Recessed Retrofit Downlight

5 COLOR OPTIONS – Not sure what recessed lighting color temperature you are looking for in your home? Each 5 / 6 inch dimmable LED downlight has a simple to use switch on the back that can change your lights to 2700K warm white, 3000K soft white, 3500K natural white, 4000K cool white, or 5000K bright white. Your home ceiling can lights will be adjustable through 5 color temperatures until you find the perfect light to select for your space.

EASY INSTALL- Each LED retrofit kit is designed for a quick install into any indoor/outdoor 5″ / 6″ can housing. A complete LED recessed light with a screw in E26 base adapter and metal tabs for a flush to ceiling finish. Lower your electricity usage by 84% when you replace your 90 watt incandescent light bulbs with 14 watt LED recessed trim lights. Immediately cut down the cost of your recessed lighting by making the investment into energy saving LED flood lights.

DIMMABLE – Control the brightness of your 5/6″ LED recessed light with it’s smooth dimming feature that can be reduced from 100% to 10% lighting output. Be in control of your recess lights that will dim down to your preferred setting without flickering or issues, so you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere every time. With a wet location rating, these LED recessed lights are ideal for new and old construction, remodels, soffit, eaves, shower, and any indoor and outdoor location.

CONTINUOUS LIGHT – Built with an astounding 50,000 hours of lifetime which means no replacement will be needed for the next 45 years. Each LED can light lasts 10x longer than traditional incandescent recessed light bulbs which means less time worrying about changing your lights. Use in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, garage, basement, patio, porch, closet and more.

RELIABLE LIGHTING – Zero flickering light, zero delay, and zero worries with 5/6 inch LED lights that provides high quality indoor and outdoor lighting with a 5 cct color temperature adjustable switch attached to each fixture. Every LED recessed lighting fixture is quick to install, EnergyStar and wet location rated for reliability, comes with a foam gasket for better sealing, baffle trim, CRI 90 and ETL listed, a 110 degree flood light.

Customer Reviews

I purchased these retrofits as replacements for some incandescent 90W can lights in my media room. I repainted the ceiling dark and didn’t like the look of the exposed bulbs, and also the way they lit up and the heat they generated when on. I wanted LEDs, but I wasn’t sure what color temperature would look best in the room. These were one of the few I found with adjustable color temperature. They are super easy to install, easy to select color temperature, and the end result looked great. I’m thinking of replacing the 6 lights in my kitchen now with these. The color temperature makes a huge difference, especially the lower settings. These also worked with my Lutron infrared remote control dimmer. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, although I wish they had come in a 4-pack.

A couple of night shots, first without flash and second with to show the outer ring, which you truly do not see at night with the lights on. These are set fairly dim to see detail.

I highly recommend these if you are looking to replace your existing incandescent can lights with LED.

Smart Recessed Wi-Fi LED Retrofit Downlight

Smart Recessed Wi Fi Led Retrofit Downlights

Voice Control: Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Use simple conversations to control your lights and release your hands. Smart downlight supports warm white and cool white from 2700K to 6500K. Provide 16 million colors.

APP Intelligent Control: ①Download the Smart Life application to connect and enjoy intelligent control. ②Only compatible with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. ③The LED Ceiling Light are intelligently grouped and controlled through the APP. ④Create a personal timetable and the downlight will switch automatically. ⑤Share to other devices in the APP, and share control LED lights between different devices.

Music & Mic Snyc: ①The LED recessed lights can change the color with the beat of the music or the sound of the game. ②This function is only applicable to APP, no built-in microphone or speaker.

High Quality: 13W (1100LM), ultra-thin body, no flicker, silent, 5%-100% smooth dimming, instant start. Our high-quality wire terminal has passed UL certification. Give you the most top security.

Easy Installation-No Hub Required: Cut a hole in ceiling with 1:1 hole template; Connect the Jbox to the cable; Use spring clip to fix it on the ceiling. Note: It is not compatible with the DIMMER switch, which will shorten the service life.

Customer Reviews

Where do I even begin with this review? I’m a huge fan!

The Good:

  • My 19 month old kid is not only having dance parties, but is also learning the colors in a cool way.
  • Easy to install. Wiring up the junction boxes and using the quick connects to hook up the lights is extremely simple. There’s several YouTube videos online if you need instructions on that.
  • IC RATED! They are IC rated and can come into contact with your insulation.
  • Colors are amazing. I’ve wanted colored recessed lights for a long time but was worried the regular ‘warm white’ wouldn’t look like a normal light. Well I’m here to tell you that you would NEVER know these were colored lights if you set them to warm white.
  • Works with my Alexa. I can tell her to turn the lights on, off, blue, red, whatever.

The Bad:

These don’t work with a dimmable switch, but you can tell Alexa to dim the lights or use your phone.

6 Inch Adjustable LED Recessed Downlight

Adjustable Lighting: With 350° horizontal rotation and 35° vertical tilting, you can angle the light, perfect for sloped ceilings or spotlighting, artworks, and even display lighting.

Smooth Dimming: Compatible with most dimmers on the market, this light’s bright 938lm output can be smoothly dimmed from 100% to 10%. The high CRI of 90+ displays the vivid natural color of objects.

Standard Fit: With a standard E26/TP24 socket adaptor, this light easily fits most 4inch recessed cans, and the long 45.7-year lifespan (based on 3hrs/day) reduces frequent replacement

Energy Savings: Matching a 90W incandescent, this Energy Star certified 12W LED recessed ceiling lights can save you up to 85% on annual energy cost.

Quality You Can Trust: ETL & Energy Star and JA8 & Title 24 certified, this directional light has a long 50,000hrs lifespan and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Customer Reviews

We bought some of these when we remodeled our sunroom a few months ago, and love them! We loved them so much we just put them in our kitchen. The installation is straight forward, and the color temperature is perfect! Some ‘warm white’ LED’s have a very yellow tone to them (and I don’t mean a warm yellow, but a big-bird yellow), but these are perfect. Not too warm, not too cool. They dim well, and we plan on buying again as we remodel other rooms in our house. We have them on a dimmer, but the nighttime picture shows the lights at full-brightness.

4/6 Inch LED Slim Recessed Lighting

Commercial Grade Lighting: Featuring a high luminous efficacy of 64lm/Watt, this light outputs a total of 769 lumens brightness, efficient for commercial lighting as well as residential lighting.

Trust-Worthy Design: Its airtight structure and IC rating permit to be in contact with combustible material. Fire-free flexible pipe and die-casting aluminum ensure excellent corrosion resistance.

Save Even More: Provides brightness equivalent to 90W halogen lamps by consuming only 12 watts. With an estimated yearly cost of $1.45, it saves up to 87% on your electricity bill! Also eligible for state and nation wide rebate programs, saves more for you.

Smooth Dimming Experience: Enjoy smooth dimming from 5% to 100% without flickers or buzzes. Suitable for different scenarios such as stores, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, cafe, closets, kitchens, hallways, basement, etc.

Quality Assurance: This ETL and Energy Star listed recessed light ensures top-grade quality, fuss-free operation and low energy consumption. It also comes with a 5-year warranty which provides extra protection for you.

Customer Reviews

I bought these as a replacement for other Torchstar recessed lights which wasn’t bright enough and had nasty bluish-white color cast. These lights are awesome. Very easy to install. I combined it with Lutron’s dimmer. Do not buy cheap dimmer or you WILL have issues with lights flickering. That’s what I did first. I installed three rows 3-lights each, used 14 Gauge wire, running off of three separate dimmers, so I can turn on the row depending on what I am doing in the room. First time it was flickering when being dimmed so I thought that there is loose connection. I went back to the attic and checked all the connections and volt-metered by the dimmers. All showed proper voltage and connections were good. So I started to suspect the dimmers. I went to home improvement store and bought Lutron’s dimmer which cost the same like two cheap ones. Installed it and the row I was running with new dimmer had no issues with flickering whatsoever throughout the full range of dimming. Then I tossed the cheap dimmers and put all three Lutrons. No issues with flickering whatsoever.

Let me tell you of one other issue you may encounter with the recessed lights in general. If you have an attic above the room you installing your lights you are making huge holes in the ceiling for heat to escape at wintertime. Even if you install them following manufacturer’s instructions and they fit to the ceiling really snug, you will have condensation issues when outdoor temperature drops into teens or below that. So do yourself a favor and get yourself insulating enclosures which will go on top of the light and will create space between the actual fixture and blow in insulation. You can find them here on Amazon. It’s made by Tenmat. After I covered the lights with these recessed light covers all the condensation issues went away.

Now a little bit about color temperature. You may not be familiar with color temperature but it is very important when you pick lighting. To put it simple, the color temperature of the light will determine how all the environment under these lights will look like. With color temperatures above 4000K (Kelvins) every color will look lighter. For example if you take American flag and bring under the lights which are rated to be 5000-6000K color temperature, your reds will look like oranges and blues will be almost like grayish green. That creates false impression that the lights are “bright”. however, if you will try to read under such lights your eyes will start hurting in half an hour. The color rendering of these Torchstar recessed lights are quite accurate, it has 82 CRI (Color Rendering Index) out of 100 possible. So if you are reader, photographer or have an artwork in the room, you will appreciate how natural and pleasant the light in the room will be. They do not emphasize the importance of the true color temperature in the description so I think it is important to mention that so you don’t get the fixtures which will make your home to feel like an industrial warehouse or a garage.

Overall I would recommend these lights to anyone.

2 Inch LED Downlight, 3W Recessed Lighting

POWER SAVING: Consuming 80% less electric power than normal electric lamp that would consume, which massively increases the use-ratio of energy

LIGHT WEIGHT: Made by aviation aluminum and ABS plastic which makes it able to quickly release the heat within very short time.

HIGH GLOSS: The clear daylight white light returns everything’s original color back itself in the dark.

EASY TO USE: Replacing the old lamps ( 2.16 – 2.5 inch ) to new lamps become easier, please follow the pictures of the installation processes.

Customer Reviews

Installation was relatively easy. Most difficult task was cutting the holes to the correct size. Wiring was relatively simple. I did appreciate a note from Torchstar asking that I contact them with any problems. One light fixture did not light and I called them. The lady was very pleasant and provided information about returns. Subsequently, I discovered the fixture did work and cancelled the return. This is how a company should do business. I will buy from them again when the need arises. Warning: If you remove the fixtures after installation, be careful that your fingers are not aligned with the clips that hold them in place. They snap out of the cut opening and are hard on fingers :). Overall, a very good experience.

4 Inch 12W Gimbal LED Recessed Lighting with J-Box

4 Inch 12w Gimbal Led Recessed Lighting With J Box

Rotatable Design: With 360⁰ horizontal and 24⁰ vertical rotation, you can direct the light’s 38⁰ beam angle for the best lighting effect. This makes it perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, spotlighting, artworks, and even display lighting. You need to cut a 3.7-inch diameter hole in the ceiling when mounting the light.

Smooth Dimming: Compatible with most dimmers on the market, this light’s bright 950lm output can be smoothly dimmed from 100% to 10%. The high CRI of 90+ displays the vivid natural color of objects.

Switch & Save: Matching the output of a traditional 90W incandescent, this LED light only needs 12W to produce bright glare-free lighting thanks to the reflector cup design. This reduces your energy use and saves you money.

Excellent Design: The traditional housing can is no longer an issue, thanks to the light’s 3-in-1 design and included j-box. The die-casted aluminum shell and independent radiator extend this light’s service life and grant it excellent heat dissipation.

Customer Reviews

I purchased eight of these when we remodeled our kitchen. They are low profile (meaning they are somewhat into the ceiling). The space they require above the plasterboard is minimal. The power box does not need to be mounted in renovations, but according to the instructions is supposed to be attached to a cross beam in new installations. The clamps are metal and hold the light firmly to the ceiling. The cables twist to lock when they connect so we were able to do the electric, then paint, and then put the lights into their ceiling. We have all eight on two two way switches, one of which is a dimmer. Works great. We really like that one can “point” the light where it’s needed. Highly recommended!

4 inch Smart Recessed Downlight Wi-Fi RGB Can Lights

Voice Control : ① Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant. LED recessed lights can free your hands to control the light. Use simple conversation starters to turn your lights on and off, set color, make them brighter. ② No hub required.

APP Control: ① ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.② Take complete control of your lighting with the smartphone APP. ③ 8 scenes are preset to choose and edit, you can DIY the scenes you want. 16 Million colors brightness and 3 light modes are free to choose, like Flashing, Breathing, Static, flashing speed can be set also.

Music & Mic Snyc: ① Lights color will change with the music beats or your microphone or hands claps, gaming sounds. ②This function only works in the APP, NO Built-in Mic or Speaker. ③Create Romance, Relaxation, Dynamic, Party Ambiance with Music and Mic function.

HIGH QUALITY: ①CRI(color rendering index)>90, our LED recessed lighting offer you a more beautiful world. Flicker-free, silent, smooth dimming, Instant start. ②Suitable for different scenarios such as porch, doorways, kitchens, hallways, closets, basement, etc. ③This 100-130V light outputs 810lm which equals a 65W incandescent lamp yet only consuming 9 watts. Use 90% less energy than 65 Watt Incandescent Bulbs.

Super Easy Installation: ①E26 Adapter and TP 24 connector included, no additional accessories are required. ②Ideal for 4″ recessed housing cans(Width of the downlight: 5 inches, Diameter they fit in: 4.3~4.5 inches, Height they fit in: >3.15 inches), 4″ 9W Smooth Downlights come with blades that bring easy and secure installation. Easy to complete the installation in seconds by several steps. ③NOTE: It is NOT compatible with the DIMMER switch, which will lead to short service life.

Customer Reviews

I bought one of these last week to test it in my home and the ease of adding it to my Google home. It was incredibly easy. I bought eight more to complete my home and just finished installing them all. The physical installation was so easy in my place, literally plug and play. The setup with the Lumary App was a step by step simple process and then I linked it to my Google Assistant. Everything worked so easy that I’m actually amazed.

I now talk to my apartment more than most of my friends, probably not a good thing but makes life a little more fun when you can tell your lights to turn on and off.

Slim LED Recessed Lighting

IC Rated: This 6 inch LED recessed light is IC rated, which means the junction box is thermally protected and designed for mounting to an insulated ceiling. Worry-free installation, built to withstand high temperature environments without the risk of overheating.

Features & Security: This 6-inch canless LED recessed light is NON-FLICKER, smoothly dimming 10%-100%, compatible with most dimmers on the market. 5000K daylight, 110W equivalent with just 12W to save up to 86% on your energy bill. No lead or mercury, long-lasting 36,000 hours, up to 32 years.

Easy to Install: Low profile LED recessed lighting is suitable for retrofit and new applications: 1.Use 1:1 hole template to create a hole in the ceiling; 2.Connect the junction box to the cable; 3.Use the spring clip to affix to the ceiling. Complete installation takes just 5-10 minutes.

Wide Application & Damp Location: Slim canless downlights suitable for damp locations, including kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, workplace.

Customer Reviews

These lights were very easy to put in connections were very simple made the whole job a lot smoother and faster. Took down some old hanging 1970s fixtures and replace them with the smooth trim.

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