Best USB Lights in 2021

Usb Lights

The USB Lights has many advantages as a DC low-voltage power supply lamp. As a supplement to AC-powered and solar-powered lamps, it is favored because of its convenient use, low price, and strong adaptability.

In practical applications, whether it is used as an ambient light or general lighting, or a reading light, he is your very reliable partner

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The 8 Best USB Lights

USB String Light Bulbs

Usb String Light Bulbs

THE WOODS DON’T HAVE OUTLETS & THESE BATTERY PACK STRING LIGHTS DON’T NEED ONE. Take a standard USB power pack for charging phones and plug in your lights. These Ambience Pros are better for breaks in nature than solar lights, because you don’t need sunlight before you use them. So if you get to your campground and it’s cloudy or night time, no problem with USB lights. They also install easily under an RV awning.

WATERPROOF, WEATHERPROOF, SHATTERPROOF. BUILT FOR NATURE. The Ambience Pro series all use commercial grade insulation to keep water out. This set also has strong plastic bulbs, so even if they knock into trees or gear, they continue working fine without smashing like glass. Other Brightech Ambience Pro outdoor strings even continued working fine after a Florida hurricane, per reviews.

GENEROUS LIGHT FOR YOUR TENT, OR LIGHT THE WHOLE CAMP GROUND UP FOR GREATER SAFETY AND OPTIONS. With 10 included LED bulbs (1.5W of soft white (2700K) light, each) hanging across about 17 feet of a 24.5 foot string, you have ample light to keep animals away, find things in your tent & or even read. Walk easily between tents, avoid tripping on uneven ground or debris and set up the barbecue.

USEFUL ALSO AS PATIO LIGHTS OR YARD LIGHTS: Throw a party and set just the right mood with these attractive outdoor string lights. The light is bright enough to grill by and eat, yet not overwhelming like a yard security light. If instead of hanging these outside lights in a straight line, you want to hang them in a canopy style – the style known as Italian cafe or bistro lights – get 2 or more strings.

BRIGHTECH’S 3 YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY: We proudly stand behind all of our products 100%, which is why we offer a full 3 year warranty. If your lights have any defect or stop working within 3 years, we help you troubleshoot and/or send replacement parts or a whole new product. If any problems arise, please contact us because our number one goal is customer satisfaction.

Customer Reviews

These are great. I sell at markets and pop ups/street fairs using a 10 X 10 canopy tent. When it gets dark early it’s great to have extra light and usually I have no access to electricity. I put these up by using velcro strips from Daiso, wrapping around framework of tent. 6 bulbs across front and two reached around each side. If I were to do night shows a lot I would get another set for the back. It really helped a lot, lighting the inside of my booth and also making it more visible to passersby.

They do drain the battery pack a lot faster than a cell phone does so it’s good to have extras on hand. But I much prefer that to using up regular batteries. I also like that the bulbs are plastic and not fragile.

I’ve only used them once so far, but so far so good!

Flexible Mini USB LED Light Lamp for Laptop

Flexible Mini Usb Led Light Lamp For Laptop

Eye-caring desk lamp: 6pcs energy efficient LED bulbs emitting soft lighting, avoiding eye strain.

Power: driven by USB devices like USB charger, power bank and laptop computer.

Green materials: USB lamp is made of environmental friendly silicone, no harmful objects contained.

Unique fashion design: flexible body; the lampshade is bendable and can be 360 degrees twisted and tilted.

8 energy-saving lamps, easy to use: office, computer, outdoor camping, children’s bedside lamp, emergency lighting and other convenient lamps.

Customer Reviews

I’ve added these to my emergency supplies along with battery packs. Provides a good source of light for reading books or general background light.

USB Fairy String Lights

2 Pack Fairy Lights: Each Christmas string lights is 33ft/ 10m long with 100 LED lights. The extra USB connection cable is 30Cm/ 11.8Inch, suitable for daily use. Spacing between every LED bulb: 10cm/ 4Inch.( 2 pack total length 66ft/ 20m 200 led).

USB Powered: With convenient USB interface, you can light up the firefly lights by USB adapter, power bank, computer and any other power source with USB interface. Compared to regular battery operated fairy lights, USB fairy lights no need batteries, more energy saving and portable for using.

Easy To Shape & Mold: These led Christmas lights adopt premium material double wire, which is thin, flexible and durable. You can shape decorative lights wire freely or mold them around plants, bottles, signs, furniture and almost everything else to highlight different scenes, adding cozy and fashion sense.

Safe To Use: 5V low voltage heat insulated starry lights do not cause overheat after long working, safe to touch without risk of burns for both children and adults use. Fairy string lights are IP44 waterproof that are feasible to use outdoors. Warm Notes: Please keep the USB plug away from water, rainy and other humid conditions.

Ideal Decoration: Warm white light, steady on light mode, no dizziness feeling, led fairy lights offer soft and comfortable glow to your private space and create a soothing atmosphere for relaxing. Perfect choice for bedroom, window frame, bookcases, curtain rods, wall, Christmas tree, shows, restaurant, hotel, pub, concert decoration.

Customer Reviews

These are very simple lights. no remote, no on/off switch, just a USB connection on one end to power them on. I plugged them into smart outlets. I have one set on my window in my living room that I set up to turn on at sunset. super cute and cheap since I didn’t need anything fancy.

Nice USB powered light string — bright warm color, and runs off any USB port or USB battery pack. Bright enough to read by if you have them rolled up, or unroll for more ambient light.


WIDELY USED: Shed warm, bright camping lantern to your outdoor event with a 60W decorative dimmable hanging LED Light! Let it be your yard/garden/patio/porch/garden/barbecue or birthday party rechargeable Led light and upgrade your outdoor atmosphere.

5 WORKING MODES: This premium dimmable rechargeable LED light bulb will adjust its brightness to your specific needs With 5 different lighting modes. Choose from High Light, Middle Light, Low Light, Fast Strobe or Low Strobe to meet you Whenever and Wherever.

ENERGY SAVING: It is a 3.7V 8800mAh battery-operated lamp from sturdy ABS, providing you with uniform light through constant current due to its 24X2835 LED lamp beads. USB-charged within 4-5h, it offers full 4800Lumens of amazing light for 6-20 hours. Charge it as often as you need and enjoy its inspiring lighting for long years to come!

EASILY CARRIED: Compact 8”X3.7” (20X9.5cm), lantern-like just 0.6lb(260gr) and easily portable, this dimmable LED light lantern will follow you with no more having to bring batteries everywhere is a huge relief!

Customer Reviews

  1. This is my new go-to for my tent light. It is bright — a bit too bright for me on the highest setting. So I keep it on the second-highest, which is plenty bright and I assume uses a little less energy. I fully charged the unit at home, then used it for a 4-day camping event and never had to recharge.
    My only complaint is the strobe effect. Because the power button is also the lighting options button, there is no way to turn the light off without cycling through the strobes which are the last two before the unit shuts down. I would have loved to have an on/off toggle switch and then a button that cycles you through the different lighting options. That would be the one improvement I would make. I would knock off a half star for that, but rounding it, it still rates 5 stars.
  2. We’ve had our light for nearly six months, and it has worked very well as a nightlight in an adjoining room. The charge isn’t lasting quite as long as when the light was new, but considering it’s run every night and some days, we’ve gotten our money’s worth. We’ll buy another one when this light finally stops working…rechargeable batteries don’t last forever, but this light has lasted considerably longer than we had anticipated! The light is quite bright – too bright to serve as a nightlight in our bedroom, so placing it in the adjoining room affords us enough light so we don’t step on any sleeping pets during the middle of the night. It’s the perfect light for us!

USB TV RGB Strip Light

Suitable length: 9.8ft (2×3.28ft + 2×1.64ft) length fits any 46-60 inch tv.

2 ways to control: manage the tv backlights with the remote controller and the control box.

Music mode: the led strip lights can sync easily to the rhythm of your favorite songs or tv sounds.

Create your ambiance: 32 vibrant colors and 6 brightness levels help set the mood you need.

Easy set-up: ensure the surface is clean and secure your lights with the adhesive and clips.

Customer Reviews

As with all electronic product reviews I write, the star rating (in this case 5 after installation) assumes a long-to-reasonable product life.

I selected this from the array of products of this type for several reasons. First, I liked the ~10′ length providing 4-side coverage for my 55″ flatscreen. Next, I liked that it includes an inline controller in addition to a remote; it just seems safer to have the ability to control the system in the event the controller gets lost or fails. I’d have preferred black strip backing, connectors, and controller because my TV happens to be mounted on an elbow arm positioned at a 45º angle to a corner with its back partially exposed to view as we enter the room from the side…but I can tolerate white; in ways the contrast makes it easier to see against the TV’s black case when installing.

Be very careful and aware when peeling the backing paper off the light strips. You’ll never know which light strips the backing peels easily off of and which present a big challenge, sticking so hard to the adhesive that the adhesive itself (actually a double-sided tape) may begin peeling off the light strip. Be patient, use a sharp small Xacto or mini boxcutter style razor blade should a fingernail not work. And keep your finger oils off of that exposed tape.

Because my TV’s screwed to the wall mount, I worked with it in place…vertical, not on a table. If you like clean installations, measure each side in turn, mark its center, and mark the center of the light strip that matches the side. Anchor the strip from that centerpoint and if you’re real persnickity, extend the end you begin peeling and sticking from just a little because as the backing comes off the strip will stretch to its full length. Carefully decide how to orient the 4 strips; you’ll have two choices and both the position of the TVs USB ports and the length of the wire from the light strip to its USB plus will help you make that choice. I recommend installing the long top section first, then in my case the left section with the USB controller attached due to its weight. I anchored and arranged that, then affixed the long bottom section and finished with the short right side. Be SURE to untwist the right side BEFORE fixing the bottom. This advice assumes your installation orientation choice is like mine…controller segment on the left side. Unlike other similar products, this one does not advertise its tape as safe for rough surfaces. Most of the back of my TV is rough; so far so good.

As for lighting, in my irregular basement zone and 45º corner mounting the system lights up more space than I presume for against-a-wall placements. We’re experimenting. Having a typical array of colors plus 6 levels brightness/dimness to chose from offers a workable range. As for turning the system off, our home theater system is all attached to a surge protector which we use as a master power switch. We turn it off each night and that turns off the light system.

USB Reading Light

Usb Reading Light

3 Light Color x 3 brightness: Equipped with 9 LED eye-friendly light, features 3 color temperatures(Warm White, Natural White, Cool White) x 3 brightness levels, satisfying different light needs in daily life.

Ideal USB Reading Lamp: it is great as an USB computer/ laptop light for keyboard without backlit, and also provides sufficient light in low light areas when reading or working without disturbing roommates.

Eye Protection: Long press to control color temperature, short press to control brightness, which the light is evenly distributed within the lit area, there are 3 Colors x 3 Brightness Levels, so you can freely choose the perfect color and brightness that keeps your eyes comfortable.

Flexible & Sturdy : This small computer keyboard light has 360 degrees flexible gooseneck arm that will bring light to your favorite position and stiff to hold its shape.

Handy Use: Easy to having these ultra portable Led USB light around, just plug into USB ports on your laptop, PC, power bank, USB charger or USB socket, enjoy reading or doing any computer task or camping.

Customer Reviews

I bought this to illuminate my desk when I’m working at night in low-light conditions to see better. This gets really bright. It has 3 brightness settings but I tend to just leave it at the lowest brightness. I really like how it has different color temperatures. I use it on the “warmest” color option usually.

My only complaint is that when it’s on the highest brightness setting, it gets hot. Like if you grip it in a closed hand after it’s been on for a few minutes, it’s borderline uncomfortable because of how how it is. It makes me concerned that it might burn out after a few months. So far so good though. I don’t really care since I never really have it that bright anyways.

Good product. Would buy again. Hope it doesn’t break soon.

Car LED Strip Light

Car Led Strip Light

LED Strip with USB cable for Car TV: The led strip lights come with USB cable, powered by DC 5V, not only suitable for car decoration, but also tv bias lighting, home, KTV, party decoration. Voltage: DC 5V; Wattage: 10W; Bulb Quantity: 4pcs 72 LEDs, 18 LED/ Light.

8 Color RGB LED Car Interior Atmosphere Lights, Wireless Music Remote Control enable you to change the color and adjust the brightness as you wish, also Sound-activated Function allow you to enjoy the fun with the color changing following your car stereo music rhythm as well as your voice

Flexible & Water Resistant, Ultra Thin, High quality Music USB LED Strip Light, can be easily installed in the gap and virtually invisible; Fits all Cars with DC 5V USB port and home decoration, tv bias lighting, flat screen tv LCD background decoration.

Double-sided adhesive straps, directly inserted in USB port, without modification. Simple design for you to decorate your car or home a beautiful, exotic and romantic interior.

Package Include: 4 x SMD5050 Car LED Lights; 1 x Music Remote Control; 1x Music IR Control Box; 1x USB Port Cable; 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and 90 Days Warranty; 100% High-Quality & Friendly Service and 24-hours Email Response.

Customer Reviews

The strip did fall off the wall after a couple weeks of being up. However, it was easy to get back up with a few nails. These lights are awesome. They are very bright and there’s a white option for if you want to use it to get extra light into a dark room. I love the white the lights give off as some can be dark and not able to light a room very well. I originally got them to use the colored lights but have found myself using them more for just basic white light! The controller is easy to use and the lights are very easy to put up. They are long enough to stretch around most my room. Overall, I would definitely purchase these lights again. The cost vs quality is definitely worth it.

USB Book Reading Lamp

Usb Lights

Features – 14 LEDs with On Off switch and three adjustable brightness settings

Design – Flexible gooseneck arm will bring light to your favorite position

Fits Type A USB Port – This led lamp is USB powered and is compatible with type A USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports on your MAC, PC laptop or desktop – Note the lamp must be plugged into a USB port in order to operate

Use – This USB light is great for home, remote, travel, study or office use

Portable Light – This bendable light is lightweight at 1.7 oz. and can be folded and carried in a pocket or hand bag

Customer Reviews

  1. This is the third USB reading lamp that I have tried. I use my laptop while sitting with the wife and watching television. She does not like to have a light on behind us, which makes the keyboard hard to see.

    The first lamp had an on/off switch and two lighting levels, but with just two LEDs it did not light the keyboard all that well. So I got a different one with eight LEDs. That one had a longer light bar, and did light the keyboard well enough, but there was no on/off switch which meant that I had to plug and unplug it when I didn’t need the light for awhile.

    This one is the best of both worlds. It has a touch sensitive switch that cycles through three lighting levels and then to off. The 14 LEDs are arranged along a bar so it projects well across the width of the keyboard. The “goose-neck” between the USB plug and the lamp head is sturdy and shows no signs that it will let the lamp sag.

  2. I needed to find a reading light that would adequately light up my keyboard because my new laptop is a smaller sized one with an 11.6-inch screen that did not offer the option to have a back-lit keyboard, which I have found problematic because I often like to use my computer in bed with the room lights dimmed or off. I quickly realized that my best option was to purchase a good USB powered reading lamp and so I headed to Amazon to find one, and after reading numerous reviews on many reading lamps, I came to the conclusion that this reading lamp, with its 14 LEDs that would surely light up anything below it, was a logical and sound choice with the benefit of being reasonably priced.

    The first time that I plugged in this USB powered reading lamp into my laptop computer and tried the three different brightness settings, I was more than satisfied with my purchase. The brightness settings are easily changed by simply tapping on the head of the reading lamp. I had assumed that I would need to use the highest brightness to illuminate my keyboard to my liking, but that was not the case, as the second level brightness more than adequately lit up my keyboard, making it easy to see all the keys in low lighting. With the reading lamp set to the highest brightness, I could see the keyboard even with no other light sources in the room.

    Finally, I will say that this is a great USB powered reading lamp that I would highly recommend to anyone that is looking for one. The 14 LEDs in this lamp deliver a lot of light to whatever is beneath it. The three different brightness settings, accessed by simply tapping the light, is a unique selling point that gives flexibility to the light, as the user can choose which setting is best for their needs at that moment. In the end, I feel that this is one of the top reading lamps you will find on Amazon, especially considering the price point of the lamp, and so it is most definitely a smart choice to buy it.

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