Best Black Light Bulbs

Black Light Bulbs

LED Black light bulb for glow in the dark themed party such us Halloween, Christmas, Dance, Stage, Band, Wedding. And they have the following characteristics:

  • UV LED Black light bulbs emit ultraviolet light that is invisible to human eyes but reactive to most neon-surface, pigment-reactive subjects. Such as glow in the dark body paints, DIY stickers, dyes, neon-color, fluorescent materials with a wide application in Halloween/dance parties, stage lighting, bar, and disco lights.
  • LED uv light bulbs for room with UVA level, safe for human eyes and skins.
  • LED black light bulb that is energy efficient which costs 8watts but are 60watts equivalent. Bright enough for a decent room. Great replacement for traditional CFL blacklight bulbs, or black light incandescent bulbs.

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The 9 Best Black Light Bulbs

9W A19 E26 Black Light Bulb

9w A19 E26 Black Light Bulb

BLACKLIGHT BULBS: Rays from LED Black light Bulbs cast a beautiful neon glow when directed at certain colored objects, making them perfect for decorative and artistic lighting effects to create a visually dramatic atmosphere.

DECORATIVE LIGHTING.: Perfect for use at homes, night clubs, Body Paint, Fluorescent Poster, bars and reception halls, neon glow posters, these black light Bulbs will turn any setting into a spectacular light display. Use them for holidays, weddings, birthdays, dance parties and other festivities.

ENERGY-SAVING BULB: Enjoy soft lighting and save money on electric bills at the same time. A perfect replacement to an incandescent blacklight bulb cfl blacklight bulb fluorescent blacklight bulb this low, 9 Watt LED bulb uses less energy.

VERSATILE USE: Featuring a a19 standard e26 base to fit most lighting fixtures, the Blacklight Bulb can be used for decorative displays, park readmissions, gemstone inspections, forensic and arson investigations, pest control and more.

LONG LIFESPAN: Save money on replacement costs along with the hassle of constantly changing bulbs in your light fixtures. This bulb can last up to 30,000 hours, providing long-term use and making it virtually maintenance-free.

Customer Reviews

I had seen an article in the New York Times that described an experiment performed to attract hummingbirds. While humans have three types of cones in the retinas of our eyes, hummingbirds have four types. They have a type of cone cells that are tuned to Ultraviolet-A wavelengths. The Times article said that putting a UV-A LED under your feeder would help attract hummingbirds. We had a nectar feeder but had only had one hummingbird visit in three weeks time. I bought these bulbs, along with an outdoor light socket. Since setting it up, we had our first visit within a day, and we now have both a male and female hummingbird coming by every day.

7W LED UV Black Light Bulb A19 E26

7w Led Uv Black Light Bulb A19 E26

FANTASTIC DECORATIVE EFFECT : The ultraviolet rays from these LED Black Light Bulbs offer a fabulous neon glow light effect on skins, fabrics, or any other objects with fluorescent coated, making them perfect to create a visually dramatic atmosphere.

PURE UV LIGHT : The light comes from UV diodes, the transparent lens and the body of the bulbs are made of anti-UV materials, there’s no embrittlement and degrading issue caused by using color coated lens. These bulbs are perfect direct replacement for CFL bulbs. They are shatter-resistant, omni-directional with standard E26 medium screw bases.

SAFE FOR COMMERCIAL OR RESIDENTIAL USE: They are mercury and lead free. The 380-400nm uv light is harmless to human body, can widely be used for Halloween, Christmas and any holiday or festival events as glow parties lighting supplies. Just directly replace the regular bulbs in the lighting fixtures with e26 socket to create a fabulous ambience for parties.

LESS ENERGY CONSUMPTION: These LED Black Light Bulbs consume 7w only, equivalent to 60w incandescent with 88% less energy use. These LED light bulbs offer fancy neon glow light effect with the benefits of long life and energy savings you want.

Customer Reviews

Originally I wrote: I ordered green light bulbs because in my state we are displaying green lights in memory of citizens who have died in the pandemic in our state. I have waited patiently for this delivery. Unfortunately, I received white light bulbs that I could have found locally. These are worthless for my purpose.

Update: Today I was starting to put these bulbs in a storage drawer when my husband asked if I had tried one in a lamp. I had not. So, he put it in a lamp and turned it on to see a beautiful green glow. Just what I had wanted when I ordered them! Even though they are white bulbs, they glow green when turned on! I am very happy with this purchase.

LED 7 Watt Non-Dimmable Filament Glass A19 LED Light Bulb

Black Light Bulbs

BLACK LIGHT: The LED Black light makes objects appear to glow in the dark; Great for celebrations, parties, dances and more; Ideal for illuminating most neon-colored objects.

SPECIALTY BULB: This bulb is perfect for any glow party, home, dorm room or club; The Black Light completely changes the atmosphere of any happy gathering or occasion by making objects glow

ENERGY SAVING: The 60-watt equivalent LED light bulb only uses 7 watts.

DURABLE: The LED light bulb is rated up to 11, 000 hours; The LED bulb saves you money on energy costs and with a long lifespan, it reduces the cost and hassle of renewing them; Virtually maintenance-free.

Customer Reviews

Bluest Blue bulb ever! You haven’t seen a blue bulb until you’ve seen this one. This puts to shame every other color bulb I have ever seen or owned. The color is deep and rich, not washed out. They are about 40 watt equivalent but may appear to be somewhat less due to the rich color and it might take a few minutes for your eyes to adjust. You will not be disappointed.

After buying one for evaluation I was so pleased I bought several more green, blue, orange, and red bulbs and they are all awesome.

I give my full recommendation.

I would also like to mention that the blue bulbs do produce a bit of a black light effect.

A19 E26 8W Blacklight Bulb

A19 E26 8w Blacklight Bulb

Efficient Lighting UV Blacklights: 8 Watts UV led blacklight, 30000 hours of long lifespan, more energy efficient and durable than incandescent lamp. Perfect Christmast/Thanksgiving Day/New Year Gift Idea.

SAFE TO USE &EASY INSTALLATION: Blacklight blubs to use for eyes and skins of human. Wavelength: 385-400nm(UVA level). No screws required.

THANKSGIVING/CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR/BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEA/FLUORESCENT REACTIVE: Blacklight lighting effect Ideal for illuminating most reactive pigments, paints, dyes, neon colored materials glow in the dark. Perfect for Halloween decorations, face and body paints, art painting, blacklights birthday parties, stages, clubs, detecting pet stains in the dark.

E26 A19 Medium Base blacklight light bulbs 2 pack. UV blacklight bulb, which human eye can see part of the light, so it will appear a bit dim when lit. It makes the pigment reactive materials or substances glow brighter in the dark. Diameter: 2.4 Inches, Height: 4.72 Inches.

Customer Reviews

Reddest RED ever! You haven’t seen a red bulb until you’ve seen this one. This puts to shame every color bulb I have ever seen or owned. The color is deep and rich, not washed out. After buying one for evaluation I was so pleased I bought several more and in multiple colors. They are about 40 watt equivalent but may appear to be somewhat less due to the rich color and it might take a few minutes for your eyes to adjust. You will not be disappointed. I give my full recommendation.

Incandescent 75W Blacklight Bulb E26 A19

Incandescent 75w Blacklight Bulb E26 A19

ELEGANT DESIGN: Brilliantly crafted the Lighting Party Bulb with Transparent Green Finish is an excellent choice of colored party bulbs. These vibrant transparent party bulbs add a great touch of color to any fixture. It can also be used as decorative lighting to enhance your decoration.

STRESS-FREE INSTALLATION: Tailor made for both outdoor and indoor location use; the party bulb is hassle-free and easy to install. The product is perfect for sign, display, amusement and theatre lightings.

DURABILITY: The Party Bulb has an average lifespan of 2500 hours. This product features Fade-resistant coating and is made up of high-quality glass which increases the durability of the product.

SPECIFICATIONS: The electrical specifications consist of an incandescent type light bulb with a bulb shape of A19, voltage 120 Volts and a wattage of 75 watt. The light bulb has a medium E26 base type.

UTILITY: Product specifications and dimension details constitute the following Width: 2.5-inch, Length: 2.5-inch, Height: 4.5-inch, and Weight: 0.8-ounce. It can be used for general purpose lighting, Household lighting, decorative lighting, Chandeliers and is dimmable, making it easy to set an ambient mood in any room.

Customer Reviews

These bulbs are great. They do what you want them to do. They light up when you flip the switch. The go off when you turn them off. A little tongue in cheek here but it’s hard to rate a light bulb, unless it’s burned out. 🙂 We have two 10″ clear glass globe lights on either side of our patio. Put a green bulb on the right (starboard) and red on the left (port) to imitate the running lights on boats and ships. (Also have a white light on the other end of our house by the garage – our stern light, which should be white and is.) I’m a boater and licensed captain so this is kind of fun.

LED Candle Purple Light Bulb - 4W

Led Candle Purple Light Bulb 4w

Energy-Saving Bulb: Enjoy pure candelabra light bulbs purple lighting without the high electric bills. While similar products offers a lower wattage, this 4W bulb (40-watt equivalent) non Dimmable uses less energy and endures longer, making it the perfect replacement to an incandescent light.

Artistic Lighting Effects: Replace a boring, soft white light with a purple -colored light bulb 40w candelabra bulb to bring any party to life. Great for Halloween parties, special occasions and as a nightlight, these e12 bulb bulbs will add a touch of color to any setting.

High-Performance: Easy to install with an E12 base candelabra led bulbs, each purple light bulb emits a whopping, 450-lumen purple light to create a relaxing atmosphere. Unlike most other purple bulbs this bulb haves true purple LED chips .

Safe Alternative: There’s no need to worry if a bulb breaks or about having to recycle it. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, these LED lights do not contain mercury and won’t release any hazardous gases into the air.

Long Lifespan: Save money on replacement costs along with the led candelabra bulb hassle of changing bulbs in your light fixtures. Each bulb can last up to 10,000 hours, providing long-term use and making it virtually maintenance-free.

Customer Reviews

These are definitely bright! I mean I knew they would be, and ordered them for a dark hallway and entry way, but just wow. If you don’t need these to extremely brighten an already decent lit area then you may want to go down a notch. We put these in the chandelier above our dining room table and will need to put on a dimmer switch, which they say they are dimmable, or swap out for ones that don’t require sunglasses at the table while eating your meatloaf.

LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

2020 Updated Flame Lamps: Our flame effect lamp base is glossy black plastic, so at night, you only see the beating purple flame. Our flame bulbs are shorter and wider than other flame lamps, making them suitable for most fixtures.

4 Model Design- It has flame emulation mode, breathing mode, general light mode and upside down mode. After you installing bulb, when you turn on/turn off the bulb, you can see that the mode will be changed. If you turn it off for about 45 seconds, it will go back to flame mode.

Safe & Energy Saving – AC85-265V, 6W, 320LM, 1600K,Excellent heat dissipation and environmental protect, no harmful substances, no UV and infrared radiation. NO harmful substances, NO UV and infrared radiation. Save electricity and save money.

Usage Recommendation: In order to obtain better flame flickering effect, please install the bulb in frosted glass lampshade, lantern, salt lamp, etc. Artificially vivid flames, dynamically moving the flames, simulating a natural flame flashing flame.

Romantic Atmosphere: It is very close to true flickering flame and gives you a warm moment. Vintage style bulbs for churches, castles, abbeys, bedrooms, living rooms, bars, hotels, nightclubs, outdoor gardens, villas, wedding decorations and meeting places. For better flame effect, Please suit for Chandelier lighting, Porch lamp, Post lamp, Wall lamp, atmosphere Lamp, decorative lamp.

Customer Reviews

They look more like flames you might see if looking through a thick, frosted window. For the price, it’s a nice effect though.

That being said, having multiple modes is nice. I wish there was a way to set the modes and keep it in that mode; I have mine plugged in with Christmas lights on a timer, so every time it turns back on, unfortunately it is on a different mode, but I will have to work on a different set-up for next year.

Wi-Fi LED Smart Blacklight Bulb

Top Rated BR30 Wi-Fi LED Smart Bulb (no hub, works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network).

ALEXA & GOOGLE: Allow Smart Bulbs to enhance your smart home, compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control to DIM, TURN ON/OFF or CHANGE THE COLOR. No need to add a dimmer switch; dim via the app or voice commands.

APP user-friendly: App allows you to control the smart bulb remotely on your smartphone or tablet, no hub required. Control the smart bulbs individually or create different groups to control in unison. Use the timer to set a light schedule to turn bulbs on/off to accommodate any schedule.

CHANGE COLORS: Our Wi-Fi LED smart bulbs let you pick from all the colors of the rainbow in addition to the classic CCT (2700K-5000K) color temperatures. Music sync takes your ambiance to the next level by changing color with the beat of your favorite song.

Customer Reviews

Great lightbulbs, for a fraction of the cost of the Phillips competitor. I actually swapped out the Phillips ones and replaced them with these in my son’s room because I liked the light these gave off better. Nice color range, although Alexa only recognizes basic colors. If you want to change the color intensity or hue, you have to set them and name your colors manually (in the app on your phone), or Alexa won’t recognize them.

Blue Mini LED Bulb 2Watt E12 Candle Base

ENERGY EFFICIENT AND SUSTAINABLE: The 20W conventional filament blub can easily be substituted by 2W E12 Base Style LED Bulb to have the same amount of light output, but it saves 80% on your electricity bill.

Effortless Installation: Small appearance C7 led filament style bulb with an color blue light, standard (Candelabra) base fits all E12 light fixtures, make your room even brighter.

Great Choice For Decorative: No Dimmable 200LM Filament Bulb with color blue bulb is ideal for holiday, Halloween, Outside, police, officers, front porch, night bulb for kid or indoor/outdoor home decorative.

Special Designing: No flickering, no dazzling. The color blue light can eliminating eyes exhaustion caused by the conventional bulbs, effectively protecting your family’s eyesight.

Try it Now: Average 30, 000 hours lifespan. If the light you received is damaged by shipping, please contact us, we will send the replacement and help you to solve the problem.

Customer Reviews

  1. I have searched high and low for a blue bulb that will light up my Selenite lamp that does not produce a lot of heat. I’ve tried several regular C7 bulbs and the colored ones always blow out within days and we’re so hot that they worried me to leave them on for hours at a time. The old school clear bulbs are ok but boring. I much prefer the colored.
    When I first received the bulbs I thought that they made a mistake and sent me clear bulbs, but once they are plugged in and switched on they are a beautiful blue…I am so happy!
  2. Used this in a tiny lamp which is limited to 25 watts. These bulbs are brighter than the previous 25 watt non-LED bulbs I’ve used for years. Now, this lamp stays on as a night (&day) light on our kitchen counter.

    As for the ‘thickness’ rating . . I haven’t a clue what that means, but I’ll say they seem sturdy.

    Photos were taken during the day, with all other kitchen lights off.

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