Best LED Flood Light

Led Flood Light

As a form of modern LED lighting, LED floodlights have been popular for many years and have been favored by the market and users.

In addition to meeting outdoor lighting needs, LED floodlights also have the purpose of rendering the environment and directional projection.

The power of LED flood light can be from 10W to 500W, and it is widely used in outdoor lighting, billboard lighting, square lighting, etc.

This article has selected 9 types of floodlights that can be used as your buying guide, please read them carefully or collect them. If you are a distributor or retailer, please contact us for detailed parameters and quotations.

The 9 Best LED Flood Lights

80W Led Flood Lights

Led Flood Light

Energy Saving Flood Lights Outdoor: 3-Pack, 8000LM each Led Light, Total 24000LM. Each of them can replace 500W traditional halogen bulb by 80w LED, save 80% on electricity bill of lighting.

Waterproof Led Lights with UL Listed Cord: IP66 waterproof rating ensures that your led outdoor flood light won’t give in to the elements. No matter the weather, the LED floodlight can handle it.

Efficient Cooling & Long Lifespan: The Flood light fixture is designed with a fin type heat sink, which means it acts like a radiator to dissipate heat And extremely long life 50000 Hours to reduce re-lamp frequency. Save labor cost to replace bulbs with short lifespan。

Super Bright Floodlights for Outside: Bright Flood lights can be used in backyard, yard, gardens, squares, factories, stadiums and other places。

3 YEAR WARRANTY: Three years unlimited warranty means we’ve got you covered! Contact us for an easy and fast replacement. NOTE: These come without a plug.

Customer Reviews

I live in a dark neighborhood that does not have a lot of street lights with homes that have a lot of old tree.

There has been issues with some neighbors that have been stealing from other neighbors or attempting to.

This is perfect for my neighbor’s home because he can put one light on each corner of front of home & 1 on back.

He lives in a duplex which last renter used to steal firewood & attempted to steal other stuff from him.

These are super bright with 8000 lumens & 80 watts with a bright white color that shines when motion activated.

I like that it is energy efficient which saves money on electricity up to 80%.

He said it was easy to install as he just needed to connect lead cable.

Materials are die cast aluminum,rubber cable & tempered glass so is scratch proof, fade resistant, anti UV & aging.

Waterproof IP66 so can withstand rain & storms we get in NC.

Lights are designed to last 50,000 hours & have a 3 year warranty so will last awhile.

Both he & his girlfriend feel better to have motion activated flood lights that are so bright so they can see well.

It helps give them more peace of mind given some of previous renters living there.

100W LED Flood Light Outdoor

100w Led Flood Light Outdoor

SUPER BRIGHT & ENERGY SAVING: The LED floodlights can produce up to 10000lm super brightness; Save more than 80% electricity, It’s much lower consumption comparing with traditional halogen outdoor lamps, no longer worry about high electricity costs.

DURABLE MATERIAL LONGER LIFESPAN: This flood light outside is made up of premium Die-cast Aluminum black which has an excellent heat dissipation. Besides, it is more durable and provides you up to 30,000+ hours of lifespan.

IP66 WATERPROOF & WIDER BEAM ANGLE: With an IP66 rating, it can be widely used in outdoor and indoor that it’s much better than IP65 waterproof; Due to its high-quality reflective film, beam angle can reach up to 120 degrees; Great LED outdoor lights for gardens, barn ,front porch, factories, docks, squares, stadiums and other places where lighting is needed.

SAFETY GUARANTEED & FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION: With FCC qualified and UL plug with ground wire and a metal bracket on the lamp body, which can provide efficient lighting for your living environment and adds extra safety to your home.

GLORIOUS-LITE WARRANTY: We offer an 18-month warranty for every customer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help!

Customer Reviews

I installed 2 of these on the back of my house, replacing 2 Halogen 300 Watt fixtures. I screwed them to the house, cut the plugs and switches off and then ran the wire into a 1 gang cover with a waterproof fitting. They are much brighter and use 400 watts less. In addition, the old bulbs burned out frequently and they are 2 stories up and a total pain to change. Hopefully these LEDs will last much longer.

25W RGB LED Flood Lights Color Changing Indoor Outdoor Floodlights

25w Rgb Led Flood Lights Color Changing Indoor Outdoor Floodlights

MULTI-COLOR STROBE LIGHTS with 59inch Extra Long Wire: With the provided 44 keys remote controller, DIY 1000 colors can be set, and you can adjust the brightness. The color lights offer you 6 kinds of color changing patterns, including flash, strobe, fade and smooth. (Timer: 3/6/12H)

MEMORY FUNCTION with Time Setting: The Stage Lights will stay at your last setting, while turn on again. Easy to install and mounted / hang in anywhere. Use the color led lights for different events, Halloween, Christmas, Lent and so on.

WATERPROOF COLOR CHANGING UPLIGHTS : IP66 waterproof rating ensures that your led outdoor flood light won’t give in to the elements. No matter the weather, the LED floodlight can handle it. Perfect RGB lights for indoor outdoor decoration, such as party ambient lighting, stage, wedding, yard, patio, garden, landscape, tree.

DURABLE LED WALL LIGHTS HALLOWEEN LIGHTS OUTDOOR: Solid housing with qualified aluminum material and excellent heat dissipation

ANY COLOR STROBE: It can be set strobe lighting, include WHITE strobe. Speed and Brightness adjustable.

3 YEAR WARRANTY: Three years unlimited warranty means we’ve got you covered! Contact us for an easy and fast replacement. One remote control can only control one LED flood light, can‘t control two at the same time.

Customer Reviews

Alright, these have blown my socks off. I’m so completely in awe of what I have created with two sets of four of these awesome lights. I can’t wait to use them for Thanksgiving and Christmas lighting as well! New Years too! Why not?! The over all look is so classy and festive. The lights are so easy to use, don’t require a stupid app that doesn’t WiFi connect half the time and you spend 10 minutes closing and reopening the app…. One remote works for all the lights, not just the ones in the box it came with. Just point and click. There are a great variety of colors and the lights are very strong, but dimmable!

Thus far, we’ve run these lights almost all day, everyday, since I installed them on October 3rd. So just over 2 weeks. I’ll update if they start dropping like flies but so far, they completely meet my needs. They do get a little hot to the touch after being on for a couple hours, so we’ve opted to place ours on large flat river rocks to ensure they stay off the mulch. We’re in California and it hasn’t rained much this year, I’m not going to chance it. They haven’t been exposed to any moisture, we don’t even have night time dew yet, so that may change things as the season progresses.

LED Security Light, 30W Super Bright Outdoor Flood Light

Led Security Light, 30w Super Bright Outdoor Flood Light

Super Bright & Energy Saving: 3 super bright LED light heads with die-casting aluminum material, produce up to 3500lm high brightness output and good heat dissipation. Save your electricity bill by up to 80%.

Adjustable Design & Easy Installation: Easy to adjust the 3 light heads to different angle as your requirement. Install the corded light by mounting to a junction box with a few simple wiring steps, then connect a switch to turn on/off the light.

IP65 Waterproof: IP65 waterproof rating ensures that your triple head security light fixture won’t give in in rain, sleet or snow weather. Perfect for entryways, stair, yard, garage, mworkshops, studio and large area lighting requirements.

ETL-Certified & Long-Lasting: With an long life rating of 50,000 hours, lasting and consistent in good performance. ETL- Certification for outstanding quality standards provide efficient lighting and adds extra safety for your house.

Customer Reviews

I purchased these to provide night lighting on our deck and boat dock area. The product is well made and the installation was easy. I bought two of these to replace halogen flood lights that worked well but the power consumption was high and so was the heat output. These LED lights provide the same amount of light but the power consumption is very low because they are LED. Also, I like the wings on the side. They allow the lighting to be adjusted for full coverage of a wide angle. I didn’t have that feature with the halogen flood lights that these replaced. That is a very nice feature. So far these are working perfectly and I am very happy with the purchase. It things change, I will up date the review.

Outdoor Led Flood Light, Waterproof PAR38 LED Bulb

Outdoor Led Flood Light, Waterproof Par38 Led Bulb

Up to 87% Energy Saving: “15W 1600LM” means a high efficacy of 107LM/W, 150W equivalent to a traditional bulb. Estimated yearly energy cost: $1.81 (based on 3-hours/day, 11/kWh, costs depend on rates and use).

Dimmable: LED flood light bulbs are designed with smooth dimming capacity, 80 CRI give off sunlight-like quality for true color rendering to meet the demand of any mood or decoration. A COMPATIBLE(Listed in picture) dimmer is required.

Weatherproof: The PAR38 outdoor flood bulbs are IP65 waterproof, suitable for both indoor and outdoor, ideal applications include bathroom, kitchen, garden, eaves, driveways, basements, etc.

Customer Reviews

These are excellent floodlights that replace the 1700 watt Halogens I was using. Over all, I am extremely happy with these LED floods. They are much lighter and very bright. They are almost instant on, with only a barely perceptible, maybe 1/10 second or less delay in turning on compared to a Halogen. They turn on much, MUCH faster than Florescent lights do. Like turning on a Halogen, they are immediately at full brightness, unlike most florescent lights. They do not need to “warm up” at all to achieve fully brightness. They work in my standard Diva slide dimmer light switches that the Halogens worked in. These LED floods can go from full brightness down to a low light level, but not completely off, using my slide dimmer. Halogens in same switch had a range of 100%-0% (Full on, consistent dimming all the way down to Off). These PAR 38 LED floodlights have an estimated consistent dimming range of about !00%-10% (this is just my subjective estimate as I did not use a light meter to measure it). The “color” of the light at 3000K is in between the full outdoor white of the sun and the somewhat yellow of most incandescent lights. Overall, they produce a very “white” light that goes toward yellow as they dim. Some people might prefer the “cooler” (somewhat yellow) colors that you get with a 2700K bulb. The Lumens these LED floods produce, seem at least as bright as my 1700 Lumen 90 watt halogens, which are very bright and that is what I wanted. I have been using them for over 2 months and will definitely buy them again as I continue to replace my halogens.

150W LED Flood Light Outdoor

150w Led Flood Light Outdoor

SUPER BRIGHT & ENERGY SAVING: The led flood lights can produce up to 11000lm super bright white light, with high quality reflective film, beam angle can reach up to 120°. Providing great bright light, shadow-free and anti-glare. Perfect replacement for 750W halogen bulb equivalent, saving over 80% on the electricity bill.

DURABLE MATERIAL & GOOD DISSIPATION: Powered by the high quality LED lamp bead as the source of the outdoor flood light, enables it to produce better illumination and more bright light than normal chips; Special multiple groove shape design, speed up heat dissipation, perfect to extend the service lifespan(about 30,000 hours).

SAFETY GUARANTEED & EASY INSTALLATION: With FCC Listed, ETL Listed and UL plug with ground wire, which can provide efficient lighting for your living environment and adds extra safety to your home; This led work light with adjustable metal bracket, more stable and reliable; You can easily install it on the ceiling, walls, ground, and other locations by adjusting the different angles to meet your different needs!

IP66 WATERPROOF FLOOD LIGHT: As a waterproof led flood light outdoor with an IP66 rating, suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting, can be applied in gardens, squares, factories, docks, stadiums and other places where lighting is needed.

LEPOWER OUTDOOR FLOOD LIGHT WARRANTY: We provide 18-month warranty for the led flood lights outdoor. Please feel free to buy!

Customer Reviews

I bought the LEPOWER 20 watt IP66 lights and was so impressed I bought 4 of these 50 watt IP66 flood lights.

WOW! Much bigger and heavier than the 20’s which is a good thing, happy happy. And they throw out some big daylight for only 50W. Nice big heat fins, great heavy duty old school waterproof rubber washer with nut where wire enters housing, super great value – these look like they should last me for years judging by how well they are built.

Quality, quality, quality – very hard to find nowadays.

I just wish they made some like these that have a dusk till dawn light sensor built in, then ALL my outdoor lighting would be this!

LED Flood Light 100W Equivalent RGB Color Changing

Led Flood Light 100w Equivalent Rgb Color Changing

This is a 15W LED Bluetooth Smart Floodlight that combines daily lighting with rich color lighting. It is easy to operate and adjust brightness, and has a large illumination angle for a variety of applications. It has super bright 2700K warm white light, 1200 lumens, CRI > 85Ra. 16 million colors, music rhythm and multiple modes. In addition, it offers a 2-year warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee.

New pairing Technology & App Control Light Bulb: New Bluetooth pairing technology, no need to pair in the Bluetooth settings, just open the Bluetooth, enter the app to complete the pairing. The floodlights quickly connected to your phone and controlled by your phone, up to Up to 65 feet. This application can control the floodlights you want. * Grouping function * The most amazing thing is its grouping function, which can control multiple bulbs at the same time.

Unique design and eye protection: LED Bluetooth Smart Floodlight adopts power cable design from the left side, 6.5 feet long power cord, not only waterproof level reaches IP66, also dustproof and insect proof. The latest Bluetooth control scheme allows you to remotely control without the need for face-to-face floodlights, thus solving the shortcomings of infrared remote-controlled floodlights that must be face-to-face controlled, causing the eyes to be exposed to strong light.

Musical rhythm and rich modes: The LED Bluetooth Smart floodlight can be used to activate the “Music Rhythm” function on the mobile app to let the light follow the music “Dancing”. At the vitality party, the combination of lighting and music fully mobilizes the sense of sight and hearing, making happiness three-dimensional. You can also customize the various modes and speeds, how the lighting colors flow, you have the final say.

Timing function: The mobile app can set the LED Bluetooth Smart floodlight to turn on or off at a specific time. We can install this floodlight in an outdoor environment such as a porch, backyard, balcony, pergola, patio, garden, etc., and set the cycle time (24 hours). Then the lights turn on and off automatically every day, which changes our lives and makes life easier.

Customer Reviews

I needed some colorful lights for my pool. I wanted to get lights that I can control with my phone, not a useless remote control. The most difficult part was running electricity so I could mount them outdoors. They are very compact for the light output. The only negative I noticed was that inside one of the glass screens was a black dot, but does not affect its use and I cant see it from the ground where they are mounted anyway. The lights are very vibrant. I did think it was weird that the white LED light function looks more like incandescent color compared to a cool white led. The app seems quite functional and i noticed in the app store that they keep doing updates. (usually a good sign that the company cares to fix bugs…)

150W LED Flood Light, 15,000lm Super Bright Security Lights

150w Led Flood Light, 15,000lm Super Bright Security Lights

SUPER BRIGHT &ENERGY SAVING: LED flood lights with 168 ultra-bright LED beads, can produce up to 15,000lm high brightness white light. It can replace 750W traditional halogen bulb, save 83% on electricity bill of lighting; 120°beam angle, shadow-free and anti-glare, providing efficient lighting for your exterior living environment.

IP66 WATERPROOF: Made of Die-cast aluminum housing and tempered glass, flood lights can work well in rain, sleet, snow. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, can be applied in gardens, stadiums and other places.

EASY INSTALLATION: You can easily install it on the ceiling, walls, ground and other locations by adjusting the bracket to different angles and following a few simple wiring steps.

EFFICENT COOLING: The floodlight is designed with a fin type heat sink, which means it acts like a radiator to dissipate heat.

STABLE: A widened and thickened adjustable metal bracket make the light more stable.

Customer Reviews

Great lights for those looking for easy installation and incredible light. Added a switch inside for those dark nights my dogs head out. I do not have a motion sensor on these lights. Total yard illuminated is a half acre. More than enough light to play catch at night if needed.

240W LED Flood Light

240w Led Flood Light

Bright : LED sports flood Light output of 130Lm/W. Ultra-Efficient, low consumption.

Upgraded : LED stadium lighting with excellent color rendering, temperature and uniformity ensures that athletes have a clear view on the field.

Durable : Die-casting aluminum with excellent heat dissipation, to ensure that the LED and driver is durable.

Easy Installation : 240W LED floodlight comes with a yoke-style bracket that can be positioned in almost any angle for many mounting positions.

Applications : Security lighting, sports lighting, general flood lighting, corridor lighting, warehouse lighting, LED parking lot lights, street lighting.

Customer Reviews

This light is crazy bright and not super heavy! I bought this one and another 600w LED by another company to compare and even though the 600w was slightly brighter (when I say slightly I mean slightly. Not twice as bright as some might assume but barely brighter), it cost $50 more and weighed somewhere around 25lbs (not very easy to hold up on a ladder let alone install). I bought two so far and intend to buy a few more.

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