Best LED GU10 Spotlight Bulbs

Gu10 Light Bulbs

GU10 is a perfect and affordable alternative to the standard 39W-60W incandescent or halogen bulbs. Can be used for recessed can lighting or track lighting. It will exceed all your expectation on color reflection and dimmable performance.

Unlike incandescent bulbs that need time to warm up to achieve their full brightness, FTL GU10 LED can immediately provide 600 lumens of light for full brightness in an instant. With excellent dimming feature, the GU10 led bulb could be dimmed at a 10%-100% level of brightness for the perfect atmosphere as you want.

The 9 Best LED GU10 Spotlight Bulbs

GU10 LED Bulbs Dimmable

Gu10 Light Bulbs

Energy Saving with Same Brightness: Save over 90% energy with your bill by replacing 60 Watt incandescent bulb with our 7 Watt LED bulb. Same brightness but costs only few of your old light bulbs. With a lifetime of 35,000 hours, the bulb will last over 10 years (based on 2.5 hours of use each day).

Wide Application: This Led bulb Designed with a GU10 base With a correlated color temperature of 5000K Daylight White and 2700K Warm white, It can simulates daylight and 2700K Warm white, creating a bright atmosphere or balance of warm and cool for most of room. Perfect fit for track lights and spotlights for living room, bathroom, bedrooms and hallways, depends on your personal preference. Colors remain true and natural.

Easy of Installation: Universal GU10 Base around North America , Standard model across North-America, Install these Bulbs into all GU10 base fixtures directly.

World Class Quality: We conducted 100% full inspection, No defected bulbs will be Delivered to you. Great value, top quality, excellent performance but costs less than other brands.

Customer Reviews

I bought these to replace the LEDs that I bought a couple of years ago (80% of which failed).

These LEDs are super bright and the light is warm (make sure you get the warm ones if they are for your home). I am happy with my purchase and hope they will last longer than the previous ones.

Ceramics GU10 LED Bulbs Dimmable

BRIGHTEST: Giving you 500 lumens of crisp, quality lighting that is perfect for any atmosphere and brighter than your standard gu10 bulb. Provide more light to your kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, or any space for brighter home lighting.

DIMMABLE: Control the brightness of your range hood light bulbs with the ability to reduce from 100-10% lighting output. Set your mr16 LED bulbs according to your mood and take delight in a pleasant atmosphere every time.

SAVE ENERGY: Lower your electricity usage by 87% when your replace your 50 watt mr16 halogen bulbs with 6.5 watt MR16 LED bulbs. Immediately trim down the cost of your electricity bill by making the investment into energy saving LED light bulbs.

CONTINUOUS LIGHT: Built with an astounding 25,000 hours of lifetime which means no replacement will be needed for the next 22 years. Each GU10 LED bulb lasts 8x longer than traditional 50W halogen mr16 bulbs.

RELIABLE LIGHTING: Zero flickering light, zero delay, and zero worries with mr16 LED gu10 bulbs that provides high quality indoor and outdoor lighting. Each gu10 base bulb is quick to install, works in enclosed fixtures, damp rated for reliability, comes ETL listed for your safety, has a 40° beam angle.

Customer Reviews

This actually was a pretty good product. We purchased it to replace a burnt bulb—but unfortunately the display or, I should say, the style of the light output didn’t match the rest of the recessed lighting. It wasn’t a major difference but you could tell. Overall, it was bright, it worked, and had it have matched the rest, it would be 5 five stars.

GU10 Spotlight Bulbs with 30 Degree Beam Angle

Gu10 Spotlight Bulbs With 30 Degree Beam Angle

Saving Energy: Replace 40W halogen bulb, save over 90% on electricity bill .(SIZE:1.9in*2.1in)

Super Bright: 6w GU10 LED bulbs give off 500lm comfortable 3000K warm white light

Easy Installation: Standard GU10 base and PAR16/MR16 shape, can be easily fitted. The dimmable range is 10-100%.

Eco-friendly: No lead or mercury, no UV or IR radiation, perfect for living, dining, bedroom and kitchen.

Customer Reviews

So far, these have been fantastic. I bought them to replace the bulbs in my range hood, as the typical bulbs I buy not only die within weeks, but cost $15 for two bulbs. I decided on these after looking around at the different brands… and I’m quite glad I did. They are just the right level of brightness, making the range easier to cook on without blinding me with the reflection, and the more yellow color to the lights are great in the kitchen.

I nearly took a star off because of the size, they’re roughly two inches across and two inches high, which is quite a bit smaller than I thought. However, that has nothing to do with how well they work and was an oversight on my part. Thus far there hasn’t been any problem with them being used in my range hood outside of installation. So, all in all, a great product at a great price.

7W GU10 LED Bulbs

7w Gu10 Led Bulbs

Energy Saving: Only use 7w gu10 led bulbs can replace 50w-75w halogen bulbs, Save over 90% electricity bill.

Easy Installation: Standard gu10 halogen dimensions, Easy to replace your existing track Lighting bulb or recessed Lighting bulb.

Long Lifespan: High quality driver and LED chips, Guaranteed over 35000 hours lifespan.

Excellent Dimming: Smooth dimming effect from 0-100% without flickering, Compatible with Lutron and Leviton dimmers.

Wide Application: the dimmable gu10 led spotlight bulbs could be widely used in lighting fixtures like track lighting, recessed can lighting, oven range hood light bulbs, table lamps……

Customer Reviews

These bulbs fit perfectly and are a better color than the old ones- warm without being toned such that they are orangeish.

They are coated with ceramics on the base, which makes them much easier to handle than the others that I am replacing. The others got so hot to the touch and because they were halogen, they also made me uncomfortably warm when I was standing under them. Not these.

They are made of glass and so are not shatterproof, but I think that they will hold up much better than the halogen ones made entirely of glass. Those were burning out, one after the other, and likely used more energy (the old ones were in a house I recently moved into).

GU10 Led Bulbs, 4W Dimmable Spotlight Light

Saving money: Pack of 6, 4000K Daylight White. 4 Watt, 400 Lumens. Dimmable. CE\ROHS Listed, Certified. A perfect 50W Halogen bulb replacement. Save over 90% on electricity bill.

Excellent Performance: Apply to 110V AC input voltage. Provides 400lm bright light similar to 4000K natural daylight, with a wide beam angle of 120 degree. Reduce the frequency of re-lamping because of the ultra-long lasting performance with over 20,000 hours’ lifespan.

Easy installation: Standard MR16 Shape with universal GU10 base, the GU10 LED light bulb can be easily screw in all standard GU10 cans fixtures without replacing the whole fixture. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, these bulbs are free of buzz, flickering, UV and mercury.

120° Beam Angle: Perfect as residential and commercial lighting, light up your living room, bedroom, kitchen, garage, bathroom, study or office. Contain no mercury and do not contain any UV/IR light. Safe for your family.

Customer Reviews

Good quality reflector lamp with polished aluminum reflector and dimmable COB lamp. LED is protected by thin clear acrylic disk from dust or fingerprints. Dimmer works well for a LED and most importantly will not create RFI interference in the AM radio bands. Bulbs individually packaged even inside each cardboard box. Each box has the electrical and optical specifications printed on them. So far very reliable. Short body to save space.

GU10 LED Light Bulb 40 Watt Equivalent Color Changing

Gu10 Led Light Bulb 40 Watt Equivalent Color Changing

This is a remote-controlled and color-changing LED RGB light bulb. It fits multi-purpose in life. It is not only a spotlight, but also has a beam angle of up to 45 degrees, 450 lumens, 85CRI super high display. It is very easy to use and adjust color and brightness. In addition, it comes with 2-year-warranty, 90-day-refund guarantee ensuring high quality standards applied and friendly customer service provided.

The par16 light has 12 color to choose from, 3 levels of brightness to adjust, which provides setting on various light effects fulfilling different environmental needs and reflecting different moods. It is environmental friendly and energy-saving as equivalent to 100% brightness of a 40W incandescent. It also can remember the last color or mode we used.

Two lighting modes allow you to set up the appropriate atmosphere anytime to bring you a better visual experience. Flash mode gives you a stage effect when enjoy concert or stage performances, just let the light and atmosphere to match to create an immersive feeling. Smooth mode provides automatically cycle switching on light color in different atmosphere. It also adjusts the rhythm and creates more surprises and romance.

Synchronization is a revolutionary innovation, it is ideal for environments where multiple bulbs, such as fan lights, downlights, chandeliers, etc., are used together. When we use flash mode and smooth mode, the rhythm of the color changing of the bulb can be consistent. Note: One remote control can control all bulbs.

Timing function: Number of hours to turn off the light automatically can be set. Cycle timing of (24 hours) is another surprising timing option. We can install the light in the courtyard, the court and the corridor, and set the cycle time (24 hours). Then the light would turn on and off automatically every day, which changes our lives and makes life more convenient.

Customer Reviews

I’ve purchased a lot of these inexpensive 3w multicolored LEDs (both GU10 and E26) over the last five years. These are by far the most color accurate and non directional that I’ve used. They’re perfect for inexpensive color back-lighting and highlighting. They also produce a “white” that is a very accurate 2700k. Overall a superior product if you’re familiar with the quality involved in other lamps similar to these that are sold on Amazon. Even the remotes provided are of better construction. They do have memory, which is another nice touch. The only downside to ANY of these types of IR controlled lights is that they are very difficult to change independently when grouped close together. You will inadvertently change two or more at a time if all are on the same fixture.

A 6w version would be really great. For now, these are sufficient for my mancave lighting and I am ordering even more to replace the inferior color lights already in use throughout the room.

GU10 LED Light Bulbs 5W Triac Dimmable

High Quality: 5W dimmable GU10 LED Light Bulbs,5W (50W Halogen Bulb Equivalent), Apply to AC 110V input voltage. Comfortable Warm White 3000K, with an wide 40 degree beam angle. Safe for your home and the environment.

Long life& Energy-saving: High brightness and Provides over 30,000 hours life span;90% Saving on electricity bills, reducing maintenance cost.

Widely use: Indoor lighting for Home, industry, commercial and residential such as ,hotel, room, offices, hospital, schools, factories, museum, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants or any other places.

Easy to Install:Size:D50H53mm / 1.972.07 Inches. Standard MR16 shape with GU10 twist and lock base fits well into all your regular MR16 halogen bulbs.

Excellent Dimming Performance: Excellent dimming effect from 0-100% without flickering or buzzing; Compatible with Lutron and Leviton dimmers.(Tips: If the product have any quality problem, please contact us vis email, free replacement or refund would be sent.)

Customer Reviews

We bought these to replace another LED brand we bought in which one stop working with it the first week. These fit perfectly, and they are bright! The “white” LED lights seem to be so much brighter than the “yellow” ones. Will buy again as long as they hold up!

GU10 LED Light Bulbs, 50W Equivalent, Dimmable 40° Spot Light

Gu10 Led Light Bulbs, 50w Equivalent, Dimmable 40° Spot Light

Save 89% On Energy: Energy Star compliant, replaces 50W halogen bulb with 5.5W LED bulb.

15000 Hours Lifespan: Each bulb is expected to last over 10 years (based on 3 hours/day), saving you the cost and hassle of frequent bulb replacement.

UL Listed: Led bulbs have been tested and listed by the Underwriter Laboratories, meaning it has met their rigorous nationally recognized safety requirements.

Perfect Lighting: Instant on and flicker free, gives off 400 lumens of soft warm light, creates a cozy and warm environment similar to halogen lightbulbs. Beam angle is 40 degrees.

What You Get – 6 Dimmable GU10 LED bulbs. (Easily replaces ordinary GU10 halogen spotlights).

Customer Reviews

Initial impressions are good. I have two in my China closet that I converted from incandescent to GU10 bases. The brightness is perfect and the color is good, albeit a slightly cooler than warm white. After running for a half hour, the lens cover was 140 degrees and the rear of the bulb was 170 degrees. I’ve observed similar temperatures on other brands bulbs of similar design and was not surprised. The last batch of GU10 PAR16 LED’s from another manufacturer started burning out at 13,000 hours running at the same temperatures. Mine are installed in small cans with a few holes in the top. Using these in an open track light application might bring the temperatures down. The plastic diffuser lens is very nice on this model with a wide beam spread and no hotspots. I’m hoping for 12k to 15k hours lifespan. I’ll update the review if things go south but so far I’m happy.

GU10 LED Bulbs, 50W Halogen Bulbs Equivalent

Gu10 Led Bulbs, 50w Halogen Bulbs Equivalent

Saving Money: Pack of 10 5w LED GU10 Non-dimmable Bulbs,50W Halogen Bulbs Equivalent, Save over 90% on electricity bill.

Excellent Performance: Ceramic Housing Design, give off 420 lumen light,120°Beam Angle.

Extremely Long Life: Compare to Halogen Bulbs, LED bulbs could work more than 10000 hours.

Safe to you and your family: Without UV/IR, safe to your home and environment.

Easy Installation: Standard GU10 bulb,1.96 inch * 2.16 inch.

Customer Reviews

I recently moved into a home with several decorative alcoves, but I could not find a GU10 in stores for fewer than 300 lumens (far too bright for a small nook). I searched high and low, and I had almost resigned to asking the property owner to install dimmers… Until I found these GU10 lightbulbs!

At 125 lumens, it is not super bright, but it is perfect for the small wall nook next to my front door and the larger alcove down the hallway. The white is the nice, soft white color I had been looking for, and the additional features (color changing) are a bonus! I think these would also work well in a curio cabinet.

The 4-pack of bulbs came with 2 remotes, which work on all four bulbs. You do need to be close to the bulbs for the remote to work. however.

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