Best LED Strip Light Kits

Led Strip Light

LED strip Lights are used as indoor ceiling decoration lights, and when used with LED spotlights, it can brighten your living room and also bring out a good effect.

With the development of products, the functions of LED strip light become more diversified and their uses become more extensive.

For example, dimmable LED light strip lights and RGB colorful LED strip light have appeared, as well as portable LED strip light that can be driven by low-voltage USB. This greatly enriches the usage scenarios and needs of the LED strip Lights. This also enriches the style of decoration.

As modern decorative lights, LED strip light are more and more popular among users, so it is very important to choose a LED strip light that suits you. Today I will introduce 9 LED strip lights, which are not only fully functional, but also affordable. This will be your buying guide.

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9 Best LED Strip Light Kits

Colorful RGB LED Strip Light Series

Life needs a sense of ritual, colorful RGB LED Strip light make your life Relax and exciting. you can change the room into various styles. Let you totally immerse yourself in the warm, cozy.

The Colorful RGB LED Strip light are ideal for kitchens ,bedrooms, TV backlighting, holidays, or family events. It is a great gift for your family and friends.

Smart Wi-Fi Colorful RGB LED Strip Light

Led Strip Light

This LED strip light equipped with App Control Kit, which can be Controlling the Led strip lights via App, 24key remote control and controller. And the strip lights has a smart music mode, lights color will change with the the rhythm of the sound and music. That will create a romantic, gorgeous, interesting, magical atmosphere for your party.

You can adjust the lights strip brightness to suit the various places, Led strip lights have memory function, when the strips are used again, they remember the last mode settings without setting again, with the smart App, you can experience the timing function, automatically turn on and off at preset time, 28 Dynamic Modes can be chosen, you can also DIY your unique color.

The led Lights strip offers adjustable brightness and multiple colors. Dim the light and choose your favorite color. Dim the light and set a favorite color by APP without leaving your bed. Let you totally immerse yourself in the warm, cozy ambience.

Fantastic music mode, built-in high sensitive microphone, colors change automatically based on the music beats/ambient sound.

Starting the music party with this strip lights. It can create a romantic, gorgeous, interesting, magical atmosphere for your party. This will make your party time memorable. Enjoy your party show with millions of colors.

This waterproof strip lights were designed for indoor and outdoor decoration. It can be easily used anywhere, get the perfect job in the summer and create a fantastic camping experience for you.

A perfect gift and decoration for Christmas, birthday, New Year, party, wedding.

Multiple Scenes Available, Led strip can be used for decorating your Dining room, Bedroom, Upstairs, Porch, Computer, desk, Corner, bar, meeting room and Living rooms, especially great for Holidays and Events like Christmas, Halloween, Parties and more.

The LED strip light has timer function, pre-setting the appropriate time and suitable color to make it turn on/off automatically.

Be the light “Alarm Clock”, that will eliminate your or your baby’s fear of the dark, and you wake up in romantic lighting every morning.

Easy to Use and Install, Fully equipped accessories, it comes with 3 reel of 16.4ft Led light strip, an AC Power Adapter, a 24Key remote Control, a controller, a Adhesive Pad,2 pcs 4Pin Connectors,4 Buckles and a Instruction Manual. easy to install

Purchasing Experience, Please carefully read the user manual carefully before strip lights using. if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

SMD 3528 RGB LED Strip Light

Smd 3528 Rgb Led Strip Light

If you are looking for multi-color LED strip lights, we sincerely recommend this SMD 3528 RGB LED Strip Kit with Remote Controller and 12V Power Adapter to you. There is no need other accessories to use, very easy to install.

  • STANDARD KIT: The power adaptor is high-quality which only can load 32.8ft light strip(Please don’t increase the strip light). Come with RGB LED strips (Non-waterproof, indoor use only), remote controller, UL listed AC adaptor and control box. No more accessories are required. The ventilation must be ensured. These lights need an excessive amount of airflow for cooling.
  • DIY FUNCTION: The rope light will not dim if you connect them from each output of the IR receiver.(like main pic)44key controller contained a DIY function , Press “DIY” button and then just long press one of the arrow button to set it. Also it has dimming and brightness control.
  • CUTTABLE and LINKABLE: Color changing LED Strip Lights can be cut along the cutting line, its 5M adhesive tape backing can fit any dry flat surface.
  • COLOR OPTION: Led light strip color can be changed with the controller. A lot of color option. Very suitable for indoor lighting and decoration. Such as kitchen, under cabinet, dining room, bedroom, party, wedding…..All indoor use .

SMD 5050 LED Strip Light

Smd 5050 Led Strip Light

What is the difference between SMD 3528 RGB LED and SMD 5050 RGB LED?

As shown, SMD 3528 RGB can display Max 3 colors at the same time, but SMD 5050 RGB LEDs only can display one color.

Customer Reviews

  1. I put these up in my living room and couldn’t be happier! One of the settings you can set them on is to make the colors change with the bass from the speaker, which is such a cool effect. You can set the brightness level, keep them on a steady color (including white) and pick different modes. My teen loves the mood it sets when she’s playing her video games. I’m really happy with this purchase and recommended it to my friends. You don’t noticed them on the wall unless you’re looking for them, so they don’t stand out harshly.
  2. I was looking for led strips to install them on my gaming/computer desk and these are just amazing, all the functionalities that this led strip has are just perfect. Being able to control them with my phone or the remote is a plus. The colors are very bright and rich and they were easy to install with strong adhesive not like others I’ve purchased in the past that the adhesive won’t hold for long. i would totally recommend this strips from all the others I’ve searched for the price you’re getting a good length of strips for any purpose and app control with a remote. Also you get some accessories to have multiple strips connected together and you can also cut them as needed.

What Should You Consider?

  1. Please ensure that the adhesive surface is smooth, and make sure the surface clean, flat and dry before sticking the light strips.
  2. The arrows should be connected on the same line. If the connection is not “arrow to arrow”, the lights won’t work.
  3. When using the remote control, please point the receiver on the controller, and the remote control distance is 5m.
  4. Before using the remote control, please pull out the transparent insulation sheet inside the remote control.
  5. The lights strip can be cut every 3 LEDs along the marks, but Please make sure the power off first. And if you cut them, you will need one more power adapter to light the rest strip up.
  6. Led strip is not waterproof, For safety reasons, Please hide the controller and power supply away from the water during using.
  7. If you have any questions about the use of the APP, you can refer to the Setting-Guide in the upper right corner of the APP interface.

Waterproof LED Strip Light Series

These waterproof LED strip light are often installed in indoor ceilings, which can render the ceiling.

Since the outside of the light strip is equipped with a plastic shell, it can play a role of dustproof and waterproof, which effectively protects the LED chip and the light strip.

This light strip is widely used in bedrooms and living rooms.

Single Color LED Strip Light

Single Color Led Strip Light

This lamp is a single color of 2835/5050, available in yellow, red, green, blue, purple and white light colors, concise and stylish.

Use San’an LED chips with high-quality plastic shell to make the emitted light more concentrated and more dazzling。

This LED strip Light uses high-quality aluminum as the circuit substrate, which has a good heat dissipation effect and effectively extends the life of the lamp.

This lamp can be widely used in home decoration.

Three-Color LED Strip Light

Three Color Led Strip Light

This LED strip light has a three-color dimming function, which can switch between yellow light, white light and blue light.

The white light gives you a comfortable home, which is chosen by 20% of families.

The yellow light gives you a warm home, which is chosen by 45% of families.

The blue light gives you a peaceful enjoyment, which is chosen by 35% of families.

Because it is installed in the dark of the suspended ceiling, this lamp uses pure copper wire as the wire to avoid maintenance difficulties caused by damage.

The shell is made of milky white silicone, which will never change color.

There is no need to modify the lamp, switch once on and off, and the light color changes once.

Customer Reviews

I’ve been procrastinating figuring out under cabinet lights since we finished our kitchen reno 2yrs ago because our last house had them wired in so I was being picky about it here where there is no good gang box to add them to. Finally settled on these for our 13ft bank of cabinets. I did use my multi tool to cut a path thru the cabinet dividers so I could do a continuous strip and it took maybe 5 minutes for 4 dividers, but then I slapped these bad boys up and voila. I mounted the dimmer/ switch on one end under the cabinets so you can’t see anything but the plug. We moved our outlets up under the cabinets when we reno’d so it’s not super noticeable anyway. Ideally in a split bank you’d have a microwave plug above the range and completely hide it there! But our layout is different. Only time will tell how the adhesive works but we are stoked to have our counters lit up again and for $15 I’ll just replace it entirely if something goes sideways.

DC 12V Linear Light

During the decoration of the project, some non-standard special-shaped structures or some special customizations are often encountered. At this time, we have to install the light strips according to the actual situation, which requires that these light strips can meet the size and can be freely spliced.

LED flexible light strips and LED Strip Circuit Board can well meet these needs.

LED Flexible Strip Light

Led Flexible Strip Light

Because it is made of soft silicone, it can be seamlessly inlaid with decorative shapes. This solves the problem of lighting matching with curved shapes in decoration.

In fact, it also has many features, here are only three main features:

Made of environmentally friendly silica gel, one-piece molding, good flexibility, and can be bent at will.

Good waterproof performance, high-density silica gel, with good airtightness, waterproof grade up to IP65.

High temperature, low temperature and aging resistance. The main component of silica gel is silica, which has stable chemical properties and good flame retardancy.

The colors are bright and a variety of light colors can be selected.

The lights are widely used in home improvement and tooling scenes, using simple and clean lines to outline the sense of modern technology.

  • SAFE TO USE: The led tape lighting works in 12V low voltage, Upgrade silicone is heat-resistant and sun-resistant to ensure your security also make this led light strip works longer.
  • 360° BENDABLE & WATERPROOF –: Our Silicone LED Strip is very bendable, you can bend it into many different shapes to fit your needs. Great for DIY project; and the IP65 waterproof feature allows it be used in water/ swimming pool/ outside in rainy day.
  • ULTRA BRIGHT & HIGH COLOR RENDERING: Higher CRI standard to shine brighter to meet your bright light needs. Flexible warm white led ribbon lights can restore goods real colors effectively to better protect eyes, which is great for mirror, under counter, kitchen, wardrobe, room etc. decor.
  • upgrade touchable Dimmable Controller: you could adjust any level of brightness as you like, No more harassing remote resetting steps keeping it use for a long time.
  • Widely Use: Slim flexible circuit board allows for installation and mounting on clean even surface. The Warm White LED light is ideal for path lighting, accent lighting and backlighting, widely used as under cabinet lights, vanity mirror lights, room lights and more.

LED Strip Circuit Board

Led Strip Circuit Board

The LED Strip Circuit Board is mainly suitable for shopping mall showcases and display racks to provide necessary lighting needs.

Using 5730, high color rendering LED chip(CRI>80) as the light source, high color reproduction.

It can be applied to mobile phone counters, watch counters, cosmetic display racks, etc.

White light, gorgeous color, restore the true color of the object.

Warm white light, warm, soft light, luxurious, first choice for jewelry counters.

Cool white light, clear color, bright, strong color technology sense, light box first choice.

In addition, the light bar can be used with aluminum housing and PC cover, and can be surface mounted.

Customer Reviews

These things are great for any home DIY project you have. The lights are a crisp and true 5k color temp color (the pure white look). Was very easy to work with and has been holding up well so far. I originally saw a few worrisome reviews about the power connectors getting dangerously hot, and I wrote this review to say that I’ve tested it, and actually haven’t experienced any problems with it. Perhaps these issues were worked out on the later models. I can safely say I recommend these things!

USB/DC LED Strip Light Series

If you’re looking to add more colors to your room, TV or PC Background, our USB led strip light kit will be your best choice.

USB Powered Safe and Easy Installation

Just clean the back of your TV, secure your LED strip light, plug the TV backlight USB connector into the USB port, and you will have a great TV light or monitor backlight. Cut the LED light strips every 2 inches for the perfect fit. The TV light strip powers on and off with your TV’s USB port.

That can be used in Bar Lighting decoration , Bed Room decoration , Outdoor tent , Game enthusiasts.

5V USB Neon Strip Light

5v Usb Neon Strip Light

Soft & Bright Light: There are 120 LEDs in this 39.3″ flex neon light which ensures the light is bright. And it is coasted by silicone jacket which works as a light diffuser to make the light even, soft and not dazzling. Compared with general LED strip lights, no light dots can be seen even in close distance.

Shapeable LED Neon light: This neon rope light has a bendable wire lining it, so it holds shapes when bent deliberately with intention. And it is very easy to reshape. Flexible and fun to bend it into any design that you want. Perfect for making neon signs or similar projects. You just have to be creative.

Easy to Power & Portable: Work with 5V/1A current. Come with a USB cable and battery box. Super easy to power via USB (plug it into your power bank / phone charger / PC USB port) or optionally with the battery pack that takes 3 of AA batteries. (Note: AA battery is not included.)

Great Add-on to Your Room: The ambiance light is not bright enough to break your sleep. In the evening, turn on the light to decorate your room, you would get the atmosphere. Also a good gift for your kids.

Waterproof: Covered by silicone wrap, it’s IP65 waterproof and suitable for indoors and outdoors use, home or holiday decoration. No worry and just do your decoration! Feel free to TELL us once any issues of our product happen

DIY the Shape with Your Kids !

Our light can be bent into many shapes such as dolphin, cat, butterfly, cloud, tree, lip, heart and any letters like LOVE. An ideal way to improve kids’ imagination and hands-on ability.

DIY various shapes, built-in memory iron. This neon strip is bendable to any shapes as wanted and the shape can be fixed with its own structure.

With special structure, it can be repeatedly folded into different shapes.

Safe to use: The light is covered by the environmentally friendly silicone material which is sturdy but not heavy. Besides, the silicone exterior and DC5V make our lights very safe to touch.

Energy-Saving: Our neon light produces no heat after long-time use.

Anywhere You Can Think to Display It !

Comes with some screw kit, it will be easy to display on the wall. As an exciting prop for bars, photo booths, restaurants, etc. It also can be placed on the table or any corner of the house.

5V USB Tent Strip Light

5v Usb Tent Strip Light

This light belt is specially designed for your outdoor tent, compact and convenient.
Using USB power supply, it is convenient for you to provide necessary lighting.

With the accessories provided, it is easy to shape and store.

Customer Reviews

Super happy with the neon light strip, comes with a battery pack or a USB plug in option. Can form it into plenty of shapes and it holds well, they give you little wall stickies from 3m, the company that does the command strips, which provide extra hold of the shape and let you hang it up. Great product, especially when I was going to pay more than twice the amount for a neon peach sign.

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